Sunrise and Sunset

Rising from the Mediterranean

Rising from the Mediterranean

We have moved from a place where the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean to a location where it rises right out of the Mediterranean Sea. Before I left Oregon, I looked at a map and tried to imagine where the sun would rise in Aouchtam. I couldn’t figure it out. Even now my mind is convinced this should not be possible. However, my heart is absolutely delighted about being able to greet Father Sol very first thing in the morning, fresh from his morning bath in the Sea.



The placid nature  of this body of water is very different than the crashing, turbulent qualities of the Pacific Ocean. There were days, of course, where we witnessed “our” ocean looking like a lake but those days were rare. Occasionally, at low tide we would hear that gentle lapping of waves upon the shore that has become the norm here.  And instead of witnessing the crescent moon just after her New Moon phase, we will get to see that crescent hanging over the eastern horizon just prior to the New Moon. Easy to see how the crescent became a prominent symbol in these parts. Blessings and love from Sunrise to Sunset.

Sunset over the Pacific from Southern Oregon

Sunset over the Pacific from Southern Oregon


2 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset

  1. Dear, dear Alia,
    Your messages – even before you left for Morocco – were my ‘go-to-first’ when I came on-line. However, I want you to know just how much I look for them now. Your comments, observations, shifts-‘n-changes are fascinating, heart fulfilling, and have a strong draw for me to be part of. This is the kind of community in which I wish, one day, to live. And, being that you’re there via Oregon, I’m imagining you know of Suzy Star’s “Creative Communities” project – 250 communities to be built around the world? (A project I’ll be part of.) Yet Aouchtam sounds, simply put, magical. Have followed OP from the beginning, when it was OPPT, so having these updates from you is a delight. Thank you – your essence is shining through, as it always has!

    • Dear Riana, Thank you for your heartfelt words. I am aware of Suzy’s Creative Communities overview, as well as the plan of Sacha Stone for New Earth Nation. Both very well developed conceptual designs and I see them coming into fruition at some point. The community in Aouchtam is finding its footing, so to speak. We are currently in a cycle of many additional visitors here to see and assist with the assembly of the QEG. I’ll be writing about this in the next days, as it is quite a story. I’m happy to know that what I have to say is an inspiration to you and others. That is my intent. I feel so blessed to be here and to be a part of what is happening here, which is sometimes hard to see while being IN it.
      Blessings and love to you dear Sister, Alia

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