Upon Reaching “Retirement Age”

65th Birthday PortraitI celebrated one of those “milestone” birthdays over the weekend; I turned 65.  As I approached this marker, my ego had much to say about it. I realized that what I am dealing with are many cultural concepts and stereotypes about reaching “Retirement Age.”

Now — I don’t look 65, or feel 65 (except perhaps when I try to stand up after weeding the garden on my knees.) I don’t think like I think a person of 65 should think. And what does all that mean and why is it even important? The force of the flow of the ideas in my mind regarding how our culture deals with “getting older,” arriving at “The Golden Years” (what one should and shouldn’t do at this point in life) makes me feel as though I am a salmon swimming upstream against a mighty current.

It is no accident that I am celebrating my 65th birthday in the year 2013. This year represents Year One of our new Galactic Cycle and therefore, I am beginning a new cycle of my life in step with this Shift.

Actually, I retired from the 3D workforce just about a year ago, so that completion already happened and since then, I have been focusing on attending to my own inner clearing and acting from a place of JOY. In many ways I feel as though my life is just beginning. I think there are many retirees who would agree with me on that point. I meet many retired people here who say they LOVE their life now, they have never been happier or busier.

I decided to investigate a couple of alternative cultural viewpoints to see what their traditions had to say about this time of life, what it means, what promises it holds.

In the Tzolkin (Mayan) calendar of 260 days, there are five “Castles” of 52 days each. The Mayan system is based on combinations of 4, 13, and 20 but in this case five times thirteen equals 65, or The Green Castle.”  The Green Castle is about “rounding up the journey.” It is about the process of transformation. This sounds about right.

In the Hindu system there are traditionally Four Stages of Human Life that allow a person to wean themselves gradually from worldly duties to a more spiritually focused one.  Although by our western standards, the last two phases of life may seem extreme or harsh, they are based in more idealized circumstances in which the culture holds this shift from world to God as a lofty goal and supports those who are ready to step back from material life. In today’s world (and especially in the West) we are not set up to give this honor and respect on any broad scale. Still, it serves as a noble ideal for those who have a strong intention and commitment.

For me, the greatest gift and cause for celebration this year has been my understanding and integration of my Universal Value (UV) my true, innate, God-given worth. With this understanding I have been able to put aside my hesitancy of committing myself to something that might eventually become a burden and joyfully enter into connection and interaction with my greater community, knowing that however I choose to share my UV is completely my freewill choice in each moment. Therefore I can make no wrong choices or unwise decisions (a really big deterrent to making ANY choice for me previously.)

Summing up what this all means for me:

1) I have lived to the age of 65 and I’m in really good shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

2) This is Year One (2013) of our new Galactic Cycle and I am starting my Green Castle phase, rounding out my journey, taking all accumulated experience with me into this momentous time. It is a phase of transformation (but what phase of my life has not been?)

3) Tomas and I have constructed  a “quiet and orderly” life –our version of the Hindu Third Stage —  simple, with minimal focus on maintaining the material aspects and an intentional focus on our inner work and spiritual matters.)

Life is good and getting glorious. My personal Golden Age is aligned with the entrance of our planet into the much prophesied Golden Age of Gaia. With all confidence I say that my best years are ahead of me. I’m inviting all of you to come along, stepping  into Heaven on Earth, a paradise of our own making.

Namaste           In Lakesh

Here is a link to Brenda Hoffman’s blog that so resonated with me that I’m sharing it with all of you. Very inspiring!



32 thoughts on “Upon Reaching “Retirement Age”

  1. Alia, how I missed this, don’t know! Sometimes posts don’t show up in the Reader, but something pulled to take a look at your blog, 65 looks good on ‘ya!! And so dear One, in this ageless form – may the Love that we Are, continue to shine brighter and brighter. I think it rather cute how you and Tomas comment on each other’s blogs…..love and shanti….kai

    • Thanks Kai — it has been quite a passage for me and I finally caught on that it wasn’t just about the “age” thing but rather coincided with the more general passage of humanity during the Shift. Tomas and I have recently come across a DNA attunement that has been extremely helpful for harmonizing our bodies. I’ll probably be blogging about it in a week or two. Want to get a little more experience under my belt before I try to articulate it.

      Yes, Tomas and I enjoy commenting on each others’ blogs. ☺ Blessings, Alia

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 8:11 AM, 13th Paradigm

  2. What a wonderful post, Alia, full of vigor, life and beauty! I so agree with you, i myself long ago neglected the limitations&expectations of age, for age is a very conventional and subjective concept.

    The best way to look ageless is to not conform to social expectations of ‘age’ and not to do or think what one is supposed to do or think in a certain age 🙂
    Have fun, dance and sing, laugh and feel to the fullest – that’s the best recipe!

    The best way to become ageless is to be out there always open for the new things and knowledge, and study study, learn something new every year, and as you said brilliantly – add to our Universal Value!
    When we are being useful for the Universe, it is here for us pleased to prolong our years and keep us healthy and energetic for more good energy to radiate and more achievements to make!

    • So true, Sophia — I have done my share of dancing and singing and staying open to the new. I also went through a period of non-conforming for the sake of non-conforming and I’m not so sure that that alone keeps one “young.” I have seen people “push against” life so hard in the effort to be a “non-conformist” that it actually aged them a lot. So non-conforming without being attached is the key here. Tricky.

      As our carbon-based bodies convert to crystalline, we will actually notice a youthing effect. Also certain glands are revitalizing and producing hormones that will reverse the aging process for many of us going through the Shift. In the higher realms, those who wear physical form often look 25 – 40 years old, even though they may have worn their body for hundreds or thousands of years. Unimaginable to most of us but I’m sure we’ll appreciate it when we get there. Thanks for your beautiful comments on the subject, Alia

    • Alia, you look absolutely radiant! I’m sure as Sofia’s knowledgeable comment implies, you’ll keep feeling younger and better with “age”. Our UV will only increase with life experience and growing awareness of our purpose here on Gaia. As you have wisely acknowledged, drop both conformity and non-conformity and just be. Then everything you do is exactly what you are meant to experience. From a higher dimensional perspective, there is no “I”. If there’s no I, then there’s no choice, no duality, only pure freedom to be. The illusion of I, my, me is only for the purpose of understanding who you really are. You’re right Alia, no need to attach to ideas, concepts of age, appearances, or even purpose. This grand “experiment” is to realize unity within a physical construct/ reality, love is the tool. The experience itself allows us to “progress” thru higher states of “consciousness” until we realize source. The joke is… we never left, haha! 😀

  3. What a wonderful post Alia, as you say you do not look like a 65yrs or act like the “norm is” I wanted to ask you a question “What are romantic relationships like in the new world?” I was hoping you could answer in a post.

    • Thank you Athena — A wonderful question about romantic relationships in the higher realms. I will put that “in the hopper” and see what we get. Blessings to you, Alia

      On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 7:27 AM, 13th Paradigm

  4. My Love! I didn’t know about the Green Castle phase of life! I love it! and I am reflecting right now on the green gem-stone that the priestess of the Green Mother in Chennai gave to me at her initiation ritual years ago… It was as symbol of all that is needed coming to us from the Green Mother: Health, Prosperity, Friends, Fulfillment. and So It Is! ♥ tomas

    • Yes Tomas, isn’t it cool how retirement age lines up with the green castle number sequence. And Linda reminded me that 65 is a master number! So this time of life is truly meant to be a phase of mastery, introspection, giving back from our wisdom of life experience and receiving the bounty of the harvest of our UV flow. This is not what I saw while growing up and observing older people around me. Many of the men seemed lost with the (put out to pasture) attitude and the women were just exhausted from giving their best years to the lives of others. Perhaps we’ve learned a little in the last 40 + years about how to make our way through this world, without becoming mired down in it. Thanks for reminding me of the green gem, the Green Mother and her eternal and infinite abundance. Much love, Alia

    • Green gemstone?! Guys, i started reading this post while holding green quartz stones in my hand – these days i felt particularly drawn to green color, and i got some loose green crystals to make myself a nice Heart chakra necklace and earrings :))
      My God, we are all in some mystical synchronicity indeed!

  5. Happy Birthday Alia! 65 looks great on you 65 is 11 which is a master number, which seems appropriate. I love your spirit and am truly inspired by your example.
    Namaste, Linda

    • Thank you Dear Linda — didn’t consider the master number of 6+5. All the better! That’s great, thank you for pointing that out, for me and everyone here. The age thing is such a mindset. I’m now appreciating that my paternal grandmother (a Christian Scientist) would never tell anyone her age. She believed that to acknowledge the number contributed to the aging process. Perhaps it does. The numbers don’t jinx me, although, as I said, the ego sure had things to say about 65. Now I can fire right back with: “Yes — 65 is a master number; I am becoming a master; aren’t you proud of me?” Blessings to you, Alia

    • Thank you Eric — we are all becoming light houses — shining our light in bright beams for all to see. We are here to first steer our own boats away from the shoals and then to help our brothers and sisters. No one need wind up on the rocks any longer, if those of us who can, shine our light into the darkness and illuminate the dangers for all to come into safe harbors. See you on the headlands, Alia

  6. Beautifulfriend…such a lovely reminder that our UV is closely tied to our “belief” about our physical bodies as manifestation tools. They are, in fact, in fine working order and the “aging” process program will be deleted as soon as the tipping point makes no other outcome possible. xoxo

    • So true My Friend — forgot momentarily about the delete button for the aging program. We have yet to push it — but soon we shall. And yes, I really believe that the more we flow our UV, the less stress our bodies minds and emotions feel, so the “aging” process is slowed and perhaps, at some point, reversed. Love and hugs, Alia

  7. How wonderful, Alia. I really appreciate your articulation of the freewill choice to interact/connect in each moment; I can relate to the hesitancy factor in this equation, but hadn’t realized the source…of course, light bulb alit 🙂 Blessings to you on the awareness in your transitioning and happy birthday. X!marga

    • Yes indeed! Glad the light bulb went off for you too. What freedom to understand this part now! It has really “dealt a blow” to my old fear of commitment. Yay Team! Love to you, Alia

    • Thank you Dear One — looking forward to getting back over to the Mart to see what you’re up to. It does feel like a new era of sharing here at this end. Blessings, Alia

  8. Fabulous. I celebrate you and those Golden Age Years you just opened up…it’s like your birthday AND Christmas morning! teehee.


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