ME = UV — The Story Continues

I-POWER-enhanced-blueIn a previous post I discussed our innate worth as human BEings. I spoke of a personal breakthrough I had about two weeks ago and a personal experience of deciding to share my Universal Value (UV) in an unlikely situation and almost immediately receiving that UV back in the form of a payment to my electric company. The time frame of giving and receiving was so short that I could not deny the lesson: when I share my UV in any way by my freewill choice,  there is always a return to me. There is a circulation of Universal Value that I can count on to fulfill my needs and desires.

I closed that post with the statement that I was continuing to play with and practice sending out my UV and watching what came back to me. I need to state here that the UV that I put into circulation must be sent out unconditionally. I can’t send it out with conditions attached, like a list of things I want and need for my personal comfort or happiness, for instance. No, that’s not the way this works. And as I have continued to practice sending forth my conscious flow of Universal Value, I have been amazed at how quickly the return arrives. Each time this happens, I am struck with the wonder of the process and what deep humility and gratitude I feel for “what has just happened,” as if by magic. Here is my report for this week.

Flowing my UV into the Courtroom and the Trial

Flowing my UV into the Courtroom and the Trial

Jury duty — ugh! That was my response to my summons to be a juror last August. I was about to resign myself to “doing my civic duty” when I noticed a “postponement clause” in the letter. I sent back my request for postponement until March of 2013. Surely by then we would be beyond this 3D court stuff and I would not have to serve. However, in January of 2013, I received a reminder that I had agreed to serve in March. Well, what to do? My son was returning from his overseas service in the Army at the time of this new summons date, so I requested another postponement and  was reassigned for the first two weeks of April. Sometime in mid-March, I said to Spirit: “If there is a way for me to serve the Light as a juror, let me be of service; if not, don’t select me.”  Then, after my breakthrough with the UV, I definitely understood how I could and would serve the Light in our county courtroom.

I appeared, when called last Wednesday, and throughout the lengthy process of jury selection, I chose to “clean” the courtroom of any fears and unjust verdicts, past, present and future by flowing my UV into the space. At the suggestion of a friend of mine, I installed four golden angels, one in each corner to hold the vibrations or Freedom, Justice, Equality and Humility — the four words carved into the woodwork above the state seal. By the time I was informed that I would be on the jury for a criminal trial, staring immediately, the courtroom was looking and feeling brighter and the fear (pain) in the pit of my stomach was long gone. I continued my “polishing” as I listened attentively to the evidence being presented.

I went home for lunch and learned from my husband, Tomas, that the agency that we had gone to the week before (yes, the one I had my breakthrough in!) had called to let us know that we qualified for more benefits toward our electric bill. Just about 60% of next month’s bill, above and beyond the full payment for the unusually large bill we had received for April.

Again, I was struck with awe and wonder, as well as a deep sense of gratitude and humility, regarding how this works! As I said, I wasn’t putting any limits or conditions on the Universe about how and in what form my “return” should come to me. I was just engaged (by my freewill choice) in the activity of flowing my UV into the county courtroom and the process of the trial.

Part of my UV was flowing among the 12 jurors. I sometimes do this quite naturally when I’m in a group of people. I imagine Light energy flowing from my heart to every other heart in the circle, as a way of creating and maintaining heart resonance in the group. Although some of our members knew each other from our small rural county community, most of us were meeting for the first time and parted cordial strangers at the end of our first day on the panel.

The next morning when we gathered in the jury room prior to hearing the last witness and the attorneys’ summations, we had become a coherent, friendly group, chatting and laughing to the point where the bailiff came in and asked us to “hold it down.” That made us laugh even more! When we began our deliberations about two hours later, it was apparent that our process would not be a long one. After about 20 minutes, the bailiff reappeared, this time asking if she should order a pizza for our lunch. We asked for five minutes and when she returned, we gave her our unanimous decision of “Not Guilty” and everyone went home for the day.

Guess what? I get to do this again this week? There’s another courtroom downstairs that could use my UV.

There was another blatantly obvious delivery of UV over the weekend. After pretty much being with each other 24/7 since mid-December, I needed a break from my husband. Although Tomas is an absolute saint when it come to receiving this kind of truth from me, I was holding back, hesitant to say it. Once I did, however, he went into action and called the place 15 minutes up the road that has a large three-bedroom unit in a beautiful setting, walking distance from his favorite beach. Within 15 minutes, he had negotiated a workable price on a much smaller unit. He called back to check on a minor detail of that unit and was offered the large unit FOR FREE, if he would clean it.

Are you getting this?!

The evidence is mounting as to the way this UV works. I’ve heard parts and pieces of this theory (concept) for decades. Finally, the pieces are coming together in a way that I can use.

It is the Law of Attraction. It is Heart Coherency. It is Quantum Physics. Maybe it’s just my TIME to get this. Blessings to you, if you already have.  Please don’t judge yourself, if this method doesn’t do it for you. We each have our own internal timer.

Next week I will talk about another gift I received from learning about my Universal Value. It relates to a big frustration in my life “Finding my Life’s Purpose!” I told you the gifts are unexpected and humbling. I look forward to sharing this amazing story with you next Monday.

Until then — here’s where Tomas is enjoying the next couple of days — Arizona Beach — on the Southern Oregon Coast.

View of Part of an Elk Herd right Outside Tomas's Unit

View of Part of an Elk Herd right Outside Tomas’s Unit

Sunset at Arizona Beach

Sunset at Arizona Beach

Here are a couple of UV Games to play. The first is a video, produced by Katrina from Orange County, California. It is called “You Are The Gold” and it helps us learn how to flow our UV into the Net of Light around our planet.

The second game is a visualization — using our UV to “invite” everyone to a Universal Beach Party!! Thanks to D at Removing the Shackles.

Have fun! and use the comments section to report your gifts from circulating your Universal Value!


12 thoughts on “ME = UV — The Story Continues

  1. Alia, an amazing experience & confirmation of your UV indeed! I love how you “infused” consciousness into the whole experience, maintaining a divine presence over the proceedings so that truth is served, which happens to be in heart alignment with the collective UV of jurors. Nice job “co-hearing” the quantum field, so that wave-function collapse squares with your probable reality.
    Your interpretive experience lovingly guided by your higher 5D unity conscious self fulfills the “need” for that specific moment of realization. For how can it be otherwise, scientifically-spiritually-holistically, we all need this experiential feedback to grow/ re-member. How rewarding it must be to see your truth in action… and you get to practice UV fun from now on! I’m all for riding this causality love-wave with you guys, woo-hoo, the positive feedback loop’s just getting started. Talk about consciousness itself going viral, spiraling divine messages from every blogger merging into one -state of grace- this singular moment forever. ♥
    Thx so much for the video, I’ll catch it tomorrow. Vibing UV resonance with you all, be well! ☼

    • Thank you so much Maddy for this insightful and compounding comment. Consciousness is indeed going viral — or maybe it always has been and our awareness of it is now going viral. Either way — riding the causality love-waves is becoming the blogger’s sport of choice, as we unite our heart-minds in the noosphere and amp up Creation’s Song here on Planet Earth. Much love to you Dear Heart, Alia

      On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 1:18 AM, 13th Paradigm

  2. Amazing, Alia. I bet the jurors and the plaintiff were grateful for the energy you brought into that courtroom. What a wonderful course of events. Hope Tomas is enjoying his beach vacation. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

    • Thank you Kozo. During the trial last week I noticed that I was gifting my Universal Value to the entire process — both the plaintiff and the defendant, the judge, my fellow jurors and the judicial process itself. I did not see one side as “bad” or “evil.” I could send my UV into each aspect of the situation.

      This week I sat on a very different case that was not so easy to decide. However, the jury this time was innately more resonant and the decision making was a group process with all of us working together to come to the truest and most fair evaluation we could make. No egos pulling this way or that, although there were two people who held opposite points of view to the other 11 of us on two of the four charges that we deliberated. That was fine, as we only needed 10 of the 12 people to agree either way.

      Tomas posted a great recap of his retreat, so you can catch up with him on his blog. Much love, My Friend, Alia

      On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 7:16 PM, 13th Paradigm

  3. What a wonderous and beautiful exchange Alia. I sometimes forget about this sort of phenomana and get caught up in mundane everyday gunk. I forget that this magic is all around and all we have to do is tap into this light and spread the wealth so to speak. Thanks for spreading your light! ~Nancy

    • Thank you Nancy — I think we all “fall in the soup” and miss the extraordinary energy flows all around us. Perhaps we are getting better at staying present in the NOW moment where the abundance of giving and receiving occurs. Tomas and I are seeing the “time lag” steadily shorten between sending the energy out and having the return come back. That makes it easier to see what is happening and thus the learning loop is faster and easier. Much love to you and “many happy returns,” Alia

      On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 9:57 PM, 13th Paradigm

  4. I love this Play of Consciousness and your experience of Universal Value – so potent…and also so natural; if feels like tapping into our true nature……thanks so much for sharing the magical outcomes of this Flow of Divine Circulation, Reciprocity……really appreciating it…..and good for you Tomas! What a loving partner you are!

    • Thank you Harriet — it is natural and also joyous. That’s one of the ways I recognize that I am flowing my UV — I feel joy, often for no apparent reason! I’ve had so many “hints” along the way. This time all the dots seem to be lining up.

      Tomas is a blessing. The amusing thing about our situation: it works best to send him on retreat when I need some space and the place he is in is such a lovely place that I never feel the least bit like he is getting a lesser deal. We both win, as I love to retreat in my own home. I’m glad this information is serving you, as I know you will pass it right along. This understanding needs to be infused into the human collective. Much love, Alia

      On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 5:12 PM, 13th Paradigm

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