ME = UV = My Life Purpose

Searching for SomethingFor decades I chased “My Life Purpose.” I searched every corner and crevice; I looked under every rock and behind every tree. No luck! This idea in my head that there was some overarching purpose to my life and that I could find it by searching diligently, eluded my grasp at every turn. Most of the people in my family seemed to find their Life Purpose without much trouble. My sister knew she wanted to be a teacher by the time she was five! She grew up, went to college, got her credential and has been teaching happily for 30+ years. My cousin found his Purpose early on also — he became a State Parks Ranger and served in that capacity for over 30 years as well.  I went from one promising career to another but nothing seemed to hold my interest for long. Why not? What about me? Where — when — how will I find my Purpose? Needless to say, I have been ecstatic since discovering this equation ME = UV, because in following this equation, I have found My Life Purpose.Here’s what happened.

Let’s back up a bit. Somewhere along life’s way, I realized that a career does not always equal ones Life Purpose. Like money, it is more the representation of one’s Universal Value. It can often be an expression of a person’s UV, a vehicle for flowing one’s UV into life. The part I did not understand for so long  is that my value is the innate worth within me, not the representation that shows up in a form outside of me. Like so many I was trained from birth to value the outer form above That From Which my Creator created me. There were hints and clues all over the place, in various teachings, in the whisperings of my soul, in things I read, heard and even said to other people (that’s the worst part.) But I wasn’t looking within for the answer and so — I missed the clues and hints and My life Purpose remained at bay.

I remember reading a section in Eckhart Tolle’s book,  A New Earth. I’m laughing to myself right now, because I just grabbed the book off the shelf to quote the passage and read the book’s subtitle: “Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” There really ARE no accidents are there? Toward the end of this book there is a marvelous dialogue and explanation about finding (perhaps “recognizing” is a better word) your Life’s Purpose. Sadly, I say that I must have read this section at least five or six times and even thought I understood it but the core of me didn’t really get it. Eckhart describes my mis-placed focus brilliantly:

“As long as you are unaware of Being, you will seek meaning only within the dimension of doing and of future, that is to say, the dimension of time. And whatever meaning or fulfillment you find will dissolve or turn out to have been a deception  Invariably, it will be destroyed by time. Any meaning we find on that level is true only relatively and temporarily.”

Over and over again, I fell for the lure of the dimension of Doing and Future — some future reward, success, accomplishment, fame, fortune. Each time I felt “deceived” as I recognized the illusion I’d run after once again. What kept me in the loop of this repeating cycle was my self-judgment about “never staying with something for long,” “chasing after rainbows,” “not being worthy of having a really fulfilling Life Purpose!” Oh boy, do I now see the “error of my ways.”

So if you just caught a glimpse of yourself in that mirror, my first suggestion (strong recommendation) is that you Stop judging yourself immediately! That is not useful!

Basically, what Eckhart goes on to say is that one’s Life Purpose is to share one’s Presence (another word for Universal Value) in whatever expression one enjoys. And that’s what I’ve been noticing since I began to understand my True Value, my Creator-given Essence.

My BEingness IS my value.

Any ol’ way I choose to SHARE my value is the entire purpose of my life.  This means that if I choose to share my UV as a smile to a stranger (which takes a nano second) I am fulfilling my Life’s Purpose.  It means that if I choose to have a 30-year career during which I continually share my joyous BEingness with my field of work, my co-workers, my family, my students, my readers, my patients, my “whoever,” I am fulfilling my Life’s Purpose!

Does it get any easier than this?

Well, let me be perfectly clear  — it also means that if my “career track” looks like a hodge-podge of various low-paying jobs, punctuated by periods of unemployment, interspersed with periods of modestly successful self-employment and ending in retirement altogether from the 3D workforce — what truly matters is: how many moments of my Presence, my Universal Value, my Eternal Essence, my BEingness have I consciously chosen to share with the world around me? 

Now I can see that I have been engaged in my Life’s Purpose most of my life. I am a total success! In spite of my best attempts to botch the whole thing, I actually have been (and am) fulfilling My Life Purpose!   Whoo Hoo!!!

So here are some ways in which I am currently fulfilling my Life Purpose by choosing to flow my Universal Value (my Presence, my BEingness) .

Writing Letters1) Writing letters of hope and encouragement. Recently, a friend pointed me toward an organization called I have always enjoyed writing encouraging words to people. Now, I find there is a whole organization of folks doing this. I decided to join in. Spread the love. I am going to talk to our Library Director to see if I can use the library as a meeting place once a month for a group of us to write letters together and send them out into our community. I’m going to take a couple of “samples” over to the local high school to see if they might be of use to the guidance counselors there. Surely, a teenager having a “down” day could use a little reassurance.

Veggie Garden2) Growing Veggies. I mentioned in a note to last week’s post that our move fell through but my friend who had offered her home and gardens last week, has now offered Tomas and me the use of a good portion of her vegetable garden. I’ve been over there three times already. I’ve planted a couple of things and done some soil preparation. It’s a true playground; my friend has made gardening there soooo easy. There are many “Elementals” (fairies, elves and angels) attending this space and it is so much fun to putter among the plants and get good and dirty.

3) Blogging: My blog is a wonderful vehicle for flowing my Universal Value. It gives me a platform for sharing all these amazing insights in a beautiful format, complete with images to illustrate the ideas. Readers let me know by their comments how much my UV sharing is helping them. I also enjoy “visiting” other bloggers’ sites and sharing more of my UV in the comments sections on their blogs. “Likes” and ☺ are also ways of sharing UV. Keep the Value circulating — let’s not hoard it! (lol) That stops the flow, remember?

4) Everything else. Yes, every action can be an opportunity to flow my Universal Value and thus fulfill my Life’s Purpose. All I need to DO is be aware that I am intentionally aligning my UV with whatever I am DOing. I can tell if I am, because JOY or CONTENTMENT or PEACE will be the natural bi-product of my alignment.

Eckhart says it this way: “Awakened doing is the alignment of your outer purpose — what you do — with your inner purpose — awakening and staying awake. Consciousness flows through you into this world. It flows into your thoughts and inspires them. It flows into what you do and guides and empowers it.” 

This very consciousness is the Universal Value that each of us IS. It is Who we BE. To express this Eternal Essence of ourselves (whether through our BEing or our DOing)  is to fulfill our Life Purpose.

~ ~ ~

Veggie BrothAs regards last week’s request for additional income to be provided through my UV flow? I’ve been wondering whether or not I could sell my homemade, organic vegetable broth at a local farmer’s market. Yesterday, I made my inquiry of the person who hosts the Friday markets and got a resounding YES! I will certainly have an ample supply of vegetables to make the broth. Why not try it? I don’t have to make a 30-year career of it ☺

The only requirement is that I choose to flow my UV into the vegetable broth.

For as long as it’s fun!

30 thoughts on “ME = UV = My Life Purpose

  1. Hi Alia, thank you once again for a very insightful post. I read that book too, many years ago and it was full of wisdom. I feel if we are doing something that we lose ourselves in for me, that is writing we are fulfilling our purpose and also as you say, we can do this in everything we do and say. I feel our purpose on earth is simply to love and be loved.

  2. Alia,
    Thank you for not only sharing your UV with us, but guiding us towards our expression of UV. I was just talking to a friend on the phone. She called right before I was able to read your article. She kept talking about Eckhart Tolle. I kept thinking that I need to read more Tolle. Then I read your post. Ask and you shall receive. 🙂
    I love your question: “how many moments of my Presence, my Universal Value, my Eternal Essence, my BEingness have I consciously chosen to share with the world around me?” I am now going to live by these standards rather than others’ definition of success.
    I wish I could get a hold of some of that vegetable broth. Lotta love and UV in there. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you Dear Kozo for your generous feedback. I am always so happy when something I share helps another on their path. I am noticing the quickening with thoughts-to-things manifestation. Almost zero lag time now. Heading towards instantaneous. As regards the broth — starting with the local market – no plans to go national – yet. Can’t say about next week though. Many blessings, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 5:14 PM, 13th Paradigm

  3. The endless pronouncements to “put it out there” and self-promotion required to do so is anathema to the self-contained power that’s generated by creating with joy whatever your thing is, for YOURSELF first. If it finds it’s way into the world, that’s just another form of the creation process, not better or less selfish or devoid of ego. The question my guides always ask is “What is it you want to experience? It’s simply a choice.” The world is changed by the very pursuit of passion, even if it never leaves the room or home or yard or tiny town because we still influence the morphic field, even if the symphony is only composed in our head; the holographic nature of the universe demands it be so. The Universal Value is contained within us….we influence profoundly simply by BEING. I loved your eloquent blog post and it’s depth and breadth will require a re-read from me.

    • Thank you Dear Julie — I have worn myself out trying to “put myself out there.” What Tomas and I are noticing is that it is the”good will” that matters. That’s the real energetic exchange. As long as we take care to make certain we are flowing our UV (or good will) into every interaction/transaction — If we do that — we KNOW that the perfect return value will show up in our lives. I’ve been craving cookies for a few days now and not very keen on making them myself. Today, Tomas went to help a new tenant (he’s a property manager for a small apartment building) regulate the temperature in their oven and came back with home baked ginger cookies — my favorite!!! So there it is. Go with the Flow and Flow as you Go! Much love, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:41 AM, 13th Paradigm

  4. It IS who we BE! 🙂 Thank you for your overflowing post, Alia! Your insights overlap with my unfolding path, of late, of not second guessing the way I just be, which opens all the moments in which the BEing can be shared. Zig Zagging along 😉 Appreciate the revisit to Tolle’s words, too – which seem to come alive again from each new vista along the way. Much love to you! marga

    • Thank you Marga. “Overflowing” is a good word to describe how this post came into BEing. It had been gestating for a week or so but still, when I sat down to compose it, the message flew and flowed through the keyboard and onto the screen. It was a message determined to be shared. Tolle’s words, spoken and written from Presence, are timeless and always relevant. I enjoyed revisiting his words also. Blessings, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:58 AM, 13th Paradigm

  5. Hi Alia,

    You take my breath away with this fabulous post. What you have written so resonates with me and, I remain sure, with many.many folks.

    As I think of what you have said, I wonder what is it that blocks us from BEing who we are. What is it that compels us to show up differently to different people and under different situations? Does this behaviour emanate from a lack of self awareness, our inability to acknowledge our own Universal Value? As we gain this awareness, we would then be free to choose our own independent paths to reach our life purpose.

    Once again, thank you for a great post. Blessings.


    • Hello Shakti and welcome to 13th Paradigm. I appreciate your enthusiastic comments and questions that contribute to a richer conversation. You have asked several valid questions and each of us must find the answers that resonate most accurately for ourselves. Personally, I believe that we have been purposely steered away from our true selves (our innate value) and directed toward a “synthetic representation” of that value in the form of money and material things. Although we have been told over and over through every spiritual tradition to “renounce the things of the world” we have not been adequately taught that our true worth is our very life essence! You may enjoy reading (if you haven’t already) the three posts that preceded this one pertaining to (ME = UV) My Energy = Universal Value. I have been experimenting with flowing my UV into my world and see the “return” come back to me in surprising (and very material) ways.Thanks again for your questions and comments. Happy journeys to you, Alia

  6. I found my life’s purpose as it were, changing as I journeyed my life. My first stirrings started when I was 17 and through marriage, family and career, it kept growing stronger and now, I am living it.

    I wish not to reveal too much in a public forum but believe you know what I mean Alia.

    Peace, Eric

    • Thank you so much. Please take the inspiration out and share it. Thank you also for following 13th Paradigm. I’ve heard that all the important things in life are “simple.” That doesn’t always make them easy to integrate or implement but in this case, I have found it both simple and easy. Bonus for us! Blessings, Alia

  7. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Your message is brilliant Alia, you’ve cracked the code for one’s own life purpose, this is HUGE! I

    couldn’t have expressed it any better, it requires full consciousness to grasp this subtle insight.

    Now we can all put our “Universal Value” to practice, to serve and benefit all of humanity. I too

    have recently come to question my career choices, thinking what I’m doing isn’t “meaningful” or

    “purposeful” enough, according to my egoic standards. I realize that subconsciously, my self

    judgement is based upon fear of what others think, and not upon my true BEingness. Like you,

    I’ve understood the mental concept of “My BEingness IS my value”, but now it’s my own

    experience which I can apply to everyday life. What a blessing to finally grasp the practical

    implications of this real-ization. On a positive note, I’m starting to enjoy what I do and appreciate

    the benefits- traveling, meeting new people, plenty of time to learn & explore other cultures, belief

    systems, job opportunities that align with my joy & fulfilment to share with others. Now I see new

    paths and direction opening, it’s fun to entertain the possiblities; I have addressed my weaknesses

    and dropped everything which no longer serves my being (esp. mental limitations, self doubt etc).

    Once we become aware of how important and valuable our own UV is, the greater we can share

    our joy and live with timeless purpose. Awesome post, I’m so happy you are sharing this with us.

    Can you feel this energy? We can grow and evolve together as one love, as it was meant to be. ♥ I assure you it will be FUN! 😀

    • …and after digesting all ‘teachings’ and coming to the understanding that Alia shows in her wonderful article, it’s up to me to really just do what is my joy…. somebody once said, “Follow Your Bliss” – pretty simple to understand, and now we are all being encouraged to really DO JUST THAT ~ 🙂 good to be on this journey with you, Maddy! Cheers! Happy Earth Day! tomas ☼

      • Hello dear Tomas, and what a blessed journey we’re on! Haha, it’s just that simple, follow our bliss, lovin’ life, doing our thang. 😀 I’m in love and flyin’ high, Happy Earth Day everyone! ♥

    • Yes, Yes, YES Maddy! We are all catching on fire with this new energy of sharing our BEingness with one another — everywhere, without limits. What a blessing YOU are to all of us and our Mother Planet right now. One can “serve” from any position — you as a model, my sister as a teacher, me as a blogger and gardener. I even know people who are sharing their BEingness while serving time in prison!!! My younger son shared his art. with his fellow soldiers while in the military. There is nowhere and no way you cannot share UV. And we are ALL benefiting ALL! Thank you for all the insights you added plus your personal experiences here. Now you understand there is no pressure about any of it — we just BE who we BE and DO from our BEing. So simple and so Grand. Much love to you Dear Heart, Alia

      • Thank you Alia for all your wisdom. Just wanted to wish you well with the new business, your homemade, organic vegetable broth should taste/feel divine, with all the love & kindness you infuse with. Perhaps local health food stores and Meetup meetings can spread awareness, word of mouth is the best! I would love to share soup with you & tomas someday. Make mine with a pinch of sea salt and lotsa red hot chili peppers! 😀

        • And thank you Maddy for your well wishes and all the great network marketing tips. Would love to share soup with you – hot and spicy! Love and hugs, Alia

          On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 2:22 PM, 13th Paradigm

  8. You speak from my Heart! Happy Earth Day, Dearest Alia, My Companion walking this Earth together with me and helping to spread our Universal Value through our Beingness ~ what a wonderful way to spend our time alive… 🙂 with Love, Tomas

    • And now, My Love that we understand how we DO share our Universal Value through our BEingness, we are more able to direct it consciously into the specific flows of our freewill choosing. I feel VERY alive sharing this life with you. Much love, Alia

  9. Namaste Alia,
    Wherever We are at, home, grocery store, hair salon garden, visiting friend’s garden etc.these are all our life’s purpose. Our life’s purpose/s isn’t a permanent station but more of ‘moving and merging energy’. We merge wherever we go. We merge wherever our heart thoughts go and there aren’t any barriers. To ‘think’ that our career/s, title, status, possessions are who we are …it’s an illusion. Our movements, our heart thoughts are all that We are and the physical is just an illusion. it’s time to ‘break free’ from old paradigm concepts and systems where the physical seems to ‘publicize’ who We are. We are the manifestations of our Soul Rays/God Self/Particle in the physical dimension of 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension .. I don’t know how it’s like above the 6th dimension but I do feel that it will take us a long while to digest the truth about our divine God self and the powerful energy it has on us .. on the physical plane and we have yet to even scratch it on the surface because we are all too busy ‘looking’ and not experiencing it … yet.
    Wishing you All bright smiles and warm sunshine on this beautiful Earth Day.
    Much love and Reiki blessings,

    • Namaste in return, Agnes — What a beautiful contribution you have made to this conversation today, Earth Day. Blessings abound and we ARE the blessings. Much love to you, Beautiful One, Alia

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