Telepathy — Our New Paradigm Communication

Anna Breytenbach Animal Communicator

Anna Breytenbach
Animal Communicator

If telepathy seems like science fiction, an ability you may acquire sometime in the distant future, think again. We all have those moments when we think of a friend or loved one with whom we haven’t spoken for a while and  — voila — the phone rings and that person is calling us. We all know couples who “finish each others sentences” and those of us who have pre-verbal children or pets of any age get to be experts at reading the messages they give us regarding their needs and desires.

My point is that we’re using telepathy (a multi-dimensional skill) without realizing that we are using it.

The following video is exceptional in every way. It demonstrates a level of inter-species communication via telepathy — a combination of “silent words,” images and feelings —  exchanged between a skillful human (Anna Breytenbach) and various members of the animal and bird kingdoms. Although Anna has spent years perfecting her ability to be this kind of communication bridge, she feels that we all have this ability naturally, we just haven’t developed it.

Anna believes that because mankind has separated itself from animals and the natural world, we have lost the richness of being able to communicate with our animal and plant counterparts. Through this remarkable one-hour documentary, she allows us a peek into the New Earth Paradigm awaiting us, as we begin to remember how to use this atrophied skill lying dormant within us.

And who better to learn from than our animal brothers and sisters who are using telepathy all the time.

Thank you Scarlett for sending this our way. Enjoy!

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