The Boat Has Pushed Away from the Shore

Alia -- One Week in Morocco

Alia — One Week in Morocco

As early as the morning of my third day here, I realized that Morocco is a very different world from the one I left; different in a good way. Sure, I was dealing with certain inconveniences by American standards – no phone, internet, personal vehicle, and no certainty about where anything was in our bags of stuff; yet somehow I felt assured within my Being that “All was well.”

Each walk to the little market for groceries, each gathering of our growing Family at the Sanctuary, results in a greater sense of groundedness and increased gratefulness about this shift I am making in my life.

I am being changed, rapidly and profoundly, so much so that the profile photo I posted, taken on my first day here already feels “outdated” after only 10 days. I am noticing physical changes in Tomas as well. Sometimes I do a double-take to make sure it’s really him! We spoke about this last night and Tomas gave me a wonderful insight into one possible explanation for this rapid change within ourselves.

We are with Soul Family. What is that? You many ask.

When one is with another Soul family member, there is an instantaneous deep connection that transcends all apparent differences, such as gender, nationality, education, religious preferences, etc. Within a Soul Family gathering there is complete acceptance and an ability to be one’s true self, able to express fully all aspects carried within, creative, intellectual, spiritual – everything!

There is also a natural resonance, a harmony that allows for differing viewpoints – even heated discussion and arguments – followed by a compassionate resolution toward the Oneness that we understand that WE ARE. Every connection with a member of Soul Family has a profound effect on my being. There is a transmission that occurs during each “conversation” that carries data between our DNA. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it but this is the insight that tomas shared with me regarding this rapid physical change we are witnessing in the members of our group.

Last evening I spoke with Tore from Norway. He told me that he had never been in such a group of like-minded people before. “I’ve found people who have read the same books as I have! And the people here know so much about what is going on all over the planet – they are aware of all of it!” The joy I saw in his eyes as he spoke was partnered with a deep sense of relaxation in his body, due to not having to protect, defend, guard or stifle himself in order to relate with people. Several others have made similar remarks. We are all feeling a great relief about being able to BE our Selves.

Yesterday, I felt our international group coalesce. There was no process we did to “get there,” except to spend time in one another’s presence with open hearts and minds. From this space will surely come miracles and wonders.


My First Day in Morocco

My First Day in Morocco


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