QEG: After Resonance — Now What?

Resonance Achieved -- The Lights Are On

Resonance Achieved — The Lights Are On

The QEG system has produced resonance (“raw power”) three times so far. The first time happened in Jamie’s barn on his farm in Pennsylvania, after five months of steady, meticulous, devoted experimentation. The second instance occurred in Taiwan, after four long, tedious, frenetic days of intense activity in a state-of-the-art private manufacturing company. The third time we lit up the light bulbs in a converted garage in Aouchtam, Morocco, after three very relaxed, easy days of deliberate, detailed attention on the part of Jamie and fluctuating team of international scientists and engineers.

Each time the process was repeated, it was accomplished in a shorter time period. The fact that this has been done at all is amazing – even miraculous! We’re confident now that we can repeat this first level of QEG energy production under a variety of conditions.

But now that we’ve proven that the QEG can produce “raw power,” where do we go from here? Don’t misunderstand me — this is HUGE – but a self-running, true, “free energy” system is not in existence yet. That’s the next step — the next level – and that’s where we’re going from here.

Now we go back into the “unknowing.” In Zen terms, a “beginner’s mind” will be helpful in getting us to the true “over-unity” level of power production that we know is possible.

Yesterday afternoon I was present for part of a conversation between Jamie and some of the “youngsters” who have come to Aouchtam, bringing immense bodies of knowledge and understanding regarding advanced technologies. Some have also brought highly sophisticated measuring equipment with them to record the metrics that others will need to duplicate QEG assembly in their own homelands.

We were discussing this Next Step for the QEG – taking her to the true, “over-unity,” “self-running” stage, where the power from the generator can be routed through an inverter and returned to the motor, allowing us to pull the plug out of the wall, i.e., take ourselves off the grid.

Although I know that his device has only been up and running at the “raw power” stage for a little more than a month, I was surprised to hear this discussion going on at such a theoretical level.

Testing the Measuring Equipment

Testing the Measuring Equipment

I suddenly realized that this is NOT a done deal — YET! We know that the Next Step is possible but we still need to test out our best theories and concepts, taking precise measurements of each trial. What we are doing is “tuning” the mechanical resonance of the Core with the electrical resonance of the capacitors. There needs to be a balance of both as we go for more power. If we get too far out of resonance while increasing the RPMs, we can damage the Core, so these measurements will build a database of what combinations have been tried and what results were obtained from each adjustment. There will be no “failures” only the learning about what doesn’t work and what does.

As Jamie, Val and Hope continually remind us, this project is going forward in “co-development.” There are currently teams of scientists and engineers forming ”QEG pods” throughout the world. Each of these pods is committed to continuing the development of this QEG technology and they will be sharing freely the results of their work. Many of those who are here are (or will be) returning to their homelands to work with their respective QEG pods. With this many brilliant minds working cooperatively, rather than competitively, success will arrive sooner than later.

Voltage Measuring Device

Voltage Measuring Device

This is the place we find ourselves today, April 29, 2014. A new opportunity for discovery is before us. We go forward joyously, knowing that solutions are within us, waiting to emerge from the One Heart, the One Mind.

As I am learning, the One Mind seems to produce a better solution than one mind.

Personal note: I sat and held space again today while the QEG Team made minor tweaks and adjustments to the equipment prior to taking their first set of measurements. So I was there to witness the second running of the system and I got to see and photograph the bulbs lighting up and hear directly the almost-celestial tone of the QEG in resonance. This time, she ran steadily for over five minutes, while the first measurements were taken and recorded.

It’s so exciting to be in the room while the QEG is running. The feeling of power is palpable.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening the Team continued to make numerous adjustments to all the measuring devices, as well as all the components. Alternately, they were able to start the motor and take additional measurements. By dinnertime, several sets of data (voltage, frequency and amperage) had been obtained. Once verified, these numbers will be released for general use. As the evening wore on, the sequences sped up with less tweaking and more measuring being done in a shorter period of time.

The atmosphere was one of light-hearted scientific inquiry, with all team members working together smoothly, in love, held in a space of loving support by those of us who came to witness this transition process between resonance and over-unity.



17 thoughts on “QEG: After Resonance — Now What?

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    • Thank you for circulating this post through your network and adding to it. I (Alia) did not write this article; it was written by my friend, Justin Deschamps, of SITSshow.blogspot.com. We are both here in Aouchtam, Morocco and both reporting independently (but in a complementary way) on the QEG development. Stay tuned and thanks again, Alia

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  4. Thanks for being clear that “a self-running, true, “free energy” system is not in existence yet.”

    I would like to understand your statement:
    Now we go back into the “unknowing.” In Zen terms, a “beginner’s mind” will be helpful in getting us to the true “over-unity” level of power production that we know is possible.

    You mention unknowing — yes we don’t “know” at least two things:
    — exactly how to make a machine produce over-unity
    — or even if it is actually possible.
    How can you make a statement “that we know is possible” from the unknowing beginner’s mind? You have faith, but not knowledge. It is possible that it can work and it is possible that it can’t work.

    Raw power from QEG does not really mean anything, as that power is currently created by transforming power from the wall plug. It has to produce more power under load than it pulls from the wall, or it’s just an ordinary generator.

    Until the device runs unplugged, we don’t really have a HUGE breakthrough — something never before demonstrated and replicated in an independently measurable way.

      • Thank you Beauty FULL One for your comment. It is the youngsters here that bring me to tears. Their wisdom and understanding belie their young physical ages and it make me, the elder, realize that I did pave the way for these bright lights to appear now and take us across the line into New Earth. Love what I saw on your blog. Keep it coming! ♥

        • Thank-you for coming in to comment and your amazing insight and bright light! Yes New Earth..I am so encouraged by the 3rd wave of universal consciousness. I just posted an MD who is also the wave of the future…and heart warming Thank you for your encouragement
          Heart to Heart Robyn

    • Thank you GM for your insightful questions regarding QEG development. I am not a “techie” and have only a very basic understanding of electricity and how power is generated from devices. My understanding is more on an energetic level but here goes.
      Apparently, Jamie took a couple of online courses from the Witt organization that claims (and I believe he saw a device that runs “over-unity on their site) that the design of this device has the potential to be a self-running system. So in that sense, Jamie “knows” that over-unity is possible (or at least probable enough to keep developing the QEG.) I mentioned the “unknowing or beginner’s mind” because what is taught in electrical engineering courses does not allow the mind to explore over-unity potential. It’s actually been deliberately kept out of the textbooks, since JP Morgan decided to go with Edison’s version of electric power that could be metered. So we have many highly trained and skilled scientists and engineers here AND much of their knowledge and training is absolutely essential to the further development of the QEG. However, to get to this next level, I feel that we’ll need to get outside of the usual academic concepts and allow intuition to guide us, as it did Tesla in the first place.

      What I believe is different about the QEG construction is that Jamie refers to it as an electro-mechanical device. The very thin plates inside the core achieve a physical (mechanical) resonance that is then matched (or at least harmonized) by an electrical resonance in the capacitors. Tesla originally designed this in 1880, using a naturally resonance grade of steel called M-21. This steel is no longer available and we are using M-19, the closest in resonant properties to the M-21 version, according to an old-timer in the steel industry who had worked with both materials. Jamie actually spoke with this man.

      As I said, I am not well versed in the technical side, so I hope these answers will satisfy. We are working transparently and not in secrecy, so this attracts all kinds of attention: those who support us whole-heartedly, those who are skeptical until they see results to their liking and those who would prefer to ridicule and smear.

      I agree with you: “Until the device runs unplugged, we don’t really have a HUGE breakthrough — something never before demonstrated and replicated in an independently measurable way” The only point I would make is perhaps the uniqueness of the construction of this device with its thin metal plates and wire wrapping in the core. The HUGE breakthrough in this case would be to demonstrate that it can produce raw power as a first step. (And I may have misunderstood and perhaps there is nothing unique about this construction.)

      As I said in my post, with all the brilliant minds working on this project, we should have an over-unity device sooner than later. The intent is to get this technology of abundance out to a world that has been enslaved to for-profit energy for way too long.
      Thanks again for your insights and questions. Our journey continues.

      • The function of the QEG as an underunity generator can indeed be explained based on classical physics. The corresponding principle is very little known, even among electrical engineers and physicists, and is called “parametric excitation”. The main research in this area has been performed around 1930. Some classical papers about this topic (if anyone should be interested in the scientific details) can be found here: http://www.nedyn.com/para.html . It works by exciting a tank circuit via periodic variation of either the inductance or the capacitance (the “parameter”). In case of the QEG the movement of the rotor changes periodically the inductance of the primary coils, which excites the primary tank circuit. This principle doesn’t require the core to be built out of plates, it would also work with a solid core as long as the magnetic characteristics are appropriate.

        Some analyses and simulations done on several forums show a good accordance between the currently publicly known characteristics of the QEG and this principle. It can, for example, explain the results achieved in Taiwan, and it can explain even some of the more unusual effects of the QEG like the high voltages in the primary circuit and the behaviour of the rotor under load. Since it is based on classical physics, it could, however, not explain any overunity.

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