Aurora — View from the Observation Deck — Part II

Today we continue to get an overview of Aurora, 5D City of Light in “View from the Observation Deck — Part II”.  If you missed the first part last Thursday, you can read that installment here.

This is a work in progress — not just the envisioning of Aurora but the very process of visioning itself.  As you read what I have written about this magical City of Light, you lend your own imaginings and dreamings to my beginnings. Your version will come alive and provide a unique segment of the complete picture. Together we will bring Aurora into form and one day very soon we will feel Her embrace welcoming us Home. Now, get comfortable and enjoy this week’s installment.

Looking toward the Southern DesertImage Credit: Google

Looking toward the Southern Desert
Image Credit: Google

As you walk the promenade of the Deck toward the south, or let it gradually rotate you to that direction, you see the arid expanse of the Southern Desert. Sometimes people question why there would be an entire quadrant dedicated to desert? At first they see only desolation, dry land, little water. As we can create our landscape any way we wish, why would the collective of Aurora decide to give so much space to something that looks so barren? There are several reasons; let me explain.

Following the last days of the 26,000 year cycle of duality, at the beginning of our new Galactic Year, Earth Humans learned of our strange and distorted history. Through ruthless destruction and inter-galactic wars, much of Gaia had been abused so harshly in the interest of conquest and profit for the greedy few, that many places on our beautiful world had become deserts. Animals, plants and people suffered and died as a result of such disrespect of our Mother. The desert areas were further maligned as worthless tracts of land and abandoned. They lay uninhabited except by the most hardy and adaptable species or the millions of exiled humans who had fled their homelands during the final decades of civil war. By the end there were very few species that could survive in such an unloved and unwanted environment. So the first reason that our collective gave for portioning one whole quarter of our surrounding territory to be desert was to restore honor and practice stewarding what had been unloved before. As you look out into the Southern Desert, you will notice green places, oases, where water holes, desert palms and lush Savannah grasses have appeared. This is the beginning of our collective restoration which will eventually turn most of this desert into a tropical rainforest. But for now, we maintain most of this sector in its desert state to help us remember what can happen when we disrespect the land and her inhabitants or when we give way to violent actions as a means of resolving conflict. Meanwhile, we appreciate the subtle beauty of this arid land, its grand mesas rising up from the sandy floor, its cacti and succulent flora that attract the most exotic animals and fascinating insects — all of them conscious participants in our New Reality.

Honoring all Beings Equally

Honoring all Beings Equally

Which brings us to the second reason our collective chose to leave a quarter of our landscape in desert form. Over the last centuries of the last Galactic Year that ended in December of that prophetic year of 2012, many of the desert animals had been demonized, in particular the reptiles. True, there were pockets of indigenous Peoples that revered the serpents, the lizards, the dragons and the alligators and crocodiles but the majority of Earth Humans were terrified of these creatures and had been educated to hate them and kill them on sight. For this reason, we felt strongly that all of these species should be given a place to live that would provide the special habitats that they required to live happy and peaceful lives, free from fear of survival but even more than that, they would feel honored, respected and loved for their great wisdom and natural intelligence. Let me be clear there are no longer any poisonous or carnivorous species on Gaia. Those species that could not adapt to the frequencies of love that are the foundation of the 5th Dimension did not make the transition with us; they are someplace else, not here. So, although there was still some hesitation among us humans who had lived on Earth during those last years of duality, to interact with a serpent, or a Komodo Dragon, or have a conversation with an alligator, we quickly overcame our caution upon realizing that these outcasts of our hearts had so many things to share with us about their experiences on Earth, as well as their ancient scientific civilization that has developed genetic research to an artform and can recite generation upon generation of their personal and collective family genealogies.

Tortoise Habitat

Tortoise Habitat

Most of us sat with our mouths agape when we first visited these amazing beings in their natural habitats. Now many of us spend wonderful times with all these new friends, learning and sharing and working with them to improve their environment. The Crocs and the Allis are requesting that we add more water — they do love things wet and humid, so we are beginning to step up our transition of the desert to provide more swamps and places for them to relax and swim. It is a process for us to learn what it means to “steward” the land and collaborate with species who are very different in appearance from us and who, until recently, were looked upon as inferior by us. Fortunately, our Galactic Family is assisting us with meditations and translations (although we are all telepathic now and that helps a lot.) Still, there seems to be some residue in our consciousness (cellular memory?) particularly among those of us who lived many decades on Earth prior to our Ascension. Thus it is our responsibility to identify and release these old attitudes and judgments within ourselves that no longer serve the Whole. Our reptilian friends have been most compassionate and that has made our re-education much easier.

Honoring the Mineral KingdomImage Credit: Google

Honoring the Mineral Kingdom
Image Credit: Google

The third reason we as a collective have agreed to maintain this expanse of desert environment around our most glorious City of Light is to give all of us an extended opportunity to learn about and appreciate a much undervalued sentient kingdom of the natural world — the Mineral Kingdom. Most of us were too busy surviving on our 3D world to be able to slow down and match the pace of the rocks, gems, sand and earth that we encountered. Most of us assumed that these elements were “dead,” non-living aspects of our physical world. Even those of us who took special pleasure or fascination in the Mineral Kingdoms were more interested in them for their monetary value, our ability to use them to build with, to recreate on or possess as a real estate asset. Of course, once again, our indigenous brothers and sisters understood the spirits of this kingdom and passed on their traditions of honoring and respecting the innate value and spiritual essence of each element but their influence stayed mostly within their own cloistered worlds. Little of this rich heritage trickled out into the greater body of humanity to inform the Collective Mind. Therefore, we have allowed for everyone who wishes NOW to relate directly to the mineral world to have this opportunity. We have many projects going in the desert where residents and visitors alike may participate in an exchange of knowledge. Most of these projects are not about changing anything, “improving” the desert, making it more “green” or more “livable.” Most of our desert projects are about giving people the space and the “time” to commune with these ancient, sentient Beings of the Mineral Kingdom and honor them with our respect, our attention, our love and our appreciation. These are lengthy projects and we feel no hurry to complete them. By engaging deeply with one another, both the Human and Mineral Kingdoms will find a natural pace in which to evolve.

Looking westward you see the Great Lemurian Sea upon whose shores our Crystal City resides. In ancient times the Island Continent of Mu or Lemuria occupied much of what is now the ocean that bears its name. Parts of the sunken land mass did rise from the Pacific depths during the Transition in the first years of the new Galactic Cycle but most of that was in the Southern Hemisphere, except for the islands of Hawaii that expanded several times in size, combining several of the islands into one larger one and pushing the volcanic mountains higher into the atmosphere. But from Aurora, looking west, all you can see is water — luminous, phosphorescent, opalescent Lemurian blue. We call it that, because this color blue never existed in our old 3rd Dimension and we had no name for it when we first encountered it in the 5th.

There are great ocean liners that take Gaia’s citizens and inter-Galactic travelers on tours across these great waters where one can visit other Cities of Light.The liners are floating cities with many of the luxuries that former cruise ships provided in the 3rd,  except that now every person has the same privilege of enjoying such a voyage, it is not merely an experience for the very wealthy. Everyone is equally wealthy here and entitled to experience whatever their heart desires at any time, for as long as they choose to have that experience. And so, many do avail themselves of such pleasure and take long, leisurely voyages, sometimes just for the pleasure of being on the water, enjoying the marine life which has returned exponentially to the pristine oceans of our New World. One day I will give this experience to myself and share my travels with you all. For now though, I want to stay with the view of our idyllic Lemurian Sea from the Observation Deck.

Lemurian blue — an ever-changing hue, unknown to us in the 3rd but instantly “remembered” upon first sight. As the sunlight moves over the waters, the Lemurian Sea undergoes continual “personality changes.” Sometimes the blue has a purple character, at other times the surface shines so brilliantly you might think the water is made of liquid gold. There are days when the ocean looks like it wears stripes — of teal blue, magenta blue, silver blue, peach blue – is that possible? Like looking into a fire, you are drawn in, captivated by this kaleidoscopic display of light and color. I have sat for hours, mesmerized by the rolling liquid palette. When you add the additional color modifiers of luminosity, phosphorescence and opalescence to the mix, you are treated to an infinite, rarely repeated, rapturous, rhythmic color spectacle that brings travelers from all over Gaia and from throughout the Universe to witness this masterpiece of The Creator.

The Luminous Lemurian SeaSource: Unknown

The Luminous Lemurian Sea
Source: Unknown

Accompanying the color is the sound element of the sea. The waves no longer crash and break violently on our shores. They do, however, have a great rolling movement that carries sound from long distances. Often we are treated to the songs of the cetaceans, who now roam freely without fear of being slaughtered for food and oil. Their voices break the surface, as do their bodies, and their joyous calls float across the waters and inspire us to sing and dance as well. Sounds of the Collectives from other Cities of Light waft through the air, gently moved along on the undulating currents of the Lemurian Sea. These “songs” from other cities bring us a reassurance that harmony prevails throughout our world. Between the movement of the sound and color, you feel as though you are being cradled and cuddled in the softest blankets while being sung the sweetest lullaby.

Watching the creatures of the sea play and travel is a pure delight for all inhabitants and visitors. Pods of whales and dolphins freely express their joyful spirits, “performing” for all to see in their natural habitats. No more cages or pools. No more jumping through hoops for fish. No more being stared at by gawking spectators, unconscious of the marvelous intelligence in front of them. Thus, they are free to leave our waters and go where their spirits lead them. It is therefore always considered a special blessing when they share their playful natures within view of Aurora.

Many aeroships arrive from the west, docking into the Transport Hub. It is always an amazing sight to see them approach, day or night. Hardly a sound is heard, perhaps a slight whir or a hum but the craft are wondrous to behold. Their gleaming presence is felt even before they are seen. The ships themselves are conscious beings, who possess their own intelligence. In the daylight, they express this consciousness by extending their shining metallic energy fields in all directions. It is an aura actually, but the ships, being metallic, emit a soft glowing hue of silver, gold, copper and metallic mixtures that hold you spellbound by their beauty. By night the craft have running lights and landing lights that flash different colors as they approach the Transport Hub.  On holidays our aeroships and hover craft put on a show for us sporting all manner of colored lights, flashing and accenting the lines of the ships. We enjoy this more than fireworks, because there are no explosive sounds.

For many visitors, the Observation Deck is the first stop upon arriving in Aurora. From this vantage point, the panoramic “Big Picture” extends as far as the eye can see. For our citizens the Observation Deck is one of our touchstones that anchors our hearts and minds to the unspeakable beauty of our beloved City of Light. Each time we take the elevator or a Hover Disc up to the Deck, we experience a mini-Ascension, a joyous reminder of the miraculous transformation we made beginning at the end of 2012 and continuing into the first years of the New Cycle. Each time we look out upon the Land of Gaia, as seen from the Observation Deck, we know that our hard-won victories in duality brought us to a place of freedom, joy, peace, compassion and unconditional love within ourselves that in turn brought us into the New Reality that now stretches out before us in every direction.

~ ~ ~

Once again I would like to acknowledge five major sources of Galactic and Celestial information that have greatly assisted me in “remembering” some of what our future may hold.

1) Barbara Marciniack — specifically, her books Bringers of the Dawn and Earth.

2) Suzy Ward — author of the Matthew Books and scribe for Messages from Matthew

3) Mike Quinsey — scribe for messages from SaLuSa of Sirius

4) Sheldon Nidle — spokesperson for the Galactic Federation

5) Dr. Suzanne Lie — scribe for messages from the Arcturians

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Copyright ©2012,2013 Susan Alia Chandler, All rights reserved. Creative Commons License by which author and publishers grant permission to copy, distribute and transmit this particular work under the conditions that use be non-commercial, that the work be used in its entirety, not added to, nor subtracted from, and that it carry author’s name and this full copyright notice.For other uses, Permissions:

I do not own rights to images sourced from Google; they are copyrighted by their creators unless otherwise noted.


7 thoughts on “Aurora — View from the Observation Deck — Part II

  1. Alia,
    Born in the year of the snake, tinkering in geology as a kid, and surfing for much of my life, I love this vision of the desert and sea of Aurora. I also love what you said in the beginning about visioning and adding our imagination and dreamings to this vision. Thank you for creating a better reality for us all. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  2. Dearest Alia ~ today stopping in to enjoy the View from the Observation Deck was a very welcome break in my activity! I relaxed into the vision, as you suggested and really enjoyed the journey ~ Thank you for this luscious vision – with All Love, Tomas

    • Thank you Dearest — Tonight we witnessed a sunset worthy of one viewed from the Observation Deck in Aurora. Thank you for sharing it with me. Always, Alia

      On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 9:09 PM, 13th Paradigm

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