Aurora — 5D City of Light — Education Part II

We continue with this three-part series on early education in Aurora. You can read part one here. Early education in Aurora concerns the learning context and content for a new being from pre-conception through the first five or six solar cycles. Learning is a life long process in the higher dimensions. The foundation that is laid during this initial stage of life sets the standard for a being’s entire embodiment. We tend to think that is the case with our children here in the 3rd Dimension. However, as you read about education in the higher dimensions, you will notice the distinct differences in approach. Thank you for holding a vision for a brighter educational future for all beings. Enjoy this week’s excursion into Aurora.

All life forms are revered and treasured in the higher dimensions and thus, the birth of a new being is an event meticulously planned for and anticipated, sometimes for decades or longer. Such was the case with Mira, our Great-granddaughter who joined our family three solar cycles ago. Soon after stating their intention to bring a new being into our family and community, Mira’s parents (our grand-children) learned that the soul who was ready to enter embodiment and continue learning in a 5th Dimensional environment had been a beloved ancestor of ours named Mirabai. This great soul had been renowned for her talents as a temple dancer and singer, as well as for being an adept mystic and teacher of the Mysteries. We were overjoyed that this soul was requesting to become part of our family again. There were no doubts in anyone’s mind what this soul would bring to our community. What we needed to consider was whether or not her needs for soul growth would be met in our relatively small city of Aurora.

Our Beloved Ancestor Mirabai

Our Beloved Ancestor Mirabai

Our Granddaughter, Helena, and her husband, Trieste (PRO: TREE-steh) were in continual telepathic communion with the soul-being and asked if she would like to carry forward the name of her ancestor, or would she prefer to have a completely new name? The new soul said she would be honored to be named for Mirabai, so the prospective parents began to call her Mira. The next question Mira’s parents-to-be asked her was what focus she wanted to set for this incarnation? Mira’s response was that in addition to her gifts of music and dance, temple culture and mysticism, she wished to round out her learning by expanding her education in the arts to include drawing and painting. Further, she wished to study more advanced levels of science and mathematics, as well as continue to deepen her contemplative path toward Source/ All That Is. Finally, she let us know that she wouldn’t mind learning to prepare food in an artistic manner, just for the fun of it. We all got a good laugh out of that request, as there is no one in Aurora more suited to teach artistic food preparation than her very own Great-Great Grandmother, Shuam, Alai’s mother.

Our family had no concerns about Mira getting an extensive education in any form of the arts here, as Aurora has distinguished artisans of every variety. A city whose foundation is temple culture naturally draws gifted artists from all over Gaia and Her surrounding Star Nation. However, Mira’s request for more advanced studies of science and mathematics provided our Pod with much discussion about how best to meet these new areas of focus. There would be no problems during her early growing years but what about once she was into her advanced intermediary levels of education? Would a suitable mentor be available? Alai had been on several missions with the Galactic Federation’s Science and Exploration fleet. He offered to shepherd Mira through her intermediary  and advanced intermediary years from 12 through 19 solar cycles. After that time, she would be sufficiently schooled and skilled to make a choice about where she would study next, should she wish to continue still more advanced training in these areas. With our educational plan for Mira in place, our family began eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newest member.

Mira’s birth is a topic for another chapter; this episode is about her education during the early years. There are basic studies that all our children learn, some are physical things like swimming, climbing and flying (teleportation.) Some are mental skills, such as telepathy, reading, mathematics, history, science, psychology. Some are emotional skills such as moving the energy of emotion, directing it into positive manifestation, inter-relational skills. We also teach all children spiritual skills, like meditation, concentration, visualization and ritual ceremony. This training begins right from birth, with the child’s immediate family members serving as the first teachers of all these skills. During the first year of life, the child is carried close to the hearts of her parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents, who provide grounding for her young body, newly adjusting to being in form and density once again. Yes, even a Light Body in the 5th Dimension is denser than the formless realm of spirit from which she came.

So Mira went to temple on the hip of her dancing mother and sat in the lap of her father while he meditated. Alai would hold her and turn the pages of the Star Atlas we have in our living room. Mira loved the colors of the outer planets and the nebula. I took her down to the arboretum to meet the exotic flowers and hear the birds singing in the trees. And Shuam carried her in a sling, so that Mira could watch a culinary artist at play.

At approximately the sixth full moon after birth, our children are formally introduced to Gaia in a Grounding Ceremony.  Our entire Pod bore witness, as Mira’s parents placed her bare feet on Gaia for the first time. What a thrill to see the glee in her eyes, as she felt the energy of our Mother planet flow directly into her feet and through her small body! After that day, Mira was still carried from place to place and held while the adults in her life engaged with their activities. But whenever she expressed her desire to crawl, sit or stand directly on Gaia’s surface, we honored her desire and put her down to explore. Also, from her Grounding Day forward, our entire Pod began to participate actively in her education, encircling her in unconditional love, support and understanding.

Mira's Grounding Ceremony

Mira’s Grounding Ceremony

To be continued next Thursday . . .

~ ~ ~

Once again I would like to acknowledge five major sources of Galactic and Celestial information that have greatly assisted me in “remembering” some of what our future may hold.

1) Barbara Marciniack — specifically, her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth.

2) Suzy Ward — author of the Matthew Books and scribe for Messages from Matthew

3) Mike Quinsey — scribe for messages from SaLuSa of Sirius

4) Sheldan Nidle — spokesperson for the Galactic Federation

5) Dr. Suzanne Lie — scribe for messages from the Arcturians

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10 thoughts on “Aurora — 5D City of Light — Education Part II

  1. What a amazing vision to share, I loved the conversation before birth and they way the family surrounded Mira with unconditional love. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Alia, another glorious vision of our possible future. I love how souls are respectfully initiated prior to incarnation. They get to choose who they want to be and what to experience, that’s magnificent! Consciousness is retained from one life to the next, it makes living a whole lot more productive since we don’t have to relearn basic knowledge, evolution speeds up.
    Soaring, gliding, swooping, spiraling, flying sky high without drugs- that the class for me!
    Amazing, so 5th dimensional bodies are pure light, like photonic energy signatures? Looking forward to it, no more dieting ladies woo-hoo! 😀

    • You’re most welcome Maddy. Funny thing is – we all get to choose these things pre-birth for each embodiment. It’s just that coming through the veil on our way into 3D, we forget most of what we decided. And our parents are just as clueless. So it’s much more transparent and deliberate as we take embodiment in the higher realms. In ancient Egypt, the initiates used to train to remember their past lives when they were born again. The parents-to-be also did certain rituals to remember and know who their children would be and what gifts they were bringing into the incarnation. So it is not without precedent in 3D, it’s just been rare to experience this “knowing.”

      From what I have gleaned from various reading I have done, 5D bodies are not pure Light, but they are much less dense than 3D bodies. 6D and beyond tend to get more and more formless, until you reach the realms of pure light. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, so can’t say with any certainty but that’s what I’ve read and surmised. The Arcturian messages through Suzanne Lie are a good reference for this. Much love, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 3:49 PM, 13th Paradigm

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