April 12 – Third Morning in Morocco

First Sunny Day

First Sunny Day

Our first sunny morning! I had a feeling it would be when we were sitting out under a starry sky last night.

We had a beautiful “circle up” at the Sanctuary yesterday evening – an intended daily gathering — so necessary for a community to coalesce, to stay connected, to remain in a communion of the heart. Tomas lead us in a “heart coherency” opening process, using a tuning fork of 528 Hz – supposedly the frequency of the heart. It was a longer opening process than had usually been the custom of this group, because Tomas was instructing and setting a context and therefore, some (many) words were spoken to convey the concepts. The process was received by all hearts present and from that frequency, we then shared from a deep heart space of communion, instead of speaking on a mental level.

Tuning our Hearts to One Another

Tuning our Hearts to One Another

“D” had cooked a wonderful meal for all of us and Heather came over and joined us – so warmly welcoming to each person, known to her or new to her. We walked “home” (about half a mile) under the light of a waxing moon with Jaka (pro:Yakka) whose native country is Slovenia, very close to where Tomas’s family lived in Trieste, Italy, when he was a teenager.

Today, we spent about three hours at the Sanctuary, preparing for a day of non-speaking that we will be observing tomorrow, Sunday, April 13th. Tomas and Jaka cleaned the three bathrooms. I pruned some thorny bushes (love to do that!) and we ate leftover rice, lentils and pasta that had been warmed by the sun while we worked.

Clearing Some Thorny Vines for Quiet Spot

Clearing Some Thorny Vines for Quiet Spot

We are gearing up for a Grand Opening Dedication Ceremony of the Sanctuary on April 15th, followed by a celebration dinner and a dance party. We are expecting an influx of about 30 more short-term people (our number will double) in the next week. Many logistical preparations are happening. The importance of moving together in heart resonance is clear to everyone. The Shift of the Ages is simply Humanity’s shift from a mental orientation into a heart-centered one. We are here to do this work of the heart as a collective. To “beat as one heart” while each of us retains and expresses our unique frequency – that is our work.

Our Own Garden of Eden

Our Own Garden of Eden


6 thoughts on “April 12 – Third Morning in Morocco

  1. Beautiful Alia! Thank you so much for the lovely way you are including us all in this creation! I’m learning so much about community in the new paradigm and I adore seeing all the faces of my people! xoxoxo Diane

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