“Celebration Day” — A Tribute to a Blogger’s First Anniversary

First AnniversaryHello Everyone —

I’m sneaking in an extra post today in honor of a fellow blogger, “Hasty Words,” who will soon be celebrating her first year of blogging on April 25th. She made a specific request for the manner in which she wished the day to be celebrated. She invited her followers to join together and write “poetic duets” in honor of her and the day. I found out about this through Sage Doyle who is a great poet and writer. I’ve been following his blog for six months or so; he’s always posting awesome stuff, so I asked him if he would like to do a duet with me? He accepted.

We decided to write a sonnet. I had never done this, so I told Sage to start and I would follow his lead. We alternated line by line. It was a hoot and a half to write this with another person. We challenged ourselves further by using the letters of the title “Celebration Day” to begin each line. A sonnet has 14 lines. Celebration Day contains 14 letters. I had no clue what Sage would write and thus, I could not plan ahead with my ideas — very challenging for a control freak like me.

This was a great experience. I wrote my first sonnet — EVER! I found a poetry partner and wrote my first duet poem. Thank you Sage for your masterful partnership.

AND I got to make the acquaintance of a new blogger and join her First Anniversary Party.

Here’s to you, Hasty! Celebrate the Day and the Year. Congratulations!

~ ~ ~

An anniversary gift  for Hasty Words
by Sage and Alia
Courageous words and honest poetry
Equestrian maids make haste for rocky sands
Laid first upon the will of gallantry
Emboldened by the pen at her command.
Born from the whims of life’s formalities
Released into a world of dark and light
Amongst the realms of cyber liberties
Transformed by love, her images take flight.
In every beat her heart evacuates
On spiral swirls her fantasies set free
No short supply of those to celebrate
Delicious first year anniversary.
And Hasty gets this awesome poem from friends
Yay, thus her blogging birthday never ends.
~ ~ ~

13 thoughts on ““Celebration Day” — A Tribute to a Blogger’s First Anniversary

  1. It was great working with you Alia, you’re a great partner. And I love the introduction you gave, my own intro is so boring 😉

  2. Congrats on your very first sonnet, it’s divine. I love this idea of alternating lines, being in total free flow/ let go mode, leading to spontaneous creativity! Well done the both of you, the sonnet is whimsical, hopeful, insightful. I’ll start one with a blogging buddy as well. Be well dear heart. ♥

    • Thank you Maddy – I love how we combined the elements of gallantry and chivalry with cyber technology. Which is quite a bit like Hasty’s site actually. Love to see what you come up with, Alia

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 8:51 PM, 13th Paradigm

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