My Energy = Universal Value — (ME = UV)

I-POWER-enhanced-blueLast week I had a breakthrough to a new level of understanding about my innate worth as a human BEing. This realization has been developing slowly over the last three months as a result of my engagement with a radical conversation centering around the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) a topic that I have addressed a couple of times on this blog.

The OPPT conversation has exploded exponentially through two weekly radio shows featuring panel discussions and caller questions. Recently, as many as 200,000 people have listened live and unknown (to me) numbers of others have accessed the shows through the archives.  (See radio broadcast links and related information sites at the end of this post.)

Imagine the impact of that many conscious humans focusing our attention on the subject of personal sovereignty and freedom for all the world’s people equally! That I (and you) as sovereign BEings are (and always have been) answerable ONLY to myself and my Creator. Imagine the outcome of that many aware humans understanding that all the corporations posing as banks, governments, justice systems and religions of the world have been legally and lawfully foreclosed upon, that they have NO authority over anyone anymore! Imagine hundreds of thousands of  awake humans “getting” that all debt is fraud, all loans are no more than electronic digits on a computer screen, and that there is a remedy for stopping all debt collectors in their tracks!

These are some of the cutting edge conversations I have been engaging in week by week in an ongoing effort (yes, I use that word deliberately, because my 3D mind has labored to understand this) to get to a much deeper issue: my true value, my true worth! 

This was the arena in which my breakthrough occurred last week and it happened in an unusual circumstance. As I believe many of us are dealing with issues of personal value and self worth, perhaps my story can be of assistance.

Monday, March 25th started off well enough but by mid-afternoon I noticed doubt creeping into my mind. I hadn’t been in that mental state for many weeks, so I noticed it. The doubt intensified and I didn’t seem to be able to counter it. Or accept it. By Tuesday noon I was doubting everything: my life purpose; that New Earth would ever be a reality; all my Lightworker skills — doubt was legion in my mind. I spoke to my husband, Tomas, about it over lunch on Tuesday.

Immediately, he reminded me that Monday morning I had visited our state office of the Department of Human Services to see if I qualified for state assistance with my Medicare premiums.

Opps! I had underestimated the impact that “entering the belly of the beast” would have on my sense of self. Right away, I acknowledged that I had not shielded myself or stayed conscious during my intake process, although I felt well attended by the Services Specialist throughout my appointment. Looking back, however, I realized that I had revisited that old belief system within me that doubted my self worth, my True Value. It was time to get to the bottom of this issue.

Tuesday evening I tuned into the Collective Imagination radio program with Lisa Harrison and Team, the folks who have been leading the above-mentioned conversations about the underlying meaning of the OPPT documents. One of the main topics of both shows last week was Universal Value. Listening to Tuesday’s show I felt that my 3D mind was about to “go under” for the last time without “getting it.” I set my intention (in the focused presence of all the others on the call) to understand within my BEingness the relevance of Universal Value for me and how I might make use of it to pay the bills and put food on the table.

I fell asleep Tuesday night without an answer to any of that. I did notice, however, that my doubt was gone.

Wednesday morning Tomas and I followed up on a lead to see if we could qualify for assistance with our heating bill, which was double what we normally pay each month. Another agency. More bureaucracy! But this time, I was ready!

Something had shifted within me during the night and I was about to find out just how far it had shifted!

We arrived at Community Action with every kind of documentation short of a pint of blood and I began to fill out the five-page “application.” The person processing our request for assistance was by herself; her co-worker was out ill.  As she began to enter my data into the computer, two other women entered the small waiting room and took seats.

These women did not look so good. I noticed that my first inclination was to send them energy. I wondered how I could engage them more directly but nothing came to mind, so all four of us shared the wait in that kind of awkward silence that often happens in these instances.

Then, the computer acted up and the receptionist apologized for taking so long. I saw my opportunity to draw the women in and said: “That’s OK, I’m just sorry to be holding up these other two ladies.” Immediately, both women came to life, as if a switch had been flipped and suddenly, there was a “pool” of energy in the room and it had movement and flow.

Aha! I noticed — I just shared some of my Universal Value with these women by my conscious choice. And I felt joyful! They were looking better too and shared some bits of their stories, which created more flow.

The receptionist was really frazzled now, as the computer would not let her into the screen she needed to get to in order to finish my application.  Tomas and I reassured her we were OK and in no hurry. The other two women concurred. The receptionist finally called her sick co-worker who walked her through the screen change and Voila! she handed me a piece of paper, saying: “This is the amount of assistance you qualify for.”

I looked at the paper which was titled “Payment Receipt” and saw that it was for the exact amount of our double electric bill.

There was no way I could NOT get this! 

So that’s how it works, I thought. I flow my Universal Value (my God-given life force) into The Field. That energy is innately Joy-filled. That Joy then attracts to me everything I need or desire in abundance, because my Universal Value is unlimited; it is infinite. Only I can block it or stop it from flowing through me. I am in full control! ☺

No one is in between me and my Creator! I am connected directly to the Source. This is free energy. And that’s exactly what I got from this DOing –FREE ENERGY! I was amazed and humbled. And deeply grateful.

I’ve been working on this issue my entire life. I finally struck GOLD!

Next Day: Epiphanies and revelations are great and I really “got it.” However, then I had to practice the new way of BEing and DOing to keep getting the new result.

I quickly learned that directing my Universal Value needed to become a fully conscious habit for me. Whenever I felt my energy dwindling, I began to check to see whether or not I was fully aligned with flowing my energy into whatever I was doing. It became obvious to me that if my energy was dwindling, I was NOT aligned.

I then had two choices: 1) stop doing what I was doing and choose to flow my UV into something else that I was aligned with; or 2) align my intention to flow my UV into what I was already doing. Both choices work, I discovered.

So that’s where I’m at with this process now. Practice, Practice, Practice! Making  sure my UV is flowing in alignment with my conscious choice! Simple! Not always easy. But it has worked for me 100% of the times I’ve done it.


Click Image for Source

Click Image for Source

When the Divine Spark lights the pure lamp within us, the whole world becomes enlightened.

And my friend, Sheri says it this way!

~ ~ ~

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26 thoughts on “My Energy = Universal Value — (ME = UV)

    • So wonderful that this information touched you that deeply. It has changed my life. I appreciate you extending my reach through your Twitter community. Blessings, Alia

  1. Love this, Alia. I love how you connecting with your Universal Value makes the world a better place for us all. I love how when you went to the Community Action office in a time of NEED, you were willing to GIVE peace and comfort to those around you. I thank you for sharing this testimony of the universal truth of interconnectedness. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you Kozo — it’s another form of “what goes around, comes around” but somehow, this time, I’m integrating it at a deeper, more practical level. And yes, I am re-learning that one can always choose to give, even while one is in need of receiving. Many have said that when one is in need, that is the BEST time to give — in order to keep the flow going and coming. Many blessings Dear Brother, Alia

      On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 3:42 AM, 13th Paradigm

  2. YES! ☼ Take the power back, or rather express the power already within – manifest it outwards.
    Thanks for setting an example and putting it to practice! ♥ The radio shows are awesome as well!
    I too have been monitoring my energy levels and it’s been consistently even since I’ve started juice fasting. For the past month I’ve been flowing with life, sharing my yoga and creative energy with whomever I’ve encountered. I’ve been practicing meditation at a retreat in Rio, and really enjoyed experiencing my still point, such blissful silence. Now I’m staying with friends in bustling high energy cities of Paraguay and my mind is clear and still. I can enjoy the world of form revolving around me, but the realization is different. I’m not caught up with the event or the experience, or even the need to understand it all. The world seems to be unfolding differently, brilliantly and incredibly loving vibes flowing easily, from everywhere and everyone. I’m giddy inside all the time and yet delight in the calmness of “self”. It’s such a pleasure to be in my own skin, I actually can’t think of anything I really need. It seems I’ve dropped off the grid and receive my energy directly from the sun. I also realize that I’ve unplugged from the “system” and have stayed more in tune with nature in South America. So is experience just a state of mind interpreting external stimuli? So now I question, what if I stay in harmony with mother nature, gaia, universe etc. regardless of my physical location or mental association with artificial “systems”. I’ve realized who I really am, so I can choose not to continue participating in the old role tied to an obsolete system. I’m actually FREE, haha! Thanks for this powerful share Alia!

    Much love to my kindred spirits and most esp. you and Tomas, my trusted friends along this wonderful journey. Here’s to UV and re-imagining the world as we live it. 😀 ♥

    • ” So is experience just a state of mind interpreting external stimuli? So now I question, what if I stay in harmony with mother nature, gaia, universe etc. regardless of my physical location or mental association with artificial “systems”. ” Yes, Dear Maddy, that may be the key to it! You are in a great place! I am so happy for you (and us!) ☼ tomas 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing this profound experience of Universal Value, I think of the conditioning that creates low self-esteem, low self worth, low self love in many of us….a condition that keeps us disempowered. How beautiful to know, practice and accept your true value, to be able to use your energy for Universal Good, in which everyone benefits!

      • Thank you Harriet — I know your work is directly related to this. Truly, there is nothing else for us to do except circulate this True Value from one Being to another, without judgment or prejudice. My recent experience this week serving as a jurist in a criminal trial has convinced me that my Universal Value can be circulated anywhere and make a difference in many peoples’ lives (seen and unseen, known and unknown.) Much love to you, Beautiful One, Alia

        On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 6:16 PM, 13th Paradigm

    • Maddy, thank you for your generous contribution to this conversation. I am just thrilled that you are in the southern hemisphere experiencing the deeper connections available with Mother Earth. Bless you for sharing your UV through all the many ways you DO who you BE. That’s OPPT speak for expressing BEingness. The juicing has cleared your physical system and given you more clarity to focus your value into the expressions that you naturally ARE. What a gift you are giving into the environment wherever you are. This is truly freedom, as it is independent of place or circumstance, as more and more of us are realizing and actualizing. Our Universal Value is OURS to use/spend/express in ANY WAY WE CHOOSE! Hallelujah!!! We are getting this basic truth of our value and putting it right to work for the betterment of our beloved planet and all beings everywhere. Much love, Dear Heart ♥ Alia

      On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 12:00 AM, 13th Paradigm

  3. Thanks for sharing your story with us Alia, at first a thought came into my mind as you spoke about your first visit. I remembered that I had read a long time ago, that all government building were purposely built on ley lines; which were once thought to be a direct line between humanity and God the Universe, all that is, whatever you prefer to call it. Because of the actions of people seeking power and influence or material wealth these lines had become corrupted. When we cross them at some sense we are affected by them. I worked for the government for a long time as a Social Worker and could feel this disruption in my essence, as I am quite sensitive (as a light worker, like yourself) I left to pursue my writing career an that weight was lifted from me and I could physically feel it leaving me. I only felt this in the building not when I was out of it. You are of course right in what you are saying that we need to protect ourselves and share our essence with others, as in doing so we unconsciously strengthen ours too and most of all it is the right thing to do. Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to stay within the source of who we are at all times.

    • Thank you Athena for sharing you experience here also. The ley lines were indeed misappropriated by the planetary controllers. Instead of enhancing the sacredness of these connecting grid lines, they have been overlaid with energies that increase power for the wealthy few, in government, religion and finance. This has created severe imbalance upon our Mother planet and perpetuated the extreme disparity of wealth and power among humanity. One of the best books I have read about this is “Unplugging the Patriarchy” by Lucia Renee. The usurpation by the ruling elite of power places all over the planet for the maintenance of their system has turned the natural flow of energy upside down (quite literally) amplifying disharmony and conflict for the sake of profit and power over others (service to self.) Many people who are sensitive to energy (whether they understand that or not) suffer greatly when interfacing with these corrupted systems. I understand why you felt such relief once you left your social services position. I intuitively avoided working in any kind of large corporate environment; something within me understood that my spirit would get lost there. I have also avoided living in large metropolitan areas for that same reason. Today, I have been called for jury duty. I am going with the understanding that I will give my Universal Value to the court system in service to the Light. I will also be shielding myself. We will see if I get “selected” or not. Thanks again for your generous sharing. Many blessings, Alia

  4. Loved this posting Alia. Just what’s up for me as well, but how especially great to have the one to one experience of energy out-energy in. Am so loving the work you are doing and only wish I had more hours in the day to follow more of it! But so far I’m getting just what I need when I need it too, so no complaints!
    loving lightly lightly,

    • Thank you Lynda — this experience continues with me and I am so grateful. Appreciate your acknowledgment of my work, which doesn’t feel like “work” to me and brings me much joy in the doing of it. I do know what you mean about having more hours in the day though. I think we’re heading into that phase where all watches will say N:OW. Blessings to you, Alia

    • I hope everything goes well for you with the jury service. I have just written a piece on what it feels to be “Broken” as I have found in my experience that often the services specifically put in place to help people do anything but. I would welcome your thoughts on it and later I hope you will write a piece about it. About how in our new world we will respond to these people and share their burdens.

      • Thank you Dear One, I have your post in my inbox. Catching up slowly on all the mails while away. I will read it with your request for response in mind. Truly, I am searching for a way to express my UV into our world. Perhaps you post will shed light on this area for me. Many blessings, Alia

        On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 5:31 AM, 13th Paradigm

      • Thank you Athena, I just commented on your post “Broken.” I appreciate your suggestion that I write my own thoughts in a future post. I will keep it in mind, especially in light of my experience this week when I served as a juror. As I commented, I do not like to use the word “broken” with regard to human beings. However, I have no problem using it to describe our current justice system. Blessings and Love, Alia

        On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 5:31 AM, 13th Paradigm

  5. Thank you for this post, My Love! It is so essential for more and more of us to realize what we are in absolute terms – instead of in relative terms as up to now: relative to my training, my profession or occupation, to my accumulated material possessions, my charm, or lack of, to the amount of friends I have, my connections etc. Absolute data is being called for: the Universe is in us – YES! ☼ tomas ♥

    • Yes, my story is the microcosm of the macrocosm, a prelude, or perhaps an indicator, of the Collective Breakthrough that is occurring. We are boosting one another up and pulling one another forward all at once! The 100th monkey is about to “get” Universal Value and then We will reverberate throughout this Universe. Are we on the brink of something? Or what? Thanks for being in the front car right beside me doing the loop-de-loops together! ♥☺♥

  6. Well articulated, Alia. Ihave been using intent forcefully and successfully in recovering from this past autumn’s heart and respiratory failures. Still have a way to go, but “intent” is the answer

    • Lyola Dear — thanks for commenting. I so appreciate your resolve and resilience! You always find your way through and do it with panache in such inspiring ways. Keep on intending, as it is definitely working for you and raising the bar for the Collective. Many blessings, Alia

  7. This is great Alia 🙂 on a side note our heating bill doubled out of nowhere as well and I have heard that from others. and yet the electric rate remained the same and the temperature didn’t change much, we clearly did not use anywhere near what they claimed. The others were in the same house as the year previous and know the usage was wrong. So we suspect some fumy business went on in Gold Beach this winter. Luckily Universe has a way of balancing out the funny business as just happened for you this week.

    • Thanks Tatiacha — Yes the Universe used this as a teaching tool for me this time and I was compensated well for getting the lesson. We did raise our eyebrows about this bill, as we did not have a big negative balance the month before. We’ll look into this. Thanks for sharing from your experience and that of your friends. Blessings, Alia

  8. Yes, Alia, this is totally fabulous! I am experiencing some kind of magical flow in my new home, where amazing friends and neighbors have been showing up here and gifting me with lovely insights and conversation! much love and hugs, Faith happy April Fools Day, we are major fools!!! that’s a good thing, like in the Tarot…

    • Thanks Faith — appreciate your support and feedback! I am just thrilled that your new beginning is such a marvelous expansion of all good things in your life. Good job!!! ♪ ♥ ♫ ☼

  9. Alia, this is brilliant! Thank you as your experience supports mine. I have been engaged in similar circumstances playing in the new reality, discovering bits and pieces of what works and what doesn’t. You bless and multiply my own sandbox. Deep embrace, SGrace

    • Thank you Susan. It is always my intention that what I share here helps others to connect more dots in their own life-play. Would love to come play in your sandbox sometimee! ☺ Much love and many blessings to you, Dear Sister of Light, Alia

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