Bio-Resonance — Healing with Frequency

Johnny from France Treating Tomas with Bio-Resonance

Johnny from France Treating Tomas with Bio-Resonance

There are several people among us who have brought healing devices that are based on the use of frequency to establish “bio-resonance” within the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I had a short treatment yesterday for my “cold.” This technology is based on the work of Dr. Royal Rife who invented a machine in the 1920s that would counter (or balance) the specific frequency of any disturbance in the physical, mental or emotional body. His laboratory was raided, his work confiscated and demonized and kept from common use throughout the next 90 years. However, in the 1970s a group of Russian scientists began to explore again this possible healing technology. They had nearly no budget, so they worked out theories and eventually built the devices needed to test these theories. Then they began “self-healing” experiments for the next 30 years or so and then gradually began sharing the devices and the theories behind them with a small alternative scientific community. There are several variations of these devices here and all of us are benefiting from this “underground” experimentation done by brave individuals over many decades.

The "Antenna" is Placed at the Site of the Disturbance

The “Antenna” is Placed at the Site of the Disturbance

Current Flows Between Metal Poles and into the Body

Current Flows Between Metal Poles and into the Body

The key to using these machines effectively is establishing the correct diagnosis. The machine that I was treated with has 432 specific conditions for which there are “balancing” frequencies. Once the specific conditions are identified, the appropriate series of frequencies is dialed into the machine. Each frequency runs for 2.5 minutes and then the current increases to the next frequency. There are usually five or six frequencies in a series, so the treatments take about 15 – 20 minutes. The person receiving the treatment holds a metal “pole” in each hand. The current passes into the hands and flows through the body’s energy meridians, balancing the disorder. If the diagnosis is incorrect, then no improvement will occur but no harm occurs either. If the diagnosis is correct then several treatments often improve the condition remarkably in a very short time.

Such was the case yesterday with Tomas’s knee injury (from just prior to leaving Gold Beach) and my bronchial/sinus condition. What I noticed immediately was an increase in my overall energy and a lessening of mucus coming out of my nose. Tomas was able to walk back to our apartment after his treatment without the pain he had been feeling. Later in the afternoon, he walked again to the Sanctuary and back home again last evening. He’d never been able to do that before, always getting a lift by car at least one way. We’re both looking forward to our second treatments today.

Update April 19 — Both Tomas and I have been treated daily by Johnny with the bio-resonance machine. Tomas is walking much longer distances and I have never gone through a “cold” cycle with so little discomfort. We will continue these treatments through a series of 10 and then we will do some treatments for revivifying our bodies and then a series for detoxing. There is also a person here from the UK who works with a scalar healing modality. Scalar waves have mostly been developed by the military as weaponry and especially weather weaponry (HAARP.)

If you would like to learn more about this technology or purchase one of these machines, please contact Johnny directly at:


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