“Ascension Symptoms” — Part II — Our New Chakras

Disclaimer: Again, I remind you that I am not a medical person. I do not diagnose nor treat anyone for anything. YOU are the ultimate authority on the matter and direction of your health — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This post contains information gained from personal experience and from reading and listening to trusted sources. They are MY trusted sources, not necessarily yours. What you read here may support what you are experiencing in your own body/mind. It may not. We are each unique in our process. Please use discernment. If at any time, you feel that what is occurring for you would best be treated by consulting a health practitioner, follow your guidance and seek that support. The peace of mind you may derive from seeing a medical professional will be valuable, if only to reassure your mind that “there is nothing medically wrong with you.”

My source for the information about our new chakras or energy centers came to me through Sheldan Nidle’s Webinar #35. I am giving a thumbnail sketch of this material in order to help people realize the enormity of the transformation of our human bodies that is now occurring. Humanity is about to make a quantum leap in the evolution of our species. Our growth rate is akin to that of a fetus or a newborn. Another parallel might be that each of us is pregnant with our own new version of Self. It is a 24/7/365 process. Wonder why you feel so tired after having done “nothing?” Think about it. Whatever you are doing in your life is occurring on top of (and in addition to) this process of self birth.

Chakra SystemTraditionally, we have been taught about seven chakras (energy centers) within our human bodies. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, I have included an image to refer to as we continue to learn about the “new” chakras together.

As I mentioned in Part I of this series, according to Sheldan, we are in the process of acquiring six more chakras, four of them within our bodies and two hovering just above the Crown Chakra at the tops of our heads. As you look at the image, the question may arise: “Where will we fit all of them in; it looks pretty full in there already?!” Pondering that question may help you realize why we are feeling so many “Ascension Symptoms” of various kinds. If you consider that each new chakra is bringing a whole new energy system online within our bodies, minds and spirits, this may be all the support you need for “taking yourself off the hook” for not feeling like yourself lately.

I will not elaborate on the basic seven chakras. More information is available by searching the internet or reading “Related Articles” below. Referring to the image above, all  seven of the “original” chakras remain in their original places. However, the first “new” one is between the Solar and the Heart Chakras. Sheldan refers to it as the Diaphragm Chakra. The next new energy center is between the Heart and the Throat Chakras. Some people are calling it the High Heart Chakra; Sheldan calls it the Thymus Chakra, as it sits over the thymus gland, which relates to the aging (soon to be the non-aging) process.

Even more intense action is happening in and around our heads. In addition to the two original chakras (the Brow and the Crown) we are bringing two more energy centers on board within our heads and two more hovering just above our heads. Ultimately, this is very good news but it may be causing some very unpleasant symptoms in the meantime.

Let’s discuss each of the new chakras individually and the related symptoms that might be giving you grief in the process.

Diaphragm Chakra — Backing up a bit, the Solar Chakra has been the seat of our Will, our Power and our Gut Feelings. The Heart Chakra has been our interface between the lower three chakras and the upper three. The new Diaphragm Chakra will now be an interface between  our Solar and Heart Chakras, allowing us to connect our will to the higher emotions such as joy, enthusiasm and bliss. Meanwhile, it feels like “Move over, Rover!” in the digestive tract. Severe bloating or gas may occur. Some symptoms may include pain in the rib cage or in the muscles between the ribs, pain in the diaphragm, difficulty breathing deeply. The pain may be so intense as to cause you to think a rib is broken. I have had pain in the area of my appendix to the point of concern that I might need to go to the hospital. Once again, “Ascension Symptoms” tend to come and go. They do not stay long and although they may recur, they don’t seem to get progressively worse. What we have to look forward to: Joy and Bliss as a new Base Camp in our lives.

Thymus Chakra — This new energy center is reviving the natural health maintenance system that we had originally as fully conscious Beings of Light. Usually, the thymus gland is active through adolescence and then gradually “dries up” as we get older. With the addition of the Thymus Chakra, perpetual vital health will return to our bodies and reverse aging (or youthing) will begin to occur. Along with the development of this chakra, our Throat Chakras are getting upgraded as well. As I mentioned in Part I, my husband, Tomas, has been having increased amounts of phlegm in his throat for about a year. Thinking it was a symptom of allergies to certain foods, he eliminated those dietary items but the “problem” persisted. He was relieved to learn in Sheldan’s Webinar #35 that the phlegm is a symptom of the increase in energy in the throat and esophagus areas, as these energy centers develop and expand. Another common symptom is difficulty swallowing and perhaps even difficulty breathing, a feeling of constriction in the throat. What we have to look forward to: full control of our health in all our bodies, full control of our physical appearance, a quantum leap in our capacities for compassion and unconditional love.

Pineal Chakra — The pineal gland in the center of our brain is a tiny, pine cone-shaped gland that responds to the incoming Light energies. The activation of the pineal is associated with rising consciousness and enlightenment. The Pineal Chakra is one of two new “receiving stations” for energy sent to us directly from Source/Creator.  From the pineal gland, this energy is routed to the pituitary gland (the Brow Chakra) and then distributed through the other glands throughout the body. Hence all of our glands, including the ones that have normally been considered “dormant” are being activated and supplied with higher frequency Light that is contributing to the transformation of every cell and system in our bodies. Because of this extra energy flowing through our pituitary gland and out to the other glands, we may experience more sinus distress than what we would consider normal. I have had a “drippy” nose for over a year. Some have had sinus infections or “colds” that somehow don’t feel like a usual cold. Headaches, sharp pains, deep within the head that come and go suddenly are also common symptoms. What we have to look forward to: ultimately, full consciousness, continuous states of joy and bliss, and the full powers and abilities that are the natural attributes of spiritual enlightenment.

Well of Dreams Chakra — At the base of our scull, at the occipital bone, where our vision center is currently located in our brain, is where this new chakra that Sheldan calls The Well of Dreams resides. It is the second “receiving station” for Divine Light streaming into our bodies, as well as the seat of some of our newly developing abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy. Because this new chakra is located on top of the area that houses our current 3D vision equipment, some people are having disturbances with their eyes and their eyesight. Blurry vision is a common compliant. Gaia Portal posted an update last week alerting us to this aspect of our transition. Runny eyes and sore eyeballs have also been reported. Stabbing pain behind the eyes can be quite distressing but is also a frequent symptom of this Well of Dreams Chakra coming online within us. Some people are seeing flashes of light (some in bright colors) in their peripheral vision, especially when eyes are closed while going to sleep. Once again, any of these symptoms may mimic conditions for which medical treatment may be the best option. If you are dealing with any symptoms that persist and continue to accelerate, do not hesitate to seek professional support. What we have to look forward to: greatly enhanced intuition, increased ability to manifest through visualization, vision expanding into higher realms of perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and certainty regarding our eternal connection with Source/Creator.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Chakras — These are the two energy centers that are hovering just above our heads. Their purpose is to balance the masculine and feminine energies in our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and to harmonize and unify the gender qualities that have become greatly unbalanced toward the direction of the masculine for the duration of duality. Our planet will be moving toward mono-polarity and therefore, so will we. I did not hear too much about symptoms specifically related to these two chakras. However, if you’ve been keeping count, there are now seven energy centers in our bodies from the neck up, so there is lots of high frequency input into and around the head and neck (throat). As I mentioned last week, I have had continuous and intense buzzing, singing around my head for years now. I attribute this to the downloading of higher dimensional light information. It flares up when the Sun does. Occasionally, it stops and I notice the silence. Mostly, it is a constant companion on my Ascension journey. What we have to look forward to: Divine Balance, peace, more options (we will have access now to the qualities of that “other” gender.) Wholeness, completeness, perfection in a way that our minds cannot comprehend from where we stand now.

Ascension Symptoms — inconvenient, demoralizing, painful, annoying, frustrating! They can be likened to “growing pains.”  Eventually, we will evolve beyond them. Meanwhile, they are harbingers of the new Galactic Humans we are becoming. In my heart I know we will someday look back on these times and tell ourselves: “It was ALL worth it to get to where I am NOW.”


24 thoughts on ““Ascension Symptoms” — Part II — Our New Chakras

  1. Alia, your article may be the only possible explanation I can figure regarding my unbelievably severe, sharp rib pains that seem to onset when I’m resting just before sleep. It paralyzes me as the pain increases in severity very quickly, fades, increases, fades, etc. This lasts for about 30 seconds or so, but feels like forever. This originated in my head a few years ago, happened near my chakra once, and has consistently been in my right rib ever since. It seems to only happen when I’m stressing out too much. I’ve also done some research regarding periodically hearing high pitched frequencies in my right ear. It’s not tinnitus, because I’ve had that before too. Research seems to point me in the direction of Ascension symptoms, something to the tune of the entire earth is going through a transformation and that I’m somehow tuning into its frequency. Please let me know what you think about all of this.


    • Hi Mark, Thanks for writing. As I wrote in the “disclaimer” I am not a medically trained person, I have only observed certain conditions and symptoms in my own (and friends’) bodies and corroborated these with messages I have read. There seems to be some evidence pointing toward changes in humanity’s physical, mental and emotional structures. I’ve come to believe that almost any ‘pain” or unusual condition in the body/min/spirit can be classified under the umbrella of “Ascension Symptoms.” Often these symptoms mimic conditions that might require medical treatment, so one must be intuitive and discern whether or not to be concerned enough to seek medical help.

      My “rule of thumb” is to watch the condition and see what it’s pattern is — how long, how often is this symptom presenting itself to me?

      Often, the symptom will be of short (albeit intense) duration. I usually ascribe these situations to energetic changes of our transformation: all sentient beings, including our Mother Planet, are experiencing these changes and challenges currently.

      As each of us has our own traumas and trigger points that “light up” with the increased energy of these times, there is nothing that couldn’t be seen as an “Ascension Symptom.” However, if you find that these pains are increasing in duration or intensity, you may want to seek professional help, if only to rule out something life-threatening that you could not figure out on your own. All the best — you are in illustrious company!

  2. Hi,
    I have some digestive problems right now (perhaps leaky gut syndrome) that I have never had before. I don’t have the usual symptoms but things are pointing to that direction. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why I have it and why, no matter what I do it won’t seem to get better. It’s been some months now that I have been dealing with this. I have suspected spiritual ascension might have triggered it, I have felt something between my Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra for some time. Perhaps it’s the Diaphragm Chakra.

    • Dear V —
      Thank you for writing. There are many more meta-physical aspects to dis-eases than most of us realize. Louise Hay’s little guide “You Can Heal Yourself”is a great resource for getting insight into the metaphysical reasons for certain health issues. There can also be physical reasons as well, particularly with digestive issues. As I said, I am not a medical authority but I have noticed that many foods that used to process smoothly in my body no longer do so. Meats, heavy sauces, hard liquor, too much sugar — not a go anymore. When I disregard my own “rules” and try to indulge in these things, I am stuck with the “bill” so to speak. Our physical bodies are changing so rapidly and so radically, it’s a wonder that any of us can still carry on with our lives. And do not underestimate the impact that 30 years of eating GMO foods is having on the population at large. I have heard that many unusual digestive diseases are popping up and medical science is unable to diagnose them, let alone alleviate them. Continue to follow your own guidance. I have found that when I ask for help within, the answers that are correct for me come quickly. Sometimes the answer is to consult a medical professional. Most of the time I am able to course correct by myself. All the best to you on this historic journey. ♥ Alia

  3. Wow, a wealth of information. I have been experiencing many of these for some time now. I have also sought medical attention, but after testing, bloodwork, and mris…nothing is physically wrong. Now I have a possible explanation. Thanks for the insight.

    • You are most welcome. I was hoping we’d be “over” this by now but truthfully the symptoms are still with me and have intensified in some cases. It’ll be over when it’s over. I never did like these “open-ended” contracts! ☺

  4. Pingback: “Ascension Symptoms” — Part II — Our New Chakras | metaphyzgirl ~ Quantum ~ Holistic ~ Therapist

    • Thank you Tatiacha for adding this to our knowledge base. The charts you have provided in the link is a great adjunct to my understanding. For those of us who have not been energy workers or healers, the chakras seem “new.” And I do believe that there is an acceleration and amplification of these additional centers recently, as they are essential to our transformation into crystalline Light Beings. Blessings and gratitude, Alia

  5. I have been thinking about balancing the male/female imbalance a lot lately, Alia. I think that is where my energy will be directed for the next few months. I am so glad to see that there is a divine masculine and divine feminine balance occurring in the chakras as well. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Yes, Kozo — I was delighted to hear about these gender balancing chakras myself. And every person on Earth is receiving this assistance. We have strayed so far toward the masculine side, especially during the past 5,000 years or so. The younger humans (certainly your children’s generation) are arriving already quite balanced. However, sadly, many of their parents have been unbalanced by their conditioning in the system, so by the time these kids are three, they are already out of balance again. I am really happy for these chakras, whose purpose it is to create more harmony between our Divine Masculine and Feminine Selves. Blessings to you, Alia

  6. It was a thought you wrote this post for me, as I have been experiencing all these symptoms. I am undergoing tests to see if it is a medical problem but they are all coming back negitive. I asked for guidance and it arrived.

    • Blessings to you, Athena. Sheldan introduced me to the idea of a personal “Medical Team.” These are highly skilled technicians from the ships of the Galactic Federation who are on call and in attendance of our physical bodies while we “sleep.” Mostly, they adjust our Light Bodies and monitor how we are progressing with this major transition from Carbon-based beings to Crystalline-based ones. However, if you ask them to work with you on a certain issue, just prior to falling asleep, they will work with you regarding that specific request. I have been asking for assistance with two physical concerns. Usually, I can feel that they have worked on me when I awake in the morning. I always express my gratitude whether I feel anything different or not. You may not believe a thing I just said but why not ask anyway? This is a time of wonders and miracles, Alia

      On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 2:01 PM, 13th Paradigm

  7. A wonderfulpost, Alia, thank you. I have one question: The Divine Masculine and Feminine Chakra – is this the same as the Heavenly Chakra, that sits atop our Crown Chakra outside our bodies, allowing Divine energy to flow into us?
    Using reiki and Angelic Healing, I use that Chakra a lot (and its wonderful!) If it’s something new, then that is very interesting indeed…
    Light and Blessings

    • Thank you Heidi, for posing this question, because I wondered something similar myself. Are you referring to the chakra that is within an arm’s length above the crown chakra? Some call it the Star Portal Chakra. If so, then I think these two new ones, Divine Masculine and Feminine are in between the Crown Chakra and that Star Portal one. In Sheldan’s diagram, these two looked very close (within a foot) of the Crown to me. These are the two of the new additions that I know the least about. They seem to act more as energy balancers or regulators (my words, not Sheldan’s). It seems to me they are a great assist to all energy workers and energy readers. You may begin to notice that it is easier to balance your clients. I hope my limited explanation helps.Blessings on your work, Alia

      On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 1:44 PM, 13th Paradigm

      • Alia, thankyou for that explanation, and yes I did mean that chakra, though i have never heard it called it the Star portal…
        Also interestingly, your reply has struck me further: The first Animal spirit guides that came to me many years ago were two cherub-like Pegasus, one hovering above each shoulder. To me, they represented ‘gates of the Spirit realm’, and a balancing energy. Hmm! So I wonder if they have something to do with these new chakras…
        Many thanks and Blessings be 🙂

        • Dear Heidi, I went back through my Pleiadian books last night, looking for the descriptions of their 12-chakra system (seven within the body and five above. )They placed the 8th one only 12 inches from the top of the head, relating to the whole being energy — so I think this may indeed relate to the new Divine Masculine and Feminine Chakras and your Pegasus/Cherubs. Another way that I think of them is as “gatekeepers” — my word not Sheldan’s. Then the 9th Chakra was the one I was thinking of. It hovers about 1 – 3 feet above the head until our 9th strand of DNA is activated and then it moves farther out into the atmosphere of the planet and becomes a Planetary Chakra (Earth Star Portal?) The 10th Chakra relates to the Solar System, the 11th to our Galaxy and the 12th to our Universe. These are different than the extra ones we are getting in our bodies. So lots of new energy coming in and anchoring us to many aspects of our divinity. It’s very fun to contemplate and integrate. Love to you, Alia

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