Universal Value Exchange — Reprise 2014

I-POWER-enhanced-blueLast year on my “13th Paradigm” blog site (search the archives for posts on Universal Value) I discussed the topic of Universal Value (our innate, God-given worth) and how we can exchange this with one another in direct and representative ways.

It was a revelation to me to realize to what extent I had bought the societal programming that I was essentially worthless until and unless I could prove my worth by accumulating wealth, fame and or some symbolic representation of material success.

The whole idea that I was essentially VALUABLE simply because I am alive in a human body and that my BEINGNESS  is PRICELESS AND IRREPLACEABLE was a completely new concept a year ago. In fact, I didn’t even know this one year ago.

I will go so far as to tell you that embracing and embodying my Eternal Essence or Universal Value was THE MOST IMPORTANT  breakthrough that I had during 2013 and I am still integrating this nine months later.

In a nutshell — when we share our energy (our innate value) with ourselves, other people, animals, plants — our world — we are sharing THE MOST VALUABLE part of us. Understanding this and stepping out in TRUST of this dynamic principle, requires faith, vigilance and practice. Once you experience the RETURN of this principle in action, momentum is gained and the process becomes much easier.

In my opinion claiming our Universal Value (and beginning to use it consciously in exchange with others for goods and services that we need in our lives) forms the foundation of a New Paradigm Economy. I will be blogging about this topic regularly this year but the basic building block for each of us to have in hand in order to play the New Financial Game is this:


Here is an inspiring example of someone who understands this. If there is a silver lining in our currently depressed economy, perhaps it is that more and more people are getting this and beginning to use their own BEINGNESS as a means of exchange.


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