Morocco Bound – Getting Out of “Dodge” with Integrity

duplex front doorWhat does it mean to “do complete work,” “see the task through to completion”, “complete a project with integrity?”

These are precepts that I have been working with and assimilating for 20 years. During our month-long process of completing (read “deconstructing”) our life in Gold Beach in order to board the plane for Morocco, Tomas and I received many beautiful reflections of our ability to complete things with integrity.

We quickly realized that we were completing not merely our joint life of nearly 10 years, but also huge parts of our individual lives, spanning more than four decades.

Our first and foremost priority was to find a new loving home for our beloved feline companion, Merlina. Thank you everyone who held our intention with us for this to happen. It took a week and calls to 10 different people before the purrfect person and environment showed up.

Smart decision #1: We made the kitty transfer as soon as possible, so that our feline friend would be spared the trauma of a house in chaos and people who obviously were shifting locations and not taking HER along!

Her previous people had packed up and left her to fend for herself, which is how she came to live with us. Moving Merlina early on also gave us the opportunity to check up on her by phone to see how her new situation and person were working for her.

Magnificently! Would not be an exaggeration. Essentially, Merlina has LIVED and gone to Heaven – she is in kitty paradise with her new person and the physical surroundings.

This “let go” was HUGE for all of us but in the weeks since, we’ve felt only peace, and relief that all parties have been blessed by this change in relationship.

Here are a few other releases that occurred during this past month:

~~ All our furniture and most of our furnishings were transferred to friends; much also went to charity.

~~ The two bedroom duplex that we had painted and redecorated (made possible by our landlord) was thoroughly cleaned and most paint nicks touched up.

~~ New teachers were found to take over the yoga and qigong classes that Tomas had committed to last fall. His students LOVED him! How likely was it that he could find someone so perfectly resonant to take over his classes in a community of only 2,000 people? Yet, the most perfect persons showed up quite unexpectedly, allowing for a smooth transfer of instructors for a group of long-term, dedicated students.

~~ I let go of my Swiss-made sewing machine of 40+ years. I had never even let anyone borrow it but when my young friend, Mirahnda, expressed interest, my heart said “YES!” and any attachment I had dissolved instantly.

~~ From that same era (early 1970s) I completed with the last remaining articles of my connection to a Hindu religious organization. All items were dispatched with conscious awareness.

~~ Tomas had hoped to take his morning journals along with him but in the end he “gifted” them to a brother, knowing that the essence of what he had written was alive within him now.

With each release Tomas and I felt more liberated, more joyous – more our own true SELVES! Our friends kept telling us: “You look so happy!!!”

As we approached the last days before driving away from the town that had been HOME for six+ years, we realized that we were NOT going to be able to fit our luggage AND all the things we wanted to store at my sister’s place in Tacoma into our car.

Smart decision #2: We shipped 100 pounds of stuff via UPS and took the frustration of packing our car out of the equation.

Then we got to the final day – THE DAY OF TRUTH! Thursday, April 3rd – time to pack the luggage and weigh it to see if we were anywhere close to baggage regulations. We had to let go of another 40 pounds of stuff, including our personal blankets, to our local thrift store. I cannot lie – there were some significant tugs on our heartstrings during this last let go. The symbolism of leaving our “blankies” in Gold Beach was not lost on either of us.

However, the process of saying “Goodbye” to our friends – many of whom had become like family – was the most precious and serendipitous aspect of completing our time in Gold Beach. During our month-long process, we made a point of dining at or revisiting all our favorite places to let people know we were leaving the area. We wanted to say “Goodbye” in person rather than have people wondering “what happened to Tomas and Alia?”

It was during these visits that the impact of how many lives we had touched and how deeply we had intertwined our hearts with folks was impressed upon us. We began to tell people: “We’ll be taking you with us in our hearts.” And we had to breathe deeply a few times to allow all the love and appreciation that was there from both sides to be acknowledged and assimilated.

Then the serendipitous part – people who had once played significant roles in our lived (but whom we hadn’t seen for years) began appearing “out of the blue.” They added their excitement to ours, renewed connections and got themselves added to our email list for Morocco updates.

Even as we drove through the Willamette Valley on our way to Tacoma Friday, I met two women in the bathroom at a rest stop who I had known but hadn’t seen for at least three years. AMAZING! One of the women had been spoken of in conversation with Tomas that very morning.

This is what “completing with integrity” looked like to us. Each item, each aspect, each moment was considered with care and attention, as we took our leave. We never had the feeling that we were moving away from something intolerable. NO! We always knew we were going TOWARD something so exciting, so amazing, so much as answer to prayer/intention that we could not do otherwise but say YES! WE WILL GO AND BE PART OF THIS NEW PARADIGM HAPPENING IN AOUCHTAM!

We hope our story will inspire you to say “Yes!” to your own heart’s calling. We have learned that when the call is true and the response is “YES!” then it’s like you are in a tractor beam, being pulled magnetically toward your own destiny with grace, guidance and great integrity.

To each of you reading this – WE LOVE YOU! You are a gift in our lives and we are indeed carrying you in our hearts wherever we go. Many blessings and much love,

Alia and Tomas

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness

Approach to the Sanctuary for Expanded Consciousness


March 3 – Said YES! To going to Morocco

March 5 – Purchased our tickets

March 10 – Found Merlina her new home

March 15 – Transferred Merlina to her new home.

March 17 – New instructors for Tomas’s classes

March 24 – Last yoga class

March 30 – Going away celebration

March 31 – Alia’s last day of “work”

April 1 – All furniture out — shampoo carpets

April 2 – Final cleaning of apartment

April 3 – Turnover apartment to landlord – Pack luggage – Pack car

April 4 – Drive to Tacoma

April 5 – Final repack of luggage

April 6/7 – Hang out with Alia’s sister

April 8 – Early AM PDT – Flight out of Seattle to JFK

April 9 – Late AM CET – arrive in Tangier, Morocco

April 9 — Mid-afternoon — arrive in Aouchtam


4 thoughts on “Morocco Bound – Getting Out of “Dodge” with Integrity

  1. Thank you for the thoughtful update and timeline…the details enhances the richness of our experience as your cheerleaders. I’ve felt the shift from Ashland and are riding the waves of excitement with you. In your back pockets and excited for the unfolding…J&J

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