Heads Up — Interesting Waters Ahead

Alia’s Comments: If you aren’t familiar with Gaia Portal or Aisha North, they are both WordPress bloggers who bring channeled messages related to the energies of our transitioning world. If you like what you read here, I encourage you to follow, as I find the information very helpful. Since Sunday, Aisha has posted two messages that I want to pass on to you for your awareness, as they concern certain possible changes in our mind/body perceptions that some may interpret as: “”I’m losing it — seriously!” This message shares what is actually happening on an energetic level with the transformation of our DNA and other cellular structures. I am copying Aisha’s message of Sunday, February 10th into this post and giving you the link to her post today, which tells us to keep our minds out of fear no matter what is going on in the media; under the surface (which is not being reported) it’s ALL good. The Gaia Portal  messages are like codes to keep us abreast of the changes upon Gaia and within humanity’s (small “h” – asleep) as well as Hue-manity (awakened) consciousness. I feel a strong relationship between this latest Gaia Portal post and Aisha’s Sunday message.  Take Heed: It’s about to get even more interesting here on planet Earth.

Gaia Energy Influx Limitations Have Been Removed

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Gaia energetic influx limitations have been declining gradually over this past year. Subsequent to the 12-21 to 12-31-12 upgrade period, limitations were at minimum level. These limitations have now been removed.

Ascension of humanity consciousness levels as well as Hue-manity ” release of limitations” has permitted these removals of energy influx limitations.

Gaia is now subject to the full impact of Cosmic Higher Light.

Hue-manity is aware of this. humanity (small h) should prepare to be surprised.

ÉirePort | February 12, 2013 at 19:01 | Categories: Uncategorized |

The manuscript of survival – part 266

February 10, 2013  Aisha North   http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-266/

As you have mayhaps already ascertained, the intensity has once more been turned up a notch. In other words, more information and more light is coming your way, and as this as always is being directed through your physical body, some symptoms may occur. We know that you are not novices in this, and as such, the outfall from all of this energetic uprising will not come as a surprise to any of you. However, this time there might be a few rather interesting ”symptoms” coming up. We do not speak of the usual ones, the ones that your body seems to exhibit on a regular basis when it is immersed in such a stream of energy and light as the one you are currently in. No, we speak of other, more esoteric ones to call them that.

You see, your mind and your body will start to act as if they are somewhat out of synch in the days ahead, and we thought it best to forewarn you of this lest you should think that you are actually losing your grip on your sanity. That is not what is happening, rather, what is happening is that the old ”insanity” of third density existence is starting to lose its hold on you, and therefore you will at times feel as if you and your body have become separated in some ways. This may sound strange, but we think you will all notice when it starts to happen.

So again we tell you that all is well, and even if you at times will feel that you are totally disconnected from the material world, you are not about to just drift out into the ethers. This is again one of those adjustment periods, where you are slowly being put through the transition from living in the third density world in a third density body and into the next level. You see, as it is with everything in this process, it cannot be accomplished in one fell swoop. That would not only knock you off your feet, but it would literally render you unable to cope in any way. Therefore, we will guide you all through it, and this time, the process will involve a feeling of detachment from your physical body.

Just remember, the reason you are all here in the first place is to accomplish this transition whilst still residing within said body, so you are not about to float off into space unhindered by that at times rather burdersome accomplice. For you are a team, and the spirit and soul that is the real you have been teamed up with this current body in order for you to be able to fulfill this journey together. We know that at times the trappings of being in a physical body will feel to be a burden and certainly impose some unwanted limitations to your quest, but that is now about to change. For now, you will all be led on those first and perhaps rather faltering steps on this journey towards being able to exist both within these confines while simultaneously expanding your consciousness outside it. In other words, you will be able to lead a very interesting double life in the not too distant future, and you will do so whilst seemingly appearing as just another ordinary citizen on the outside. But your life will be filled with wonders indeed, and with it, some extra challenges. For starting to live a life that encompasses so much more than what you have been able to experience first hand up until now, will not go off seamlessly at first. Hence, this gradual awakening to the fact that you can actually master such a way of life. After all, it is not by learning you will know this, it is by remembering, and as such this journey will ignite many a lost memory within you all.

So let us just repeat that you are not going mad, even if you at times will feel a strong sense of bewilderment and separation in the time ahead. You are in fact just rediscovering your freedom. So take it slow, and remember to check in with your center, and as always, breathe. For your conscious breath is what connects you to this amazing vehicle that you inhabit, and the two of you are not about to lose contact anytime soon, no matter how distant and befuddled you might feel in the time ahead.

Aisha’s post for February 13, 2013  can be read here.

21 thoughts on “Heads Up — Interesting Waters Ahead

  1. Dearest Alia, Once again, thank you so very much for the beautiful and timely support you send. I really appreciated this post!! I was feeling -a bit- like I might be going mad!! 🙂 Love and Light, Polli

    Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:03:53 +0000 To: pollioliver@hotmail.com

    • You are welcome, Dear Polli — that’s why I knew I had to post this. There are so many symptoms that mirror physical and mental ailments and conditions, that many people will think there is something wrong when actually there is so much to be excited about. It’s so easy to think that “I’m the only one that is experiencing this.” Nothing could be further from the truth. We are metamorphosing into a new species of human — a Galactic Human, a Universal Human. This is not just a slight variation on the human theme — this is a quantum leap for humanity and it is affecting every cell in our bodies and every strand of DNA/RNA. Truly, the caterpillar into a butterfly. I’m thinking I’ll address this topic in more detail next Monday. Thanks for your input and much love to you, Alia

  2. And I so felt this on Sunday, was a meltdown weird day, and it had been building up two days prior to that. I even felt that my home (Which I adore) was no longer my home, it didn’t feel right and I had no anchor

    • I understand, Leisa. I love the sanctuary that Tomas and I have created here but about two weeks ago, I felt a call to leave and move somewhere else. Nowhere specific but it was the first time that I had felt the urge to go and I love it here. I am glad you could relate this to your own life. When I read the message, I knew I had to share it because things will seem to be disintegrating, when really, they are coming together in a brand new way. Buckle you seat belt and remember — we all clambered for tickets to get on this ride. This is no time for whining or complaining, or even wondering if something is wrong with us. Nothing is wrong with us — we just never did this before. We’re writing the script two minutes before the cameras roll. No time for rehearsal — this is improv, Baby! And you love it, don’t you? That’s why we’re here. So glad you’re on the ride, too. Take care, Alia

  3. i liked the part (on the latter post) “the more dust they kick up, the further back you move to get out of the fray.” that is exactly what i have done, and wow it feels so great to be grounded and immersed in quiet solitude with nature! for sure i am healing and evolving and growing faster here than i would be in the cosmopolitan world!

    • Yes, I like that part too. Tomas and I moved here to the isolated Oregon coast five years ago and are so happy we are not in a major metropolitan area or even a large town. Furthermore, the wind blows 30 – 80 mph nine months out of the year here, so chemtrails get blown away as soon as they come out of the plane — waste of taxpayer’s money. So any kind of pollution, physical, chemical or emotional does not stay around. People who live here have to deal with the weather. It keeps us straight with ourselves and one another.

      There are ways to step back from the fray, even while living in the middle of a war zone. It is time for all of us to step out of the drama and the old constructed conflicts that have divided us for eons and allow war to die of attrition. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m glad it was helpful, Alia

      • you mentioned chemtrails, and i thought, ‘chemtrails?”

        i am so luckly that for twelve years, i have lived where the skies are clear and there might be two small airplanes a day that pass within hearing distance.. no more, and many days zero!

        i remember flying into little rock and riding to the city w/my nephew. my jaw dropped when i saw the trails that criss crossed the sky! i had forgotten about that!

        • It must be wonderful to live in an area that is exempt from chemtrails. I have lived in places where the trails looked like tic-tac-toe boards in the sky. Then within an hour, the trails had spread out to cover the whole sky with a thin white film. We would see four or five planes at a time flying side by side laying these things down and most people didn’t think there was anything abnormal. fortunately, these have mostly stopped now, although I have heard there still are some areas that are being affected. So glad you are in a clean, clear place. Love to you, Alia

    • Welcome Crazy Wolf. Thank you for visiting and following. I just went over to your place and liked what I read there, so am now following you too. I love your banner. I grew up amidst chickens and sheep and the image of a wolf playing leapfrog with a sheep is hilarious. Thanks for sharing and come back anytime. Blessings Alia

    • unfortunately i am now seeing the trails in the sky.. the first time i saw one, i could barely talk b/c it bothered me so much… every so often there’s a very mathematical grid in part of the sky, which is spooky.. not natural looking at all… about three months ago i saw the strange grid while checing on the house on the river.. i kept one eye n the sky and spotted a plane with the cloud … ‘click, click, click, ‘ i photographed and then there was an instant shut off’ of the cloud.. the plane continued on out toward the sea/to the west…

      the trail stayed in the sky for over half an hour and slowly drifted south until it joined another line which formed a T.. and the T stayed there and started spreading ‘laterally’ – making a different grid of parallel lines which eventually merged…

      that night many people were asking, ‘did you see that amazing sunset?’ and i raised a brow and thought, ‘hmmmm… you have no idea…..’

      • The “good” news is that there isn’t a sufficient budget anymore for spraying the whole planet at once. They have to concentrate their efforts in one or two locations for a few days and then pack up and go someplace else. Also, I’ve been noticing that the trails are disappearing almost as fast a they are being laid down. Maybe a little help from our friends “upstairs?” Would love to think so.
        And yes, we had one of those chemtrail sunsets at our place last night. But now I bless them and let it go. Blessings to you, Dear One, Alia

  4. These are both keepers to remind us during our time of transition, things are now moving very, very fast and we need to keep reminders close at hand for reference, thank you for sharing these …. Have fun!!!! Spiritdancing

    • Glad you think so. I was hesitant to add another post this week but it felt unethical to withhold this information from those I care about. Blessings, Alia

      On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 8:42 AM, 13th Paradigm

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