ME = UV — The Biggest UV Return So Far!

Sitting in Silence

Sitting in Silence

Before I jump into the main theme of today’s post, I want to mention something that occurred to me just after I published last week. Universal Value is infinite, abundant, ever-flowing and inexhaustible. As one who has experienced my energy flow as fickle, unpredictable and capricious, I am still accepting and integrating these expansive aspects of my new UV reality. I mentioned in my first post on this topic a couple of weeks ago that whenever I feel my energy “sagging” or feeling depleted, I check to see if I am still aligned with flowing my UV into that person, place or circumstance. If I am no longer aligned, I choose to re-align myself or I choose another focus for my UV that I am aligned with. However, there is a supportive activity that I am doing regularly that is impacting the consistency of my energy flow. Two or three times a day I am stopping all activity and entering into silence for 15 – 20 minutes. I am taking time to reconnect with Source, the Eternal and Infinite supply of UV.

During these meditations I imagine that a river of energy is flowing through me, affirming my connection with all things, all of Life. I hadn’t realized until after I published my post last week that, for me at least, this awareness of “filling up the tank” several times a day has balanced my energy, so that now I feel a more consistent flow throughout my days, for the first time in my life. In reality, I am never disconnected from Source. However, my perception of inconsistent flow (without my awareness of why it has been inconsistent) had left me thinking that “that’s just the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Now, I understand that anytime I have experienced my energy as”inconsistent,” I have in some way been blocking the flow of UV. I am finding that regular meditation breaks, plus the alignment check-ins, are assisting me greatly to have a new experience of more consistent and abundant energy flow. This is another amazing breakthrough for me.

Now Id like to share with you this week’s surprise return of Universal Value for Tomas and me: our biggest UV return so far.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where a story begins, so I am going to start a couple of months ago in January or February when I put in my “order” for a vegetable garden near my house.  We had a couple of raised beds, left over from an unsuccessful venture of last year, so we consulted our landlord about placing them on our front lawn area. He had many considerations and the project hung in limbo.

Also, in January or February I had a sudden feeling that we might be moving. I mentioned this to Tomas but as my hunch was vague, we didn’t take the idea any further. We have been very happy in our modest duplex that our landlord made over to our preferences about two years ago, so we have not been dialoguing about moving out of our “sanctuary.” Still, from time to time I was getting the feeling that we were going to move.

In last week’s post, I spoke about my realization that our place was feeling a bit small with both of us here full time. The UV return last week included a free retreat for Tomas and a couple of days of space for myself. However, upon his return I was still feeling a need for more space — more space than our cozy sanctuary could provide.

Then last Thursday, I received a call from an older (than we are) awake and aware friend who lives here in town. She was so excited because she had just decided to put her house on the market and move into a shared house with her daughter in another city. We had a lovely chat over the phone, during which I had the thought (but did not voice it) about the possibility of Tomas and I renting her house. I have loved her home from the moment I first visited her and it has both a flower and a vegetable garden.  We ended the conversation congenially and I thought nothing more about it.

Friday, she called again. She was having second thoughts about selling her place and was wondering if Tomas and I would be interested in renting her place? Really, those were pretty much the first words out of her mouth!

Long story short, we will be moving about June 1st into the cutest little granny dollhouse of a cottage on about one half acre of land. I did say I wanted a garden, didn’t I?

I also said I wanted more space, didn’t I?

While the main floor of the house is only slightly larger than what we have now, there is a 3/4 basement that includes a guest unit, and then there are the gardens!

Not gardens that we have to build. Not gardens that we have to compost. Not gardens that we have to plan. All of that is already done. All that is required is the planting, the watering and the tending —   which really means “flowing our Universal Value” into our new home and gardens.

We are not fooling ourselves: this is a new phase of our lives, a whole new cycle and it will require a great amount of our time, energy and attention.

It is also an answer to my requests. It is Universal Value returning to me in the form of requests fulfilled.

Once again, I was surprised by the sudden delivery, although the orders had been placed some time ago. Once again, I am feeling profound gratitude and humility, because I couldn’t have imagined anything so perfect on my own. But the more these deliveries arrive, the more I am noticing the perfection of the gifts. And so, I am beginning to trust that the Universe knows far better than I do those persons, places and things that will truly resonate with the song of my heart.

So now I am requesting that I will increase my income by flowing my UV into activities that I enjoy and am fully aligned with. I’m letting that request fly free. We’ll see how long it takes for the UV return to arrive with the fulfillment of this request. And what form will it take? I promise to let you know.

This photo is not “our garden” but I have seen it looking very much like this in the height of summer.

Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden

~ ~ ~

Alia’s Note – April 17, 2013:  We found out last night that our friend will not be able to move as she planned, due to complications regarding the remodel of her daughter’s home. So our move is off. However, she offered me the use of the vegetable garden to grow whatever I would like and to come as often as I like to play in and care for it. So today I started. I dug in a cover crop for one of the beds and planned where I could plant a rhubarb. Tomorrow I’m going back over to continue preparing the soil and to plant the rhubarb. My friend has taken such good care that it really is a playground. All the hard work has been done, bless her dear heart. Thank you all who have showered us with your best wishes. We received them and love you all. We felt some disappointment about the sudden change of plans. However, my first thought was not “Oh, I did something wrong.” but rather “There must be something even more wonderful waiting for us that we cannot see yet.” How’s that for progress?!


29 thoughts on “ME = UV — The Biggest UV Return So Far!

  1. Thank you for this Alia, after my mom’s stoke in November I started doing something similar once a day in late December or early January and it was really helping with the stress and situation but when my mom came home, caring for her distracted me from this practice and I was feeling so depleted. I needed this reminder, and I really have enough going on in my life that once a day simply is not enough to keep me aligned. UV UV UV Perhaps that is not the house you asked for yet but you get to play in the garden 🙂

    • Wonderful Tatiacha how we get to “remind” one another. I love that quote of Gandhi’s “When I am busy I meditate for an hour a day; when I am really busy, I meditate for three hours a day.” Tomas and I really slipped off our 3 X a day practice last week and made a stronger intention to better diligence this week. So far so good. Sometimes, I find that just stopping for a moment and opening to the abundant flow of Source (wherever I am, whatever I’m doing) is sufficient to recharge my batteries.

      And yes, you are absolutely correct. I did not ask for a house, I asked for more space. Being able to go play in the garden gives both Tomas and me a greater sense of space in our relationship.

      Are you still caring for your mom? Sending you love for that, Alia

      On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 2:18 AM, 13th Paradigm

      • Yes still caring for her with my brother, and looking for another house to rent as our lease is up and this house is going back on the market. She is doing really well but her memory is her main sticking point sequencing of events like attempting to cook something escape her so she needs someone with her all the time for safety. She had a ruptured aneurysm bleed not a blood clot based stroke. She only had a 50 % chance of even surviving and only 5% chance of complete recovery and less since she is 80 so her health care providers have called her their miracle girl and she is still improving. 🙂

  2. Alia, what a wonderful technique to recharge – thanks for sharing this! Wow, UV at work manifesting to fulfill your need for growth. A flower and veggie garden is essential to feeling grounded and connected to Gaia! Your intuition is simply right on, I’m learning to listen to mine and act when necessary (in the relationship department). I’m sure income will align with your new reality with Tomas in the new house, how awesomely perfect!
    Your dream garden is spectacular, I look forward to pics when all your hard work comes to fruition. Thank you for setting another stunning example, when fully aligned with your UV vision, anyone can partake in paradise! I’m so happy for the both of you, YAY! 😀

    • Hi Maddy – Thank you so much for your heartfelt good wishes. I just posted a PS on this post to let people know that we will not be moving after all. I will, however, be able to use the vegetable garden and started playing there this morning. All is divinely perfect. We were disappointed of course, but we all feel that something even more wonderful is in the works, we just can’t see it yet. ☺ Blessings and hugs to you Dear One, Alia

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 8:36 PM, 13th Paradigm

      • Awesome realization and progress Alia! Situations may relate to you, but it’s never personally about you. Events around you may change, but know that your UV is aligned with the divine. ☼ No worries, it’s always the best possible outcome for your growth/ path. Life is a perceived “win” if we only allow things to be what is meant for us. Just get on board and enjoy your choiceless choices. ♥

  3. Dear Alia, I am so thrilled for you and Tomas! You serve as a great source of inspiration for me as I flow in the NOW with UV! I am so grateful you are sharing your process with the rest of us, because it is a blessing to feel your love, courage and faith in these amazing times! I shall see myself visiting you soon in your beautiful, cottage and gardens. XOXOXOX

  4. Hi Alia, I am so pleased for you that you have received your gifts from the universe. I have no doubt that your friend is happy that her house is in good hands. Congrats to you and Tomas, when you have time you must post some photos.

    • Thank you Athena – Our friend is European and very particular. She has single handedly put her heart and soul (UV) into this property for the past 16 years. It was a dump (literally) when she bought it and she turned it into a piece of paradise. We are probably the only people in this town that she would turn her place over to with complete confidence that it would be treasured and cared for. As soon as Tomas and I said “Yes!” her face and body relaxed. We could see the relief in her eyes. She didn’t have to clear out every little thing, as she would if she were selling. She could leave her garden tools (for us) and pieces of furniture that would be too much for her to take and a blessing for Tomas and I to have. It is such a “hand-in-glove fit for both parties.

      As far as photos? You bet! We’ll be proudly featuring them on both of our blogs. About four more weeks until we can begin moving. There is much to do at both ends. Tomas is the property manager for our current landlord and will continue in that role, so once we’re out of here, he gets to come back and do all the REAL finishing up work AND put our new place together. So some intense work ahead of us in that respect. But we are still very excited about this expansion and will move forward as gently as possible. Thanks again for your kind words of support. Many blessings, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 6:00 AM, 13th Paradigm

    • Me too! Last summer I saw the real version looking and feeling almost like this. It was amazing to find this representation on Google. I thought I might have to go over and take a photo to go with the post. Much love, Alia

      On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 6:20 PM, 13th Paradigm

    • Thank you Eric. One of the wonderful parts is that our friend is a very conscious being who has used the space for her own inner work, so there is clean, clear energy in the space. Indeed, another sanctuary — both inside and out. Blessings, Alia

      On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 6:13 PM, 13th Paradigm

  5. I am so glad your request has been answered…however, what are alignment check-ins?
    When you imagine a river of energy flowing through you….does it get directed out into the world or mother earth?
    Blessings and thank you for sharing….

    • Sorry for the misunderstanding. “Alignment check-in” was shorthand for what I mentioned earlier about making sure I am still in alignment with the focus of my UV flow, if and when I become aware that my energy level has dropped. Then I have at least two choices: 1) re-align with my current focus, or 2) change my focus to something I am aligned with.

      You can flow the incoming energy anywhere you want. The point I was making is that it has served me to stop and refuel several times a day, consciously aware that I am always within an infinite stream of Source energy — there is NO limit, EVER, unless I do something to block the flow. Now, in retrospect, I see that this was the cause of my lifetime of “inconsistent energy.”

      Thank you for your questions which gives me the opportunity to add to the information in the post. Blessings back to you, Alia

  6. The Universe is sweet! Feeling much joy flowing you way. Growing some veggies will be better this year for sure.
    Much Love to you and Tomos,

  7. How divine, right and perfect which is always the way of Spirit; alignment, flow, harmony….so very inspiring are these demonstrations of Law and Love….and oh how beautiful is the garden you are growing in consciousness!!!!!! Blessings to you and Tomas!

    • Thank you Harriet for bringing into the conversation the image of my garden of consciousness. Such an apt metaphor and I hadn’t put that piece into the tapestry until you did.Such beauty we each bring to the Whole. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles. And many blessings, Alia

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