The BE (and DO) Sanctuary

Exterior of Sanctuary Three Levels

Exterior of Sanctuary
Three Levels

The compound known as the Sanctuary has a three story building within it, in addition to the lush gardens. The ground floor houses a communal kitchen, a lavatory, three guest rooms and a garage (QEG workshop.)

Sanctuary Community Kitchen

Sanctuary Community Kitchen



QEG Workshop with Jamie, Hope and Fotis

QEG Workshop in Garage

On the second level there is a tiled Salon, suitable for group gatherings, a “healing” room (currently used for guest sleeping) a full bathroom and a beautiful balcony that overlooks the garden.

Salon on second Level

Salon on Second Level

Balcony on Second Level

Balcony on Second Level

The third level has private bedrooms for some of the core members of our community, another full bathroom, a smaller kitchen and a smaller salon area (now used for guest sleeping space as well.)

Third Level Salon and Kitchen

Third Level Salon and Kitchen

The gardens are terraced up the hill alongside the building. Across the very top of the property are several olive trees and a concrete patio.

Terraced Gardens beside the House

Terraced Gardens beside the House

On the morning of Saturday the 19th, there was an introduction to the mechanics of the QEG during which many technical questions were asked and equally technical answers were given. This session was attended by both technical types and non-techie types and we all enjoyed this lively exchange very much.

After a lunch break, the agenda called for the building of the “base” for the QEG. So there was a buzzing of activity in the QEG workshop, as well as on the table just outside the workshop that was constructed especially for viewing the QEG by our large group. This table also doubles for laying out our group meals.

At one point I experienced the QEG workshop as “Santa’s Workshop” with all the elves busily getting the toys ready for the children at Christmas. So the ground floor of the Sanctuary was abuzz with QEG activity. Simultaneously, the kitchen was humming with dinner preparations for our QEG community of 60.

I went up to the second level and found another aspect of the BE (and DO) hive, alive with energetic buzz. Chris from the UK was treating Val with his scalar healing device while playing beautiful chanting (OMing) as a background accompaniment. As the Salon on this floor has a tiled floor and walls , the room is a natural resonance chamber; OM was coming off the walls, the floor and the ceiling, combining with the ground floor QEG/dinner buzz.

Now up to the third level I went to have my healing session with Johnny. On my way there I realized that the Muslim call to afternoon prayer was also in process, adding its own richness to the mix.

While lying in Johnny’s small room, connected to my own bio-resonance, I heard a rhythmic pounding outside on the upper terrace. It was also blending harmonically with all of the various energetics throughout the building. After my healing session, I ventured out and up to discover – to my great delight – that three of our guys were building raised beds for a vegetable garden and pounding and sieving soil for same. By dinnertime they had seeds planted, just in time for two days of blessed rain.

Topside Greenhouse Veggie Garden

Topside Greenhouse Veggie Garden

Refreshed Hills after Two Days of Rain

Refreshed Hills after Two Days of Rain

Saturday afternoon the Hive was alive with BEing and Doing! We were humming from top to bottom with every conceivable creative pursuit.

4 thoughts on “The BE (and DO) Sanctuary

  1. Alia and Tomas,

    Gracious!!! Tomas’ post have not been ending up in my reader and I though all must just be quiet from southern OR… well,… WOW!

    What great courage to put into motion the experiential living of the dream of the truths we are remembering how to make real. I am looking forward to hearing how all goes and am especially excited because I know it will be shared through such clear filters.

    CONGRATULATIONS on setting the foundations of possible for those who are still engaged infecting change from within the system to point toward.

    Big squeezes to you and T and a huge thought on the breeze to one magic cat who was loved enough to be sent on her next adventure as well.


    • Thank you Maren — Don’t blink, you’ll miss us. Just kidding. Appreciating you and your beautiful thoughts piercing time and space and all dimensions. Tomorrow we will have been in Morocco four weeks and it feels as though we are really landing just now and getting our house in order. Blessings to you Dear One, Alia

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