Michael Tellinger: We Already Have Free Energy! Why Don’t We HAVE Free Energy?

Michael-Tellinger5091Recently, a reader sent me this 70 minute video of a speech that Michael Tellinger delivered last November at the second annual Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. I had heard Michael’s name in association with the Ubuntu Community (a cashless society model) forming in South Africa. He is passionate about ancient civilizations, the remains of one surrounds Ubuntu.

What I was amazed to discover in watching this presentation is that Tellinger has uncovered an ancient Free Energy story that covered our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. This energy grid or network used sound, the source of all energy and this revelation is documented in all major spiritual traditions.

Michael shows us in a high-voltage presentation, just how sound can produce heat to boil water, move objects in various ways (telekinesis) and how these discoveries have been on-going for a long time. “We already have free energy!” he tells us with conviction. Then he asks immediately: “But why don’t we HAVE free energy?”  His answer is simple: “Money gets in the way.”

I had to watch this twice. It is so full of information but intensely interesting and passionately presented. He gives us many things to chew on here, so be prepared to hear some new ideas.

I offer this insight through Michael Tellinger as further evidence that we are extremely close to bringing this form of transformative energy back into fashion on Planet Earth — for the greater good of ALL.


11 thoughts on “Michael Tellinger: We Already Have Free Energy! Why Don’t We HAVE Free Energy?

  1. Ha funny some guy added me on facebook regarding this project and now that I look at ur website I can see it here. :)))) ….. Regarding free energy there is this scientist from Slovakia who is saying that according his calculations and computer simulation such thing is definitely real. Obviously physicists from abroad are ridiculing him and laughing at him however he is offering 10 000 euros to a person who will find a mistake in it and will confirm that such thing is not possible. Here is the link but you will probably have to try with Google translate. http://www.aktuality.sk/clanok/243692/revolucia-vo-fyzike-slovak-tvrdi-ze-objavil-perpetuum-mobile/

  2. Thank you Alia for distributing the work of Michael T. It hits home for me as I’ve been guided for the past 2 years to work on activating the double-toron energy structure of my own merkaba energy field with breathwork, visualisations and conscious intend. The information received is becoming exquisitely complex in its sacred geometry and its relation to the dimension pointed towards by Michael very relevant.
    Loving blessings to you and Tomas…

    • Olivier — so good to hear from you. Wondered what you’ve been up to. Sounds like you are hot on the trail of personal portal tech. I’ve read that many humans are receiving this information and that soon telepathy and teleportation will be accessible to many of us. Way to go! Love the last name, my friend. Blessings

  3. Reblogged this on Channeling Andromeda and commented:
    This completely blew my mind… and the technology he speaks of wasn’t what hit me the hardest, but in understanding how much has been deliberately hidden from the public.
    One of the interesting parts of what he says is that I have read of some of it in books by Dolores Cannon, who catalogs her hypnotherapy sessions in metaphysical books. One story I read in “Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” was of a woman’s past life as a holder of the earths energy grid from inside a pyramid, using sacred stones. Amazing when these pieces come together!

    • Thank you so much for your insights and input. When my husband and I finished watching this the second time, he said to me: “This is huge disclosure!”
      I’ve been reading the Pleiadian information as channeled through
      Barbara Marciniack for 20 years and this information corroborated some of those teachings as well. I had never before put the circuit boards together with major metro areas or the jammed freeways connecting these “noise machines.” It made me wonder what the real meaning of “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye nations.” I guess it depends on just which God was decreeing that. Thanks for watching and adding to our knowledge base. ♥

  4. Love Michael’s work..let’s spread his message far and wide. NO NEED to reinvent the wheel on this planet…the work’s already been done. It’s been used for eons by the secret government and the roadblocks to open and FREE ACCESS, bypassing the patent process, need to be lifted. It’s coming soon, with or without the consent of the elite!

    • Thank you Julie — I feel it sooooo close! What a difference it will make to have unlimited, FREE, non-polluting energy to run this planet. The last 15 minutes of Micheal’s talk links up so many things I’ve been reading about for 20 years. Amazing and awesome information, so entertainingly presented. Blessings

  5.  my current internet is too slow to load most images,and watching videos is out of the question until i’m on the road and using wifi elsewhere.   thanks for this – it looks very interesting.  i was reading about ancient civilizations this past week, and i suspect he’ll be discussing some of the things that i read.

    thanks for this!   sent via email comment z


    • Thank you for your interest, Lisa. Sorry about the poor internet. I think that’s another area of our lives that’s due for an update this year. I’ve heard we will shortly have Internet 2.0, supported by Galactic tech. YeeHaw! Lots of love and hugs to you Dear.

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