The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion — Part II

Being of Light smallAbout a month ago I posted Part I of my personal awakening to the understanding that my physical body was indeed in the midst of converting from a carbon-based, organic being to a crystalline, silicon being of light. I spoke of this process as being ongoing but that I was now moving forward with conscious participation.  I quote from that post:

“I suddenly KNEW that my physical body was making its conversion from carbon to crystalline. Everything I had read about and visualized and prayed for — WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Let me add here that this is still an on-going process, not yet complete. But now my process goes forward with my fully conscious participation.”

I also stated that this is a benevolent process, nothing to be feared or resisted. In fact, I had realized that much of my physical symptoms that were showing up as pain in my body were the result of my mind’s resistance to this process of humanity’s evolution.

I also realized that I needed to give my full attention to nurturing this process within me and decided to take a break from blogging until I had some concrete information, based on my own experience, to share here with you all. Almost immediately after making that decision, a gift came in the form of a musical attunement that enhanced and accelerated my conversion process. I’m back now to share my gains of the past month with you and to point you toward this tool that has made a HUGE difference in my physical, mental and emotional well being.

WARNING: Reading further may be beneficial (life-changing for the better) in every aspect of your life. Proceed at your own risk (taking full responsibility and liability for co-creating a level of GOOD in your life that may be beyond your current ability to imagine.)

D. of Removing the Shackles posted this article, written by GW Hardin who is using sound to reactivate angelic codes within human DNA. Based on scalar wave healing technology, fractal patterns within our cells communicate non-locally,thus increasing human harmonic resonance to an extent that UNITY OF ALL will be the ultimate outcome.

Hardin’s article, “DNA and the Dance of Darkness and Light,” is long, technical and well worth reading. I am going to quote a couple of opening paragraphs to whet your appetite and then a couple of summary paragraphs to further encourage you to take a look at the full article. Here is the premise of this thesis in Hardin’s own words:

“DNA & THE DANCE OF DARKNESS & LIGHT — Human Omnipotence in Harmony — by GW Hardin

In my previous paper, I married information from the angelic realm with findings erupting from the labs of quantum physicists. Two stranger cousins could not be found. That is, until now. The strangest cousin of all has been hiding behind yet another curtain. In this paper, I will attempt to reveal the New Oz—Humanity as Superman.

Previously, I described a multi-dimensional phenomenon I labeled the “DNA Tesseract” . What I did not go into is the far-reaching implications of this superhuman capability. I believe the time has come to do so now. In this paper, I will delve into three topics:

1. The key that unlocks human shackles lies buried within DNA.

2. The old myth of disease versus the new myth of harmonious imprinting—you choose.

3. The Dance of Darkness and Light—who’s playing the Music of the Spheres? And why is Oz hiding behind my DNA?

Strap yourself in, for we’re about to take off to a place beyond Never Never Land. Instead of heading to the “second star to the right, straight on till morning,” we’re aiming at the multi-dimensions right in the middle of yourself, straight into Everything.”

~ ~ ~

OKAY — some of you are still with me and some of you may be rolling your eyes. For those of you in the latter category, please check out this short YouTube video that will give you a sample of the tangible results of Hardin’s years of research plus his musical collaboration with composer, Gary Lanz.

The 45 minute version of this track (Divine Center) is available for download at Amazon. Although this cut is 45 minutes long, I suggest listening to only the first 10 or 15 minutes to start and work up gradually to longer listens.

I highly recommend for those of you who resonate with this tool to buy the CD that has another 15 minute track that I find takes me even deeper than the longer one.

Always start listening at the beginning, because the first seconds of the track are for the purpose of syncing the hemispheres of your brain — very important for benefiting from what comes after.

THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT — IT IS ENTRAINMENT.  Your cells are going to change by listening to this. 

I’M NOT KIDDING. I’ll give my personal report soon.

Disclaimer: This attunement is ONE TOOL. It will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Use it if it feels “right” for you.

GW Hardin has implied in his title that the elements of light and darkness are in a dance with each other. How do we reconcile these apparent opposing forces? In his summary paragraphs Hardin speaks of the potential of unifying these forces within our DNA through the use of these tonal attunements. Once our own body has established resonant coherence, we automatically “entrain” (unite with) every other being in the universe who is resonating at our frequency. Ultimately, Hardin says that the pull of this resonance will be so strong that even the darkness will be unable to resist. Here are his summary remarks.

“In the mathematics of Harmonetix™, the Light and the Darkness dance in an intimate embrace, in patterns that give us the innate ability not only to connect with the forces of the universe but to alter them with our godly power of co-creation. And I take careful note to point out the difference between creation and co-creation. To see the creative forces of life as anything other than harmonic coherence or harmonic patterns of Oneness is an act of self-condemnation that will once again imprison us in a duality of unbalanced opposites.

So where do we start? Why not with something simple and gentle? Something subtle that won’t threaten thresholds of objection. What I’ve done is select only one device from the four different delivery systems that I’ve experimented with so far. Later on, after I’ve been able to gauge the reaction to this tiptoeing onto the Fabric of the Universe, I will put together webinars  for those that wish to go further down the rabbit hole of new myths.

For starters, I would like to direct you to work that I’ve done with composer Gary Lanz to create a delivery system that will resonate with the human brain. This delivery system was brought to my attention by Michael Sharpe. It’s called osochronic tones. What we’ve done is find a way to entrain the brain to make use of its capability to generate scalar waves (Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, by James Oschman, PhD). And these scalar waves (solitons) interact with the fractal antennae of the DNA, allowing aspects of the DNA to move back into harmony.

We’ve created an album that can be found on iTunes for this: GRACE SPACE—The Lost Tones of the Angelic Realm, and later on we will come out with GRACE SPACE II—The Secret Tones of Divine Balance … or you can go to my websites: GW Hardin or Sounds of Wonder. And guess what? You get to test out a small part of this myth by listening to some of these frequencies on YouTube: (Alia: Same video as above.)

 If you choose to go down that rabbit hole, keep in mind the following. Once these fractal patterns of sound interact with your DNA, resonance is established. And once resonance is established, any scalar emitting patterns of Oneness from other humans will move you into coherence, which means whether you’re ready or not you will be sending the patterns of harmony out into the world. Echoes of Joseph Campbell: “Each one of us brings meaning to life.” As that occurs, there will be the end result of an invitation into the Dance of Life, which means even the Darkness will have no alternative but to dance with the Light.”

~ ~ ~

And now for my personal update regarding the impact of these attunements in my own life.

First of all, let me say that I was already doing three meditations (each 15 – 30 minutes in length) prior to receiving the attunements, so I simply inserted them into all three periods of meditation. Thus, I have been using the attunements three times daily for the past four weeks.

During the first few seconds of listening to the longer attunement (Divine Center) I felt a definite interaction between the tones and my body. My body feasted on this attunement, as if it had been waiting a lifetime for this nourishment to be provided.

Next, I was very aware of the syncing of the hemispheres of my brain. I feel that benefit each time I use the attunements. My mind gets quiet and becomes a laser sharp focusing tool.

Afterward, I noticed a distinct improvement in the sciatic nerve distress I have been experiencing since April. This situation continues to improve.

Our DNA is a language and that we can speak to our DNA aloud or silently and it understands us.  With that in mind, I immediately began using this attunement as a focusing tool for commanding my DNA to return to its original Divine Blueprint. I can feel the alignments for perfect health occurring in my physical body. Every cell is moving into perfect harmony with every other cell. Long time health issues (like porous bones) are returning to their perfect form.

One morning recently, I said to my husband: “I’ve noticed my disposition is becoming more cheerful!”

He replied: “I’ve noticed that too!”

“Mine or yours?” I queried.

He looked at me kind of sheepishly and said: “Well, yours — I’ve noticed you are smiling a lot first thing in the morning.”

He is right. Anyone who knows me well understands there aren’t many smiles from me prior to coffee.

Other things I’ve noticed:

It doesn’t much matter how much or how little sleep I get during the night, I’m good to go in the morning. The three attunements daily are like power naps that recharge my energy for hours. In fact, I have to be careful not to use them too close to bedtime or I find it hard to get to sleep. However, others report that the attunements help them sleep.

I’ve been able to stay detached and respond more objectively when stimuli arise that would have previously triggered a sharp emotional reaction. Last week we learned that Tomas’s unemployment benefits had run out. I learned this while looking at my online banking statement. The weekly deposit was one quarter of the amount we had been getting. (The notice about this came in the mail the next day. Thanks for the warning, folks.) Normally, I would have gone into freak out mode. Fear. Anxiety. Panic. What are we going to do now?

Not this time. I sat and watched my mind, almost in disbelief, as I  continued looking calmly at the amount on the screen telling myself: “We have always had enough money. There is no need to worry. A way will be shown on how to go forward. You and Tomas will work through this together.” Believe me, this is HUGE for me. In fact, I didn’t even share this with Tomas until AFTER we had done our morning attunement. Also, a BIG change for me to wait to deliver such news until there is a more “appropriate” time.

I feel myself linking up with all like-frequency beings everywhere. My level of compassion has grown by leaps and bounds. Very difficult to kill the slugs in the garden now. I toss them over the fence instead. The other day our cat caught a bird. Tomas took it away from her and gave it to me to infuse with energy. As I held this tiny creature while it breathed its last, I wasn’t sure whom I felt more compassion for — the bird who soon died in my hands, or my cat whose breakfast we had stolen.

There’s also something more subtle that I have noticed recently and it’s a bit hard to describe. My mind seems to be more open, more flexible. Tauruses are known for their stubbornness and I plead guilty as charged. I do not like to change tracks or consider something new too quickly. At least that’s how it’s been in the past.

However, the other day I had a problem to solve and Tomas was doing his best to throw out helpful suggestions so I could solve it. I started to discount the ideas he was offering and then — right in the middle of that — I found myself really considering what he had to say as a viable option. I solved the “problem” more along the lines of my own thinking but I have to say that the act of opening to a new idea and considering it, may have substantially impacted my ability to come up with a working solution as quickly and easily as I did.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. I hope that some of you will engage with these sound attunements and find them helpful in your own conversion process. I will continue to update you on my process. Each one of us must find our own honoring path through this miraculous metamorphosis we are experiencing LIVE and in  REAL TIME here on Planet Earth. Love and Blessings to All!

Metamorphosis Courtesy Lynda Marin

Courtesy Lynda Marin

8 thoughts on “The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion — Part II

  1. Hi Alia, I have gotten the tape and listened to it twice now It sounded safe familiar. I will let you know how it goes, as you know my health has not been good lately.

  2. Hi Alia,
    Was sharing last night with the Morning Glories an extreme example this week of exactly what you are describing here. As challenged as I am by what seem like the most irresponsible/uncompassionate/self-serving behaviors that have materialized in my path, I am amazed beyond description by the equanimity and peace of heart that I respond with. And I feel love even from the haters, as if they can’t help themselves. Since I am not used to having haters in my life, this is a very instructive experience!!! The capacity for DNA attunement from sound patterns is very compelling and feels like something we’ve always known. So good to hear about research and resources going in that direction. Thank you so much for this inspiration. And I loved seeing “my” butterfly at the end of the post, not having any real idea until then, where she was going 🙂

    • Oh Lynda — thank you so much for this comment! Isn’t it wonderful/bazaar to find ourselves responding in a loving and non-reactive way to such extreme stimuli?! As I said, I could hardly believe it was me. You have surely inspired many others and validated many more with your shared experience. This is a huge sign that our vibrations are rising along with our Mother Planet. This is our “proof” that things really are changing. They are changing from the inside out — just like the worm becomes the chrysalis and then the butterfly. And your beautiful image went at the end where I was speaking of metamorphosis, exactly what is happening to us right now. Blessings and love to you and your transformation, Alia

  3. A good post with your own experiences for others to take in and then consider trying it out for themselves – that is probably the most useful thing we can do right now! with all my love, tomas

  4. Alia, loving your reflections on your experience. Not only does it mirror some of my own experience, it inspires me to “take notice” and feel how miraculous it is – and exciting – to be shifting into the beings of light, the I AM that We Are. Thank you Thank you.

    • Hi Katie – how delightful to hear from you. It is a miracle what we humans are going through. This is the first time any of us is aware of what is happening! Isn’t that awesome!? To be evolving as a species and to understand what is going on and consciously participate in the process??? How cool is that?! Thanks for commenting. I haven’t been over to your site lately. I’ll need to pay you a visit. Love and hugs, Alia

      On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 12:27 PM, 13th Paradigm

  5. Beautiful Alia – it seems that what you described, more equanimous, less reaction, compassionate, is our natural uncontrived True way of Being. Lovely that the DNA Attunements are dissolving tendencies and conditionings, so what IS shines brighter. Will check out the video later. Thanks! Hugs!

    • Yes indeed. I’m currently reading the Dalia Lama’s book “The Art of Happiness.” He firmly believes that our true nature as humans is compassion. We are just brushing off the surface dust that appears other than that to get to our True Nature, as you say. Blessings back to you, Alia

      On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 8:15 AM, 13th Paradigm

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