Baby Buddhas and the Kid’s Cavalry

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

During my four plus decades on the front lines as a spiritual warrior there have been moments when I wondered when the cavalry might show up. In my darker moments I would occasionally wonder IF the cavalry would show up. In the really bleak moments I would sometimes wonder if there even WAS a cavalry at all or was I fighting a losing battle with no backup.

About four years ago I began to meet “The New Kids.” I consider anyone under 30 in this category and I am privileged to know a few and call them friends. I am also aware that the very new ones under the age of three years are veritable Buddhas and Archangels, here in disguise as humans, to help us through an evolutionary leap that our planet and her population are making from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th. I call these New Kids the Cavalry and I am exceedingly grateful that they have showed up.

This post is dedicated to those souls who agreed to come “at the last minute” to add their wisdom and higher paradigm solutions to heal our planet and humanity of this 3D virus that has infected us all for so long we cannot seem to extricate ourselves from the muck and the mire.  To all you beautiful young people who agreed to come help at this time, I shout:


Meet Robin, the two and a half year old grandson of a friend of Tomas and me. His grandmother recently sent this report.

My 2 and a half year old grandson, Robin, is amazing! He has a wonderful sense of humor and a vivid imagination. I arrived in LA yesterday to help my daughter while my son-in-law is in Alaska. In these few hours I’ve been here I’ve learned so many things, like when you tip toe through a store, which is mandatory, you have to keep your hands up like rabbit paws. 

If you don’t like something on your plate, feed it to some close by adult.

You can jump off beds and couches and people catch you, but not so much if you jump when they’re not looking. Avoid taking a nap at all costs to the adults around you. Kissing and looking cute can get you out of almost anything you’ve done. The narrow slots in the air conditioner are a good place to put unwanted bread crusts. If you think it will be found, tell the adults before they find it, declaring “I’ve made a mess.” You can shout at a grownup and as long as you kiss them afterwards, they don’t mind, in fact they think its endearing.

The living room is MY room and thus should always be strewn with toys, books, puzzles and kitchen utensils. If an adult picks them up and puts them tidily away, remind them how wrong their seemingly, to them, good intentions are and immediately throw all the toys, books, etc. all over MY room. If an adult forgets it’s MY room, remind them by holding their face between your hands and looking them straight in the eyes and saying, “MY room, you need a check-up.”

It’s not unusual to change clothes three times a day due to split milk, juice and water, and from sticky hands and other food and non-food eruptions. ”  Grandma’s comment:    I didn’t bring enough clothes!

These kids have us figured out totally and are not going to let us get away with anything but straight talk and straight up actions. We’re under the magnifying glass of Love here and they intend to love us into submission until we get that Love IS the Mission. Parents, grandparents and teachers take heed.

These next young men are about nine years old, one speaking profoundly about the meaning of life and how our Universe works, the second doing the same with regard to baseball. Both are quite remarkable. I don’t remember discussing things like this when I was nine — or nineteen, for that matter.

Moving on to young teens, first meet Victoria Grant, a Canadian citizen who has lectured extensively on the fraudulent nature of the fractional banking system. She has opened the eyes of many adults to the fraud and corruption that passes for banking and finance and has caused many to question aspects of our daily lives that had previously been accepted as”the way things were.”

Next,  meet fourteen year old Jacob Barnett, an autistic astrophysicist! While his Ted Talk features all the antics of a teenager, he can talk circles around many of the world’s top scientists and is currently studying and sharing his advanced theories with university students and professors. I think that one of the most important keys to Jacob’s success is that his mother was courageous enough to remove him from public education when he was very young and school him at home according to his own interests and passions.

“Fifteen year old Jack Andraka’s science project doesn’t sound like a high school sophomore’s crowning achievement. It sounds more like a Nobel Prize winner’s.  “I created a new way to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer that costs three cents and takes five minutes to run,” he said.

That’s right. After a close friend died from pancreatic cancer, this 16-year-old from Crownsville, Maryland, unleashed his hyper-drive intellect on preventing more cancer deaths.

You can read the entire article here.  And below is Jack’s Ted Talk.

Twenty years ago, while reading Barbara Marciniack’s books on the teachings of the Pleiadians, I learned that the children who would be born close to the time of the Great Shift would bring with them the solutions for the problems of our modern world. I also learned that the closer to the Shift that these children were born, the more complex and detailed would be the information they would embody. So what about those who are being born AFTER the Shift? I can only surmise that these newest ones are continuing to bring with them bodies of knowledge that are utterly astounding to those of us who have lived through the past 50 or 60 years and grown up in the public educational systems of the western world.

Let us greet these young masters with the respect and open mindedness that they deserve. Instead of seeing them as blank slates, let’s consider them treasure troves of knowledge that are here to benefit our planet and all Life in ways that we cannot imagine. They hold the keys to the advanced technologies and the absolute technologies that reside in our DNA; they are skilled in the art of diplomacy and can broker peace among the peoples of our world, as well as between inter-galactic civilizations.

These new ones are not afraid because they know they are LOVE and that Life is all ONE. They are open-hearted, wise and creative. They understand how to create resonance and work in cooperation with diverse groups of people. They are schooled in Universal Law. They know what is at stake and are here to see that the play ends well and continues after the “final curtain.”

And not on some other planet!

Some of the older ones have become jaded and cynical and may have a sassy answer to your questions. Give them a break. They came here thinking that they would be able to share their gifts with a waiting world and were hit by wave after wave of culture shock and told the only thing they could look forward to was a low-paying dead-end job or military service. But under that sassy surface are loving, magnanimous hearts that want to give their gifts and take their place in co-creating an amazing New Earth — a paradise, really.

The Cavalry has shown up! So let’s acknowledge them as such and give them a chance to deliver the fresh ideas and solutions we’ve been waiting for.

And as for the very newest ones — our future leaders. Think about what you might say to the President if he or she were staying at your house and called for your assistance upon awakening in the morning. Or perhaps it’s Jesus or Mother Mary who is calling for that bottle or diaper change in the next room? No need to hold them in awe or bow at their feet; they didn’t come here to hold themselves “better than.”  They came to help and they are already helping by holding  a higher frequency for our species and our planet. Until they grow up, however, they need our support and understanding that they are Great Souls in small bodies.

AND –the sooner we get that —  the sooner our civilization will make that quantum leap into the 5th Dimension.

Alia’s Comment: The examples above a just a handful of multitudes I could have shared. Remember that not all of them will be brain surgeons by the age of five; some will be “Frequency Holders,” doing their work invisibly, yet powerfully, to make sure Humanity makes this Shift. Please use the comments section below to share your own anecdotes or favorite videos featuring The New Kids — The Cavalry — that are showing up, just in the nick of NOW.

June 9, 2013 — update — another fabulous video and a related article.

Here’s 10 year old poetess Bothale from South Africa who shares her Universal Value with us so completely that you cannot help feeling 10 feet tall just listening to her and watching her expressions of loving inspiration! Such Presence!!!

~ ~ ~

And here are two articles about the Indigo Revolution that is unifying Turkey with their LOVE! Millions of older teens and young people in their 20s are expected to rise up in a ground swell of Global Resonance throughout this summer. Get out your surfboards and ride the waves of change right on into the New Paradigm.

June 13, 2013 — update — a 14 month old (16 months, maybe) teaches his mother about our new relationship with “the animals”. It does NOT include EATING them — even octopus!


21 thoughts on “Baby Buddhas and the Kid’s Cavalry

  1. Such amazing beings we are privileged to witness, they are the bearers of light, hope and optimism for a better future. Your grandson is an amazing starseed, can’t wait to see what these kids can dream up. I for one am very excited, kid’s cavalry is for real and they’re really coming! 😀

    • You are part of the new Indigo Revolution, Dear Heart. Your switch has been flipped and we are expecting magnificent uprisings of the Love Vibration from you 20 somethings. Believe me, my generation is ready to surf your waves of change for a while. So much love, Alia

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 3:04 PM, 13th Paradigm

      • Alia, it’s such a pleasure to vibe with you guys. Life is complete when people learn, continue to grow from our wise elders and precocious youngsters. Time is a necessary illusion, we are ultimately one consciousness experiencing itself. Blessings & Love to you and Tomas. ♥

  2. Alia, only now getting round to watching these! Thanks for the post! On my travels I sometimes have the privilege of meeting up with some young open-heart, open-mind, creative beings. And how beautiful to witness the flowering! shanti….

    • Thank you Dear — it’s always a blessing for me to meet and interact with these lovely beings who have somehow arrived at a point on their path by the age of 20 that I didn’t get to until I was in my 50s. They are our future and the future looks bright through their eyes. Blessings, Alia

  3. Great post Alia! We should definitely be open to learning from youngsters, and not be so quick to “fill” them with “knowledge” and information. I was home schooled for many of my young years, and born at home as well. My parents were great that way!

    I have friends with young children and I always come away feeling wiser after spending time with them. Their ability to easily experience a wide range of human emotion in a short period of time, and to totally live in the moment is remarkable and admirable 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love this, Alia. I swear my 3 year old is part of the cavalry. He has such a loving way about him. When I think of compassionate beings I immediately think of him grabbing my ears when he sleeps. I love how a number of these kids have already given Tedtalks. And that 9 year old is incredible. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the future.
    {{{Hugs]}} Kozo

    • For sure, Kozo, both of your boys are in the Cavalry! Sometimes it’s easier to see the divine qualities in one child rather than another — but they are there and with your respectful parenting, they will show more and more of their compassion, freedom, oneness and joy as they get older and see more opportunities to shine. Blessings and hugs, Alia

  5. Our job as parents, grandparents and others who interface is to “simply, do no harm”. It has meant for me: not vaccinating, taking my kids out of the public school system, providing clean food and water, saying yes whenever possible, giving undying support and encouragement as they question authority, being transparent in my words and actions with my kids, expecting and encouraging courageous action, and many other forms of assisting them to be their perfect selves. The fascinating result is a 23 and 31 year old who truly see through the illusions and live their lives accordingly. The tiny people I’m meeting now have shown me their powerful selves without the least bit of hesitation and address me as they would another 3 year old–boldly and with confidence. The cavalry is so welcome and appreciated…can’t wait for them to be the policy makers!

    • Thank you Julie. Amen to the part about them being policy makers.

      I am reading an account of the early years of the Dalai Lama and the exile of the Tibetan people in India. The first generation of children to be raised outside of Tibet was called the “Exile Generation.” They were schooled in a combination of Tibetan traditions and modern education.

      When the first wave reached the late teen, early 20s stage, many of them became active politically. These youth came into sharp contrast with the formal body of Tibetan governance. At one point the “youngsters” asked His Holiness if they could put on a week long conference. The Dalai Lama was very supportive and imposed very few limits on their concepts of how the conference should be conducted. As a result, the youth finally asked their elders all those candid questions that had never been asked, such as: “How was it that the Tibetans allowed the Chinese into the country in the first place?” The elders squirmed but they answered and the younger generation was finally able to hear the painful truth of how they came to be refugees without a country.

      The brilliance of the Dalai Lama and His plan for this generation’s development to be equipped for the modern world, reminds me of the potential that lies within each one of us to bring forth a new paradigm from our very essence. We are each brilliant and equipped to give our gifts into a more expanded reality. These younger ones among us are leading the way with their shining examples. And the parents who have been able to nurture that brilliance and not stomp on it, are to be applauded for allowing them to shine. Blessed Be, Alia

      On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 5:33 PM, 13th Paradigm

    • You are so welcome Marga and let’s not forget to add your beautiful daughters into this group! Blessings to you for bringing them through and honoring their uniqueness, even through it’s a harrowing ride at times. Much love, Alia

  6. Thanks for compiling this information and this EVIDENCE of the shift that Humanity is going through. Those, such as Barbara Marx-Hubbard and many others, who are pointing to a quantum evolutionary leap for our species at this time, are completely validated by these examples. It is such a confirmation of this momentous wave of change that is happening on levels far beyond our human comprehension – all I can say is: get your boards waxed, the surf’s up! The best way to catch this Wave is to align yourself with it – all resistance is futile 😉

  7. this article is refreshing! as an ‘awakening’ 23 yo kind of keeping up with the spirituality scene ive sort of felt left out and curious about my own age group and those coming after. we are indeed getting a lot of information and we really need the support. going through this winter and for the past few years with the big cosmic shifts that were and are, in a typical university system was not easy. recently many of my friends are getting the ear ringing and all that comes along with it so please keep your ears perked, ha! and thank you for sharing all you have, its nice to know you’re not crazy 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing some of your personal journey with us. I’ve had the ringing in my ears now for about 7 years steady. It increases with the solar activity. Sometimes it goes away but I’ve never been able to relate the silence to anything in particular. I have come to accept the ringing as a benevolent download of higher dimensional information that is assisting with the carbon to crystalline conversion of our bodies. It is my theory that you younger beings have come in with some of that conversion in process, hence part of the reason you feel “left out.” Your body/mind doesn’t work quite the same as many other humans. You “see through” the illusion faster and slip through the matrix and the distractions don’t distract you; they just seem childish or irrelevant. The ear ringing downloads may be in a language of light that eventually we will understand. As the light-encoded filaments that comprise the part of our brains that science once labeled “junk DNA” reconnect (which is happening now) more of our multi-dimensional abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation (and our capacity to KNOW things without needing to explain why to ourselves or others) will allow us to co-create more directly the world of our visioning. For now, we are in a 24/7 process of “voting” you could say, for what world we will have, each time we think, feel or imagine something — anything. People are “voting” every which way, which accounts for some of the chaos and confusion. Another part of the confusion is caused by the dissolution of the old 3D paradigm as the newer, higher frequency paradigm emerges simultaneously. So an awesomely exciting time to be here on Planet Earth and a crazy making time as well. No, you are not crazy. Insanity has been the norm on this planet for a long time. Sanity is being restored and you and your friends are a big part of the spiritual reinforcements that are truly needed and appreciated by those of us who have been slogging it out in the trenches for way too long. Blessings and love, Alia

  8. This post is so amazing, I agree our young people are brilliant if anyone takes the time to listen. As for your comment on under 30s we only have to look at our good friend Rohan Healey to see an example of this in action, he is as I know you will agree wise far beyond his years. I will be sharing your post next week on my “Giving Something Back 19” post as I think everyone needs to see this post, thanks for sharing Alia.

    • Thank you Athena for mentioning Rohan in this regard. He is new to me and you have such a talent for introducing me to wonderful new people. I appreciate you featuring this post in next week’s Giving Back. I was just beginning to look at this week’s line up.

      I have such a heart for these beings who are here by their own freewill choice to assist us with a task that has never been attempted in this Universe before — jumping dimensions by an entire planet and her inhabitants. Thank Goddess the Cavalry showed up! Blessings, Alia

      On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 1:18 PM, 13th Paradigm

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