Aurora — 5D City of Light — A Grand Picnic in the Echadon Valley

Picnic Day in the Echadon

Picnic Day in the Echadon

All right! We’ve read and imagined the general layout of Aurora, we’ve learned about Governance, Education, the Homes and some of the modes of Transportation. We’ve been to the Theater, yet still your mind may ask the question: “What do you do for FUN?” This post is all about that.

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Several times within a solar cycle the residents of Aurora co-create a Grand Picnic in the Upper Echadon Valley. Everyone is invited. Most people come. After all, who does not like a picnic?

Imagine the biggest and best party you have ever attended. Guests are festively dressed. As we dress that way usually, imagine “especially festively dressed.” Everyone brings food and delicious beverages, although a broad selection of fruits, berries, seeds, mushrooms, grasses and unlimited pure water is always available in the Echadon Valley for everyone, anytime. Imagine musicians, singers, dancers and artists sharing their creative expressions without limitation for the sole (soul) delight of all the guests. See happy children running everywhere, laughing and making up their wonderful imaginative games wherever they go, wherever they are. Imagine each person fully relaxed, basking in the warm sunshine, swimming in the singing waters of the Great River, visiting with family and friends in the harmony and beauty of this natural world without one thought, care or concern ever crossing their minds for the entire day. This is a day of pure pleasure and enjoyment, shared by All, with All.

NOW, imagine animals and birds as participants at this event?! What?! How did they get here? Well, they LIVE here — it’s their home, this luscious valley. They are the HOSTS of this party and as such, they are honored and revered by all the humans who enter their home world on these Grand Picnic days. We all take “hostess” gifts for our animal friends — mostly fruits and vegetable treats that we know they especially love. However, sometimes groups of us will create sculptures or small monuments that will enhance the beauty of their meadows, forests and caves. These friends love the artistic creations of their human counterparts as much as we do. It brings all parties great joy whenever such an enhancement is dedicated in its new location on these celebratory occasions.

Although we could travel the two miles or so from the heart of Aurora to the Upper Echadon by hovercraft or bi-location, we choose to make the journey on foot — in procession. We LOVE ceremony, you see, and never miss an opportunity to include this kind of ritual activity, especially on festival days. So we begin mid-morning, flowing out of the city and onto the pathways through the luscious grasslands, following the course of The Great River upstream toward its source.

It is a marvelous sight to behold — 50,000 residents and visitors moving in serpentine fashion toward a common destination, in harmony and joy. For those who leave later and have the opportunity to watch from the mid or upper levels of Aurora, it is an almost unbelievable sight. For us, getting there is at least half the fun.

The animals come forward quickly to offer their services to carry the children among us. The choices for transportation range from ponies and zebras to tigers, giraffes (or even magical animals such as unicorns.) The procession becomes a way for all of us to connect and reconnect with our animal companions, as well as making this excursion much more interesting for our young people. Thus begins a most delightful day of collective celebration.

Gateway to the Upper Echadon Credit: Google

Gateway to the Upper Echadon
Credit: Google

The entrance to the Upper Echadon Valley is marked by the Water Temple. It is made of Light, using sacred geometry and therefore makes no negative impact on the environment. Once we move through its “columns,” the land opens out into a huge grassy meadow that furnishes all the space we need for our grand gathering.

There is no agenda for this day and although it may take several hours for everyone to arrive by procession, there is no waiting. Those who arrive first begin their celebration in any manner that appeals to them and as more guests arrive, more and more activities are generated. Relaxation and connecting with friends and loved ones are the main activities of the day. Enjoyment and creative expression are primary. Swimming and floating on the river are favorite pastimes for families with children. Often the animals will jump into the water with us, letting the young ones ride on their backs or hold onto them as rafts. There is much shrieking and laughter.

Throughout the day troupes of actors entertain with dramatic stories and reciting of poems — classics or those composed extemporaneously. And remember, we have the whole galaxy to draw upon for material, as we have acquired the true history of our planet and its relationship to all the other celestial bodies. The groups of actors circulate through the crowd, performing short vignettes and then move on to entertain the guests in the next sector. Groups of dancers do the same. Audience participation is frequently required.

Music is a huge part of this day. And as the procession lasts for hours and extends for miles, there are many musicians needed to accompany each of the segments of humans and animals as they leave Aurora and journey up the valley. Once the musicians arrive at the picnic grounds, they continue to mingle with the guests providing spontaneous entertainment, as soloists or in small ensembles. Larger groups such as bands and orchestras give concerts in the shady groves at the edge of the meadow. Singing is a favored expression on Picnic Day and the audience is often encouraged to join in. Perhaps you would think that all these performances would just topple over one another creating a dissonance unsuited to a day of celebration. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the harmony of the natural setting, the humans and the animals create a space of resonance that allows for each and every contribution to be expressed and received, both uniquely and as one harmonious whole.

Next week we will continue our Picnic Day festivities, exploring the castle and the climbing tree with the children and following the other fantastical events with our counterparts in Aurora.

To be continued . . .

~ ~ ~

Once again I would like to acknowledge five major sources of Galactic and Celestial information that have greatly assisted me in “remembering” some of what our future may hold.

1) Barbara Marciniack — specifically, her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth.

2) Suzy Ward — author of the Matthew Books and scribe for Messages from Matthew

3) Mike Quinsey — scribe for messages from SaLuSa of Sirius

4) Sheldan Nidle — spokesperson for the Galactic Federation

5) Dr. Suzanne Lie — scribe for messages from the Arcturians

~ ~ ~

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4 thoughts on “Aurora — 5D City of Light — A Grand Picnic in the Echadon Valley

    • Thank you from my ♥ Athena for “seeing myself there.” What a wonderful comment to start my day. In my opinion that’s what it will take to “get there” is for enough of us to see ourselves living in a world where these kinds of events are the new normal. One of my favorite places in Aurora is the Upper Echadon Valley with all the magnificent animals, the lush foliage, the singing river and the Water Temple. On Picnic Days, the energy is amplified exponentially by the attendance of so many humans. In 3D that much traffic would trample the land and leave garbage all over the place but in 5D consciousness there is only enhancement to the beauty that already exists. When the foundation is Love, there is only creation, never destruction. We are almost “there” in spite of what the media is reporting to the contrary. Have a blessed day. It’s glorious here on the southern coast of Oregon. With love back to you, Alia

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