Let’s Get Physical! — Dealing With “Ascension Symptoms ” — Part I

Disclaimer: I am not a medical person. I do not diagnose nor treat anyone for anything. YOU are the ultimate authority on the matter and direction of your health — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This post contains information gained from personal experience and from reading and listening to trusted sources. They are MY trusted sources, not especially yours. What you read here may support what you are experiencing in your own body/mind. It may not. We are each unique in our process. Please use discernment. If at any time, you feel that what is occurring for you would best be treated by consulting a health practitioner, follow your guidance and seek that support. The peace of mind you may derive from seeing a medical professional will be valuable, if only to reassure your mind that “there is nothing medically wrong with you.”

You, yourself, may be well aware of this process and understand that all is well within your own being. However, there are others in your sphere of influence who may benefit from your awareness. Use your understanding to comfort and guide them through these changes in human genetic structure. Your calmness and assurance that these symptoms may be an expression of a higher order, will assist many to open their hearts and minds in the days to come.

“Ascension Symptoms” we call them — those aches and pains that come and go without warning or for any apparent reason. One moment you are walking along the street, then next moment you are unable to walk: your knee, your hip, your foot, your toe, is in so much pain that you cannot go on. Shoulders also seem to have their idiosyncrasies these days. If the onset of such symptoms is not perplexing enough, their sudden disappearance is equally mystifying.

You rarely get headaches. Suddenly, blinding pain flashes through your head, deep behind your eye or from the middle somewhere you can’t really describe.

Your throat is filled with phlegm, you have trouble swallowing and you think you must be allergic to wheat or milk or corn or something! You give up these foods, yet the “problem” continues, perhaps it gets worse.

Every once in awhile, for no apparent reason, your heartbeat changes: it “churns over,” makes you feel as though you might black out, beats wildly and irregularly for a few seconds — and then returns to “normal.” Perhaps you feel a shooting pain down your left arm or in the left side of your chest, classic signs of heart attack. You rush to the emergency room and your EKG is normal, all your blood tests come back within normal ranges.

These symptoms and many others that mimic actual medical conditions or diseases can fall into the classification of “Ascension Symptoms.”

As I stated above, only you can say whether or not to stop, breathe and allow the new energies to integrate within you, or seek medical help. A general guideline would be that if symptoms persist or increase in intensity, seek professional help. If your symptoms come and go within seconds, minutes (or in the case of the joint pain above 24 – 72 hours) then you are probably dealing with the adjustments that are occurring in our physical bodies as our vibrational frequencies rise along with our Mother Earth.

Humanity is on the cusp of a quantum leap in evolution. Our physical bodies are changing and upgrading on a moment to moment basis. Although this transformation has been going on gradually within our DNA for over 70 years, this metamorphosis has increased in speed and intensity during the past several years.

Eons ago, our human DNA was 12 stranded. We were fully conscious beings with full brain capacity and abilities that we might normally think of as super-human, even God-like.  We are in the process of returning to our original state. These so-called “Ascension Symptoms” are evidence of this transition.

We are being helped immensely by cosmic energies coming to us through our Sun, directly from Source/Creator. The incoming energies are electric-magnetic; they are permeating every living thing on Earth and elevating all who are open to this transformation of Life. You could think of the CMEs and solar flares as “kisses from God.” Instead of hiding (which is not possible because these rays penetrate the densest material) run out into the sunshine and thank the messenger! Special delivery from Sol to You!

I want to thank Sheldon Nidle for the next piece of information. In addition to the seven commonly known energy centers (chakras) in our human bodies, we are being outfitted with six more — four within the physical body and two hovering just above the tops of our heads or what some call the crown chakra. Are you beginning to understand why we are having all these odd and capricious symptoms? This is not chance, nor is it a mistake. This is Divine Intervention and it is by design. It is part of Creator’s Greater Plan  for Humanity on Earth. This Plan is in process NOW.

Because I had been reading about the evolution of humankind since the early 90s, I was not completely freaked out when my heart palpitations began in earnest in 2005. Even though my family has a history of heart disease and several of my family members’ cause of death was: “heart attack,” I chose to look upon these irregular and infrequent arrhythmia as my heart’s opportunity to open and expand. I chose to hold this change in my heartbeat as my opportunity to increase my ability to LOVE.

However, the first time I was driving on a public street and felt as though I was about to black out (I pulled the car to the curb safely and stopped) it was more difficult to fight the rising fear in my belly and mind. I sat for a moment, breathing deeply and regularly and the incident quickly passed. I sat a few more minutes and affirmed to my mind and body that this was another indication of the transmutation going on in my DNA and that I would certainly seek medical help if this condition became a more frequent or more intense experience. It never did. Over the next few years I continued to have the palpitations every couple of months and then, rarely.

Also in 2005, I began hearing a ringing or buzzing ( like high tension electrical wires “singing”) in and around my head, especially on the left side. I was aware of EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) radiation from cell phones and cell towers and chalked it up to that. I wore a medallion to shield me from negative effects of technology but the intensity of the ringing increased, no matter what I did. I finally understood that this “Ascension Tinnitus,” as some people refer to it, was another sign of DNA upgrades. The best explanation I have come across to date was that this buzzing is related to higher dimensional (8th – 12th Dimensions) downloads of information. Some people can decode this information and understand it with their human brain; others, like myself, simply open to it and receive the information as part of the evolutionary process. This continuous humming, singing sound around the head — sometimes 24/7 for days at a time — can be most annoying. I have learned how to keep it in the background of my awareness. Only when the incoming cosmic energies associated with the solar flares or CMEs increase does it sometimes get very intense and distracting for me now. Once I understood the higher dimensional nature of this symptom, I was able to relax and accept it as part of my “normal.”

My husband, Tomas, has experienced more of these whimsical plays of energies in his hips and legs. For several years, he would wake up one morning and one of his hips would be three inches higher than the other. His entire pelvic cage was completely tipped horizontally. This made walking and working (as a gardener in those days) nearly impossible and required him to walk with a cane for 24 – 72 hours. At first we were quite concerned and treated it as a physical condition with acupuncture and massage. But after awhile, we realized it was an energetic release, and allowed the process to take its natural course, usually about three days. Tomas had a similar episode just a couple of weeks ago, where suddenly (out of nowhere) the nerves in the back of his left knee and upper calf muscle caused him such distress that he could barely move for the first 24 hours, moved with effort and the support of a staff the second 24 hours and then only needed the staff for uneven terrain the third 24 hours and then he was completely fine — like he had a new leg.

Tomas also had a lot of phlegm in his throat and bronchial tissues, starting about a year ago, especially in the morning. He thought he might have an allergy to wheat, so he eliminated that from his diet. The symptoms persisted and he eliminated milk and oats as well. This was over an eight-month period and then we attended a Sheldon Nidle Webinar (#35 if you wish to purchase it) about the new chakras and Ascension Symptoms. We learned that many people were having trouble swallowing or breathing and that increased phlegm in the throat was a symptom of the new Thymus Chakra (High Heart) chakra and upgrades to the Throat Chakra. We laughed and Tomas has returned to eating wheat bread. (Some people might say that this is not progress, as wheat has been shown to be highly toxic to most human systems.) However, we have noticed that the increase in phlegm has been negligible since adding wheat back into his food plan.

What can I do?

1)  Do not automatically jump to the conclusion that there is something medically wrong with you. Sit quietly and ask your inner guidance if you need to be concerned about this to the extent that you should seek professional care.

2) Follow the guidance you receive. Trust your hunches.

3) You may find alternative modalities of treatment, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, reiki, homeopathy and naturopathic remedies more effective for treating these conditions, which may be occurring on an energetic or etheric level.

4) Breathe through the symptoms. If symptoms last several hours or days, accept them as an inconvenient upgrade of your body’s hardware or software. Your “equipment” will be “down” for some period of time. Relax. Rest. Spend time loving your body and giving thanks for the opportunity to be alive on Earth at this momentous time.

5) Ask your guides or “medical team” to “turn down the volume” if the intensity is too extreme. “Please put me on trickle charge.” is a fair and reasonable request. Many people have found this useful, especially when dealing with headaches.

6) Trust that the symptoms are a side effect of our human metamorphoses.  It is a benevolent process. The Divine Plan calls for the Ascension of an entire planet, with all of Her inhabitants traveling with Her in lighter forms of our present physical bodies. This has never happened before in this Universe!! This makes us guinea pigs of a sort but I like to maintain the faith that God really does know what He is doing.

7) Understand that you are not alone. This is not personal. It is not God punishing you. It is the greatest honor and privilege to be here participating in this transmutation at this time.

I will stop for now. There is much more I want to share on this topic. So I will continue with Part II next Monday. Meanwhile, be well and be in joy.


23 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical! — Dealing With “Ascension Symptoms ” — Part I

  1. Thanks for this insightful post. I have shared some of the symptoms you mention at different times and also experienced similar reactions. It is good to know that “we are not alone”!

    • By no means are we alone. All of humanity and Mother Earth herself are experiencing dramatic changes and the “growing pains” (labor pains?) during this time of Great Shift. Many blessings to you, Alia

      On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 9:26 PM, 13th Paradigm

  2. Fatigue has been my biggest mystery ailment; after a month-long illness (and I’ve not been ‘ill’ in a dozen years!) I am easily fatigued. I don’t fight it, as I feel that my body needs the downtime… like right now, it’s time for sleep!

  3. Alia, as you requested – and thank you, by the way, for this, it sparked a really deep, interesting conversation between me and Neometheus 🙂

    Meeting the Horned God: An Introduction


  4. Thanks for the useful information, Alia. I will keep an eye out for the symptoms. I love your advice on what to do. You could apply this advice to any medical concern.
    I have had an odd sense of smell lately. I have been able to smell odd smells that no one else seems to pick up. Sometimes it smells like cigarettes, sometimes it smells industrial. I’m not sure what these are, but I definitely smell them. I’ll follow your tips. Thanks for sharing. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thank you Kozo. Perhaps your sense of smell is getting more sensitive. I am very — well frankly — allergic to cigarette smoke. I was walking behind someone who was smoking last week and a stiff north wind was blowing the smoke directly at me. Normally, I walk very fast but I slowed way down to let this woman get ahead of me. I could still smell her cigarette smoke even though she was walking more than a block ahead of me.

      Some of the saints were said to smell wonderful fragrances in their visions. And I have even heard that certain holy people would leave traces of wonderful scents in the air as they would exit a space.The higher realms are a mystery to most of us now but I have a feeling that once we expand our awareness into them, they will feel more familiar to us than anything we have ever known in our 3D existence. Blessed Be, Alia

  5. I have suffered nearly all of these symptoms and at the moment am suffering with a cold that I feel instinctively is not a cold. I am receiving guidance to rest and that what I am doing although I have a million things I need to do. thank you for your post today, I needed to hear it.

    • Hi Athena — many of my Lightworker friends have been having prolonged cold-like, sinus-related symptoms since the first of the year. There could be several possibilities here. I will endeavor to cover them more fully in next week’s post. My intuition is that you (like many, many others) are letting go of outdated programs and emotional debris, as the four new chakras that are in and above our heads are coming online. Lots of energy right now from the throat up. In a small space, too, which increases the intensity (you may read “discomfort” if it applies.) Furthermore, some of us agreed to do this for the Collective, because not everyone who is being impacted by these changes (which is all 7 Billion + of us) is consciously aware of the process, so some of us Good Samaritans have taken on that work in their stead. What this seems to mean is that your “cold” may linger — perhaps for weeks. Rest!!! Ask your “team” for assistance. Surrender to the fatigue and allow your body/mind//spirit to receive the ginormous influxes of Divine Love to fill your BEing. The old 3D paradigm of “pushing through” will backfire on you now. Allow, accept, forgive, bless and give thanks. Most important Do Not Judge Yourself for Getting Sick!!! Our true work is on the etheric right now. No matter how important your mind has made your commitments seem, say Thank You and turn inward. From what I have seen, this strategy will lead to the shortest passage through this part of the trail. I am happy this post helped you gain some perspective on your situation. That was my intention and I am grateful that my intention has prevailed. Much love, Alia

  6. Alia: This is so very informative and interesting. I have not heard of this before. I am looking forward to your next installment as well. I did not know you were Tomas’s mate. I have been visiting his blog. He is a wonderful person and so are you, how utterly beautiful that you two are sharing this journey together! -Nancy

    • I am so happy the information is helping. In next week’s post, I’ll be saying more about the new chakras and the symptoms related to each of them. Yes, it is a great blessing to be “crossing the finish line” with such a strong and aware person as Tomas. Glad you are benefiting from his blog also
      With love, Alia

  7. In response with the above – working with reiki, I have come across the idea of these ‘additional’ chakras. As far as I understand it, they will open individually – that is to say, as each individual is ready. Just like our chakras are our own to work on, to heal and keep in balance, so too our Spiritual awakening, as individuals, will open these other chakras. The Hara, or Tan Tien, located beyween the root and belly chakra, will probably be the first to open, and the others will follow dependent upon the way each person develops. The Tan Tien is the place I instinctively start with self-reiki.
    I hope this helps – any questions, I will be happy to answer, if I can 🙂
    Blessings be

    • Thank you so much for your input here, Heidi. Of course, as an energy worker, you would be aware of new energy centers in the body. Next week I will go into more detail about the new chakras that Sheldon introduced us to, their locations and purpose. There will also be more discussion about the “symptoms” that are related to the new chakras. Much appreciation of your understanding of all this. Blessings and love, Alia

  8. Hello Alia, relate to some of those symptoms. The most annoying is the phlegm in my throat which I have to deal with since 2007, my hair is falling out and I have kidney issues. When I had a bowel cleanse in 2011 in hospital the phlegm stuck to my intestinal walls and had been sucked off. Gosh>
    Since I work with higher energies the Tinitus is increasing as well but thats nothing comparing to the other symtoms. When will the new chakras be integrated into our bodies? Namaste Selina

    • Thank you for your comments, Selina — sounds like no fun at all. As to when the integration of the new chakras might be complete, I don’t actually know. I would venture to guess that it might happen concurrently with our “arrival” in full consciousness. This may be an individual process, rather than a collective one. I guess the best thing I can say about it, is that it will not go on forever. We will transcend this stage of our evolution. Blessings and Love, Alia

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