April 17 — Hope Arrives in Morocco

Hope Moore Setting Up Her Presentation

Hope Moore Setting Up Her Presentation

Hope Moore (Fix the World Project) arrived yesterday with her mother (Val) and her step-father (James or Jamie, the engineer behind the development of the QEG.) It is really Tesla’s design, obtained by James through public domain patent and updated to take advantage of technological advancements regarding materials and components.

Tesla delivered the concepts and prototypes for “free energy” technology to our world well over 100 years ago. However, these devices have been suppressed and withheld from the people by those few who have and continue to profit at the expense of the many.

Hope and her family have the intention to deliver this technology into the hands and hearts of the world’s people. As of March 25, 2014 they have “open-sourced” and  made public all the plans and assembly instructions for the QEG on Hope’s website.  Within the first 24 hours 20,000 people downloaded these plans and QEG “pods” are springing up all over the globe.

The old 60’s slogan of “Power to the People” is taking on a whole new meaning.

Power to the People

Power to the People

As I listened to Hope, Val and James speak to us last night in their initial orientation, I realized that what the Powers that Were have really been suppressing all these millennia is human consciousness.

Yes, humanity has been enslaved by the energy companies, in conjunction with the medical industry, the banking and pharmaceutical and insurance industries –all those corporate entities that represent the physical aspects of our modern world. But what I saw so clearly last night is the constriction of consciousness that has resulted from a carefully controlled and crafted media, education and religious network that prevents the masses from freeing themselves from an enslavement of consciousness.

Now, we are rediscovering and beginning to assemble the physical devices that could free us forever from our dependence upon fossil fuels, nuclear power, fracking and all those unsustainable (not to mention dangerous and polluting) forms of energy BUT a high frequency of human consciousness is needed to make these “free energy” devices WORK.

It may seem like a bit of a conundrum, except that free energy and human consciousness are emerging in tandem, encouraging and inspiring each other to come forth into the light of day for the benefit of ALL.

In spite of all the contrivances to suppress the consciousness of humans, humans are waking up in great numbers and this is the key to our success as a planetary family. We are learning to balance our heretofore mind-dominated orientation with the consciousness of our hearts. A new word, “heart-mind,” is emerging, based on recent discoveries that the heart has its own brain. Using our hearts and minds together in balance is the next evolutionary leap for mankind.

The group that assembled at the Sanctuary to welcome Hope and her family numbered about 50 and represented 19 countries. More people are expected over the next week, as we co-create an environment of compassion, respect, love, joy and playfulness for the QEG, as well as the physical, technological apparatus needed to produce the “over-unity” effect – a situation wherein the output of energy is MORE than what goes into the production of that energy. At present, all energy-producing devices commonly in use on the planet are “under-unity” devices – most of them are only about 20% efficient.

The QEG is feminine. She will not work in an atmosphere of competition, demand, coercion, manipulation, hammering, banging, short-cutting or any other form of disrespect. Instead, we must create an environment of spaciousness, trust, reverence, curiosity, humility – LOVE – in which we will invite her to play with us.

So today we begin to bring together our skills, our gifts, our talents, to see what can be co-created with love and reverence for this “new” technology. We might describe this as a marriage of science and spirituality. Some of us brought mechanical tools and components; others of us brought spiritual tools.

During the next days and weeks, I expect many surprises. What I know from my experience last fall when I traveled with some of these folks on the OPAL tour is that there are solutions to any challenge we may encounter WITHIN OUR CIRCLE. If we remain humble and trusting, those solutions will emerge with grace and ease.

We will need to stay in our hearts, if we want the QEG to play with us. And when she does, a new level of consciousness will inform the quantum field of our world and many more options will be available to our human family.

Update April 19th — There are now over 60 of us here, representing 22 Countries.

In the QEG Workshop with Jamie, Hope and Fotis from Greece

In the QEG Workshop with Jamie, Hope and Fotis from Greece

Some of our Group Socializing before Dinner

Some of our Group Socializing before Dinner

Dinner for 60

Dinner for 60

Debbie and Gail from the UK

Debbie and Gail from the UK



6 thoughts on “April 17 — Hope Arrives in Morocco

  1. Thank you for these postings and photos that keep us in touch from all parts of the Earth. I feel connected with you in the heart as I continue to spread the message of freedom and unity whereever I go . . .

    • Thank you Dear Sister of the Heart — we feel the Common Unity growing on our blessed planet. We appreciate your conscious participation in this sacred passage that Humanity is now moving through. ♥

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  3. Supporting in prayers of positive creation for the family surfacing in Love and playfulness. So jazzed to follow from Smith River knowing these are blueprint for this new Earth. Blessings to you Alia, Tomos and the family there.
    All my Love and support.
    Hugs of Love,

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