Aouchtam Has Resonance

Our “Baby” was “delivered” at 12:22 AM CET, Thursday, April 28th.

I MISSED THE BIRTH!!! Tomas and I were in bed asleep.

Our housemate, Blue Star returned home about 1:30 AM. The front door opening woke me up and then I heard all the excitement bubbling through the apartment building and I KNEW we had DONE IT.!

Blue Star tried to appease my disappointment for not being there to see the light bulbs light up. She told me it happened so easily and quickly, it was just a “test drive” and they will do it again tomorrow. “Don’t worry,” she soothed,  “you didn’t miss the REAL test, when they turn her up full power.”

Still, the little girl in me felt like she had missed Christmas.

There wasn’t much happening yesterday at the Sanctuary. It had been evident for a couple of days that Jamie, Val and Hope needed some time off. When I returned just before dinner, I peeked into the QEG workshop and found some new pieces of equipment surrounding the Queege.

Party Girl and All Her Accessories

Party Girl and All Her Accessories

Our Party Girl was all decked out with all kinds of fashion accessories. Intrigued, I asked Levong, our Russian scientist, to explain what I was seeing. Even though English is not his first language, he did an admirable job of describing the parts and pieces.

So the photos in this post are of an unconnected QEG — you’ll notice there aren’t many wires hooked up between parts yet. The connections happened after dinner, after Tomas and I left about 9 PM to walk home by the beach road and brave the goat path in the near dark.

Motor Regulator, Motor and Spark Gap Box

Motor Regulator, Motor and Spark Gap Box

The Queege and Capacitors

The Queege and Capacitors

Nikola Tesla and the "Light Board"

Nikola Tesla and the “Light Board”

Blue Star told us that it had taken Jamie and the Guys about three hours to do all the fine connections needed to flip the switch and start the motor. She reported that there was a huge cheer that went up even for turning on that switch. Enjoy this video. When I watched it, it was ALMOST as good as being there myself.

More to follow.











9 thoughts on “Aouchtam Has Resonance

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  2. WEEEEEE! How exciting is this! I am crying happy tears and am with you all in spirit. Alia you did a fabulous job giving us the news. We are so grateful you are keeping us posted as we would all love to be there. Give the baby Qweeeej,Tomas, Brian, Lisa, Bob, Sheri, Whitney, Hope, Val, Jamie and all my other family a GREAT BIG HUG for me. I LOVED the OM’s to start the resonance-tee hee. You all ROCK! See you in the chat room tonight, Loves!

  3. My brother and I have been following closely the activities of the TOP and all the
    Doing and Being. From the beginning I’ve always felt there is waaay more to the QEG than JUST free energy.
    We are not there in body but our Spirit is. This site, for me, is very comprehensive and I get it from my female perspective. Thank you

  4. This is VERY EXCITING! The QEEEEG has landed and she is anchoring Freedom for All. Thank you for your beautiful documentation of the process so that we can fully participate!

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