Stepping Off The Edge — And Flying!

Stepping off the Cliff smallThere is a modern day teaching (not sure whom to credit here) that goes something like this: “When you come to that place in your spiritual journey where it looks as though your next step is going to take you off the edge of a cliff — and you take that step in faith —  one of two things will happen: either the ground will rise up to meet your feet, or you will grow wings and learn to fly.”

Sometime during the last month or so, I took that step in faith and began to learn to FLY!

Many of you bore witness to this process and for that I am exceedingly grateful. I pray that my example will encourage those of you who have yet to step off your own cliff, to do so, whenever it appears. As you garner your own courage, trust in your True Self and claim your faith in your own magnificence, may you find your foot secure on solid ground or feel the exhilaration of your weightless BEing born upon the the wings of Spirit. Either experience will be thrilling and your life will change forever.

I cannot tell you precisely at what moment I left the ground. I am reviewing the past several weeks, looking for a “choice point” — that moment when “stepping off the cliff” showed up as my next step — and I’m hard pressed to find it.

I know that it had to do with me getting a visceral understanding of my Universal Value, how to flow it and how to trust the return of that UV in very practical (albeit unexpected) ways. My understanding built steadily within me over this past month, until it has become a KNOWING. Yet, I cannot name an exact event that put me to the test and required me to step off the edge of my cliff in faith.

Flying smallI can only tell you that sometime during this past week, I realized that my feet were off the ground and I had been flying for awhile and the feeling is so awesome and amazing that I am once again completely humbled and filled with gratitude.

I now have three gardens in which I’m participating with the growing of food. I have my “Baby Bear project with my three raised beds in the backyard of my older friend’s house. Then there is the “Mama Bear” project at the garden of the local elementary school. There are about 20 4′ X 8′ raised beds there and I am working with the Master Gardeners in our county who maintain them year round. This also includes meeting and working with the school children and last week I weeded with some 5th graders who SANG the whole time we were together. Way cool!

My “Papa Bear” project involves giving a hand to a couple of dear friends who have a much larger operation (acreage plus a sizable greenhouse) where they are growing organic vegetables commercially, mostly for local farmer’s markets. And it so happens that the elementary school will be taking a field trip to that organic farm later in May, so my “separate” projects are coming together.

I just completed one of the most fun and energetic weeks in recent memory. Somewhere between Wednesday and Friday, I also decided to do what was needed to place my organic veggie broth into our local farmer’s market. That got a bit crazy with designing a label and making sure it would stay on a frozen plastic bag containing the broth and running back and forth to the printer. Fortunately, I am married to San Tomas, who was my collaborative partner in the label design and packaging development. On Friday afternoon I attended the market for the first time as a vendor.

And that’s where I met this week’s lesson.

Let’s back up a bit. In my April 15th post I made this request:

So now I am requesting that I will increase my income by flowing my UV into activities that I enjoy and am fully aligned with. I’m letting that request fly free. We’ll see how long it takes for the UV return to arrive with the fulfillment of this request. And what form will it take? I promise to let you know.

A week later on April 22nd I reported:

As regards last week’s request for additional income to be provided through my UV flow? I’ve been wondering whether or not I could sell my homemade, organic vegetable broth at a local farmer’s market. Yesterday, I made my inquiry of the person who hosts the Friday markets and got a resounding YES! I will certainly have an ample supply of vegetables to make the broth. Why not try it? I don’t have to make a 30-year career of it ☺

Now, two weeks later, I’m bringing a report from the other side of the market. In all the excitement of getting the broth ready for sale, I neglected to send out an email to my friends in town letting them know I’d be there for a few hours on Friday with the broth. So, long story short, I had no sales. There was traffic throughout the afternoon, as there is a woman who sells home-baked goodies and many of her customers are known to me. So I educated many people, who then sampled the broth, but nobody bought any — YET!

Of course I was disappointed. It was so easy to think that my “efforts” had been in vain. But this is the lesson the UV teaches. The only part I CAN control is how, where and into which circumstances I choose to flow my UV .

The part I DO NOT have any say in whatsoever is  HOW the UV return comes back to me. I only know that it will. In fact,  I summed it up perfectly in that April 22nd post:

The only requirement is that I choose to flow my UV into the vegetable broth. For as long as it’s fun.

It’s about letting go of the outcome, isn’t it?  Ooo, I hate that part!  No I don’t; I just haven’t mastered it yet. So I get to practice letting go some more.

Fortunately, the Farmer’s Market is connected to a restaurant, whose  owner allows me to leave the broth in her freezer with a promo flyer on the front counter. She will continue to promote and sell my broth, even when I am not there. For a small fee, of course but that allows me to continue flying about, sharing my Universal Value in all the other ways that I choose with love, until I get back to my vendor role a couple of Fridays from now.

Meanwhile — Flow, Flow Flow;  Let Go, Let Go, Let Go, and if you come to the edge of your cliff, remember to step off IN FAITH. It just looks like an abyss. In reality, it’s your opportunity to discover your own miraculous Essence.

Letting Go of Attachment to Outcome

Letting Go of Attachment to Outcome

16 thoughts on “Stepping Off The Edge — And Flying!

  1. such a wonderful words Alia! gave me, in some way more courage 🙂 and if I come to the edge of my cliff, I will certainty remember to step off it in Faith ~~ Much love to you ~~

    • Thank you Poojy — so heartening to hear that my words and experience have inspired courage in another traveler.Are you returning to Poland or will we be touring another country soon? Blessings to you in return, Alia

  2. Hi Alia, look at how far you have come and what you have achieved. I am sure as Kozo says the universe is testing your response and you rose wonderfully to the challenge, as I expected you to. sending you lots of love from Wales UK. Take care {{{Hugs}}} xxx

    • Thank you Dear Athena — I am enjoying these new wings and the feeling of flowing/flying/freedom. Much love, alia

      On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 7:18 AM, 13th Paradigm

  3. Thank you for sharing, Alia. I love how you are open to all the Universe provides, even if it is a lesson in patience and faith. Your post reminds me of what Bashar calls the echo. Bashar says that when we change our thinking, reality will stay the same. This is an echo that is testing our response to reality. If we respond with our new mode of thinking, then reality changes. If we respond with disappointment or a lack of faith, then reality doesn’t change. Maddy can probably clarify this better.
    I have to say that I would definitely buy your broth if you were at my farmer’s market. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you Kozo – you have been a great inspiration to me to share the parts of my journey that are not so glorious, where the ego takes over and tries to run the show. That has been so hard for me to do in the past but I have learned much from your examples. I really appreciate what you shared about Reality not changing until we demonstrate our loyalty to our new patterns of thinking and behavior. I know this one well — both the “passing the test” part and the “getting discouraged and not seeing the change” part. wonderful to have that articulated. Wish I could make it cost effective to ship the broth internationally. Maybe someone in your area will get the inspiration to make that their contribution at your farmer’s market. It could happen. Much love to you and your beautiful family, Alia

    • Kozo, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for being a wonderful example and inspiration to all of us. ♥ Like sonar, echos are important for coherent cross-correlation, ie mapping of our “spiritual” positioning and progression. It’s like listening (referencing) your spirit guides/ future self and reflecting/ projecting those changes toward your “new reality”. Interesting 5D concept implemented in our 3D reality, without faith it is beyond our current perception of the possible nows.

      If u’r scientifically inclined, here’s a cool analogy of the 6th dimension ~ probabilistic outcomes:

      Much love to all, dear ones ♥:D♥

    • Thank you Eric – it’s taken me awhile to get it but that’s what matters, is that we do get it. Blessings, Alia

      On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 6:31 PM, 13th Paradigm

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  5. What a blessing you are! Thank you!!
    As a side note: rare is it these days that I experience linear return on my UV. I do what I am energetically, joyfully aligned with – imprinting myself as joy and emanating such – and UV returns in spherical ways from all over the place and directions. My position is to acknowledge the bountiful flow as a result of all that I have offered. We did this in Mexico also, literally making a chart (balance sheet of sorts) of what we sent out (gave/paid) and what came in (all ALL resources) – they were connected only etherically – not directly. Incom(ing) was 4.5 times more than outflowing. I kept the records as an example.

    Our past conditioning, until it completely dissipates, might cause us to look for direct return and completely miss some incoming resources. You might end up eating your broth yourself, donating it, or ???? The broth is now in service (beyond your “plan”, if you allow) as a conduit of the One Heart, Be Cause it carries YOUR JOY. Woot. Your broth is now flying, too!!!!

    I am in full witness and testimony of this in my life of joyfilled bounty. Fly, fly, fly ~ Wheeeeeeeeeee! sgrace

    • Thank you so much for your powerful corroboration regarding the ration of inflow to outflow. Just to give you an idea of how small our town is (and I know that you know) I went to the library to return some books and one of the women who was at the market Friday told me that the restaurant owner had sold at least one broth on Saturday. So the news travels fast around hear and is also a reflection of the round-robin way that UV flows. Thanks for sharing your “stats.” Very encouraging, Alia

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