Liberating the “Queege” from Customs

The Core of the QEG

The Core of the QEG

Our Delegation  left Aouchtam for Casablanca about 1 PM on Wednesday, April 23rd. This was slightly later than the group that took the tour bus to the M’soura Stone Circle. The five people who went to interface with the customs officials were: 1) Jamie Robitaille, design engineer  of the QEG; 2) Hope Moore, spokesperson for Fix the World Project (sponsor of the QEG); 3) Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, former legal counsel in the upper echelons of International Finance and trustee of the former One People Public Trust; 4) Caleb Skinner, IT wizard, creator of Project XIII and also a trustee of the former One People Public Trust; and 5) Othmane (pro: Ott-man) a young Moroccan neighbor, whose business is international trade. Thus he is used to dealing with Customs and speaks perfect French.

Our entire community held a single focus: to get the customs officials to release the Core so we could bring her back to Aouchtam and assembly of the QEG could begin.

Our five delegates spent Wednesday night in Casablanca and appeared at the Bureau of Customs at 8:30 AM on Thursday. Heather and Hope were “dressed to the nines” – make-up, hair, heels and suits. Othmane wore the male version – three-piece custom-tailored suit. Jamie and Caleb were meticulously clothed in love, determination and focused intention.

For the next eight hours, Heather, Hope and Othmane faced off with one custom’s ego after another. Fortunately, all of them are veteran corporate ego-strokers and ruffled-feather-soothers and they played their parts to perfection. It seemed that every department head had to be met, interacted with, signed off with and appeased throughout the entire bureaucracy.

At every meeting, the delegation was met with crossed arms and stern faces, resolute in their stand to keep control of the Queege. In every meeting, our folks held their intention to return to Aouchtam with the Queege and to allow her to have a life-changing impact on these customs officials.

Toward the end of the day the desired result seemed to be as far away as it had been in the morning. We decided to “tell our story.” Hope pulled out her laptop and began to show the hierarchy of the Bureau of Customs exactly HOW the QEG project in Morocco had been funded. “We crowd-funded it,” she began. “50 people donated the funds to ship the Core to Morocco and pay for us to come here to oversee it’s assembly.” At that point a few Moroccan eyebrows may have been raised. And perhaps not.

Hope continued: “Right now there are 70 people from 22 countries who volunteered to come to Aouchtam to lend their technical expertise to assemble this energy device and get it to run.” The official faces began to soften.

“Look here, said Heather, “Here is the local well in Aouchtam that has no pump to bring the water into the homes of the village people. This QEG is meant to be connected to the well so that the villagers can have water in their homes.”

The officials looked at the photos on the computer and finally, the top agent said: “This is beautiful!” Then there were lots of smiles and the papers were signed off and the Core was brought out of captivity in its big wooden shipping crate.

At that point Othmane tried to open the crate with a knife, gave up and grabbed a crowbar. He began prying open the lid. The energy with which he freed the Core spoke of his resolve to give her to all the people of his country.

The delegation returned triumphant; the party had already started. Our group was well into the dancing that followed dinner and the excitement and conversations continued into the wee hours of Friday morning.

By 11AM on Friday, the QEG workshop was a gentle, graceful dance of QEG assembly. The Core sat on the workbench, radiant as the queen that she is, welcoming the loving attention of each and every member of our community.

Our beautiful technical brothers assisted Jamie with skill and cooperation, each person playing the part that was his to play. And the sisters mingled among the men, offering our spaciousness and feminine balance, allowing the assembly process to proceed easily, effortlessly and so far – without a hitch.

Postscript: Sometime – in the future – we imagine a scenario in which the Moroccan customs officials realize what actually transpired in their offices on Thursday, April 24, 2014. They will begin to tell a story of how they personally played an important role in bringing Free Energy to the people of Morocco. They will see themselves as heroes who realized the importance of giving the QEG Core to the People. And they will be 100% correct in their perceptions.

We see everyone as playing a key role in bringing forth this technology. The Goliath of Big Oil interests is meeting the David of the One People. It is the People who are delivering Free Energy to the Planet and in that regard, each one of us is a hero.

A Super Hero!


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