The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion

Homo LuminousFor the first time in a year of visioning and blogging I did not post last Monday nor did I give any explanation of why I did not. As you might imagine, I was not not sitting idly on a couch eating bon-bons. No, I was rather busy raising my own personal “white flag of surrender” to my process of humanity’s conversion from carbon-based beings to crystalline ones. My “caterpillar” is nearing completion of becoming “nutrient soup” and soon the emergence of my butterfly will occur.

I knew this was coming — I’ve intellectually understood this for 20 years — but when it actually was staring me in the face, I failed to recognize it. Until last Thursday in the wee hours of the morning.

After nearly two weeks of doubting everything I thought I knew, feeling mildly depressed and dealing with sudden bouts of exhaustion “for no reason,” I found myself awake in the early hours of Thursday morning — at a time that my mind was trying to convince me I should  be asleep.

I was buzzing!

The ringing/singing sound around my head was so loud it woke me up!

The individual cells in my body felt as though they were spinning!

A brief questioning “What the H…  ?” was replaced with THIS IS IT! 

I suddenly KNEW that my physical body was making its conversion from carbon to crystalline. Everything I had read about and visualized and prayed for — WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!

Let me add here that this is still an on-going process, not yet complete. But now my process goes forward with my fully conscious participation.

And then I also suddenly KNEW that the depression, the doubt, the exhaustion I’d felt during the week before was my own resistance to allowing this process to happen. It was time to SURRENDER.  

Like the old line from the spy movies: “Resistance is futile, surrender is your only option” I recommend that anyone finding themselves in a similar situation surrender sooner than later. Resistance will only cause more distress and the ego mind is already stressed enough, convinced that this conversion means certain death and annihilation of everything known and cherished to date.


I don’t have much more to say on this subject. I have included some supporting articles and an impressive video below that corroborate what I’m going through and perhaps explain things better than I can right now.

I may not be posting with any regularity from now on, as I am finding that it is taking much of my energy to ALLOW, ACCEPT AND INTEGRATE the deluge of information (data really) that is telling my DNA how to make the changes into the NEW HUMAN that our species is destined to become.

This is a BENEVOLENT process. Do not be afraid. Humanity is about to change to the extent that we will look back on our former selves as “unrecognizable” — within a comparatively short period of “time.” Time is getting “squirrely” also but that’s another topic.

In the following remarkable video, Gregg Braden demonstrates the impact of increasing frequency in a drop of water. At certain intervals, the increase in frequency produces a completely new pattern than the one held by the water at the lower frequency.

Gregg’s implication is that as the frequency of our Earth increases, it affects humans and all forms of life similarly. We can therefore expect quantum leaps in consciousness throughout the Human Collective as the frequencies increase within our cellular structure.

~ ~ ~

As I do not know when I will post again, I invite those of you who wish to contact me to use my email:  I welcome your questions, your insights, your own experiences.

For the present I feel that the best way to serve the WHOLE is for me to engage FULLY in my own conversion process.



Galactic Butterfly larger

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17 thoughts on “The Carbon to Crystalline Conversion

  1. I too feel it bigtime. How wonderful it is to feel amongst like minded, like frequencied others! I have been exhausted. Daily meditate on lifting my light frequency and toning and tuning with forks to change the vibration in my body tor resonate at a frequency more compatible with that of Earth. Some days I feel it is for naught. Not today! Thank you!! MUch love and light to you!

  2. Hi Alia, I too have withdrew lately been feeling very tired, cold, depressed, insecure but knowing with certainty that something withinis changing. My thoughts are and love are with all.

    • Hello Dear Heart — I noticed I hadn’t received anything from you recently. Take it easy. Our bodies are so precious and valuable and we are going through a conscious process of evolution, perhaps for the very first time here on Mother Earth. THIS IS HUGE! Nothing can be forced. Lots of rest. I will be posting something soon which will include a DNA attunement that Tomas and I have been doing for almost 3 weeks now. Extremely valuable tool! Much love and gentle hugs in the meantime, Alia

    • Thank you Kozo. Some of this is not so fun — cosmic flu — aches all over and so cold that last night I looked like I was dressed for an arctic expedition in December. Bundled up in clothes and blankets with a cat on my lap and the heater beside me. And still cold! All is well, though — my physical body is making the leap, one cell at a time. Blessings, Alia

      On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 8:54 PM, 13th Paradigm

  3. OMG! I really needed to read this right now, your article is perfectly timed for me. I can so relate to your wonderful words; ” I was rather busy raising my own personal “white flag of surrender” to my process of humanity’s conversion from carbon-based beings to crystalline ones. My “caterpillar” is nearing completion of becoming “nutrient soup” and soon the emergence of my butterfly will occur.”; because I have been experiencing the same exhaustion and lack of energy, but now I understand why! Thank you so much for sharing this. I too have sort of ‘cut off’ from communicating as often as I used to (on all my social sites) I just need to conserve my energy to assimilate the ‘downloads’ I am now receiving. Blessings to you my friend.

    • Thank you Angie — I’m so grateful for how we all assist one another during these amazing times of uncharted territory. Some of us who have remembered our basic mission here still relapse into amnesia about the details. Our processes are similar and unique. We can learn and take heart from sharing our journeys, what the view looks like from where we are standing. I’m glad this post struck a chord for you and helped put some of your experiences into perspective. Many blessings, much love, Alia

      On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 1:00 AM, 13th Paradigm

  4. That’s wonderful news Alia, you’ll experience additional “attunements” in regular intervals I assure you. I didn’t experience the ringing sensation or exhaustion, but during early morning hours I definitely sensed being in an altered state whereby I “knew” what was happening. My whole being was buzzing like I was vibrating from the inside outside. I too was startled by it but something told me to relax and let go. Surrender came easily enough, after several more downloads since Jan. I actually enjoy the process. It feels like a cellular massage, very fine, fluid, steady vibes – the message is love! I’ve never felt so reassured or confident in my abilities. Its time…..

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