“Cosmic” Relief — A Lighter Moment

The Smart Washing Machine from France

The Smart Washing Machine from France

My last few posts about the QEG have been rather technical. There is another side of life here in Aouchtam called cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry.

For someone who has never had a “Smart Phone” (what’s the point, if they won’t make coffee or wash your clothes?) I was astonished to encounter a “Smart Washing Machine” at the Sanctuary. It doesn’t make coffer or give you internet service but it sure washes your clothes!!!

I told you in an earlier post that until we found the washing machines, I was doing laundry in the bidet. It turned out that all three of the old machines broke about the same time and so these new, “smart” washers were purchased and one of them is actually hooked up and usable.

Of course the zillions of buttons are all in French. There are three choices of water temperature but (mais oui) only the “cold” version works. There are multiple manual “programmes” that can be entered into this machine but for now we use the default “programme” called “fuzzy.”

So — you put the laundry powder in the bottom of the “drum” and add your clothes. Then you press “Power” and “Depart” (Start — just like a copy machine.) The Smart Machine then weighs the clothes and calculates the water level and the wash, rinse and dry times. Because of the slow water intake and emptying processes, one load takes about an hour to run but hey — there’s always something to occupy and hour of time at the Sanctuary.

Solar drying is the only option here and one advantage of living on the top floor is that we are close to the roof and the clotheslines.

And now — back to the QEG!!!



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