Logging Out of 3D/4D — Logging Into 5D

DreamReality Arcturian New EarthFirst of all, please receive this post as an invitation and NOT as any kind of requirement for continuing your Ascension path. There are several options below for implementing what the title suggests; please trust that there will be one that suits you — or not. That’s OK Too.

Secondly, I want to recommend a particular series of messages from the Arcturians (an 8th Dimensional Galactic civilization that is said to be assisting Earth beings with our Ascension process) as channeled through Dr. Suzanne Lie. I have been following the “directions” given in several of the most recent messages and “trying them out” to see if they actually work. I am happy to report that: “The cake is in the oven, it’s rising and beginning to smell like a cake.” I’m not completely baked yet, but I am finding the “cookbook” extremely useful. That’s what I like: useful stuff.

Third, this post is intended to whet your appetite. If you wish to follow up in more depth with these ideas here, I highly recommend reading Suzanne’s series called “Arcturian Transmissions: Multiple Realities # 1 – 8”, “Transmission from the Mothership: Q&A with the Arcturians,” and her newest series, “Arcturians Transmissions: Connecting Realities # 1 and 2.” These seeming fantasies about life in other star systems are describing in minute detail the Ascension process of the Pleiadian civilization that took place eons ago but which apparently parallels our current process here on Earth. And in this newest series these Ascended Ones are beginning to interface directly with us, the Ascending Ones of Earth.

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

A few weeks ago I posted “Downloading Our Divine Qualities” in which I suggested that we find an image of a favorite teacher, Ascended Master, Archangel (or other illumined being) and begin to emulate (download) their divine qualities into our own being. This idea was well received and some of you may have actually done it. Today’s post builds on this concept of working with such a divine personage.

About 10 days ago I got the idea to “log out of 3D.” I want to confess right now that I do not play video games but friends who do have told me that when you log into a game, you get to create the character through which you will play the game. I decided to have some fun with that. I decided to log out of the Game of 3D and log into the Game of 5D, using my beloved Archangel Chamuel as my character. Since then, I have not deliberately logged into my former 3D identity. Here is how my new game is going so far.

One of the first things I realized is the importance of staying grounded with Gaia, even though I had exited the Game of 3D. Gaia has supposedly left the Game of 3D also but She is still EARTH and I do want to stay with Her, so several times a day, I reaffirm my connection with Her by dropping a chord of golden light from my heart into Hers. Simple! Takes only a couple of seconds. It’s the “remembering to stop and do that” that sometimes takes awhile.

Each morning upon awakening — before rising from my bed — I do my grounding. Then I “log into Chamuel.” I have a username and password. You can do it your way but this works for me. Before I get out of bed (and forget) I log into 5D. 

I have now shifted my “Point of Perception,” as the Arcturian teachers would say. I am no longer viewing life from a 3D viewpoint but rather from my multi-dimensional version of SELF.

I am starting to view this “hierarchy of Selves” like a ladder. The Arcturians consistently remind us that THEY are US in a higher dimensional expression. And WE are THEM in a lower expression of that same SELF. Hence, we are family and we have a natural desire to connect with and assist one another. So, as I reach “up the ladder” to connect with Chamuel, She is reaching “down the same ladder” to assist her own ascending essence, who has taken on a very dense form — temporarily 🙂

Do I forget and lose my connection? Yes, of course. I am practicing all this. However, my intention from morning until night, is to reaffirm my connection to Mother Earth and my connection with Chamuel. That intention to stay connected is the compass that keeps me on course throughout my day.

I can already here the considerations:

“But I have small children?  I have a 3D job that I still need to do for income? I operate heavy machinery; I drive a lot? How can I log out of the 3D game completely? I may forget my duties with my “head in the clouds” like that; I may drive off the road?!”

Yes, our egos, being based in physicality, are ever alert to the dangers of the 3D world. However, our higher expression of Self can perceive those “dangers” even more clearly than our 3D “ego self” and will naturally guide us toward a choice of higher resonance. As the Arcturians say in “Arcturian Transmissions: Connecting Realities #2”

“Once you surrender your ascension to your Higher Expression, the ego’s firewall of the Reticular Formation within your physical brain will be superimposed with the “Spiritual Screening System” of your Higher Expression. Once you process data through your spiritual perception, you will be able to easily discern which physical communications are important enough for your attention.

“In this manner, you can relax into the process of recallibrating your attention away from the myriad illusions of 3D and onto the Truths of your ascending reality. When you surrender to your SELF, you can relax into the knowledge that if there is a physical message to which you must attend, such as driving your car, paying a bill on time, or answering the phone for an important call, your ego can remain relaxed as your Higher Expression is on duty.”

I can attest that this is true. I can still cook, drive a car, pay the bills and climb physical 3D-type ladders without injury. As for small children, you might be surprised by their reaction to you playing a 5D game. Most of the smaller ones are “there” already and will be delighted to see Mummy/Dad/Nanny “catching on and getting with the new program.”

However, I did say I would offer “options” for those who feel they just aren’t ready to cut the chord to 3D and jump with both feet into a Game of 5D.

Option One:  Try this at night. Log out of 3D just before falling asleep and log into 5D for your Dreamtime. Ask your 5D “character” to watch over you and help you release anything that might prevent you from playing this game during the day.

Option Two: Try this on your day off, or on a day that feels as though your duties and responsibilities in the 3D game will be lighter and more flexible. Log out of 3D before you fall asleep the night before and log into 5D before arising the next morning. Observe what happens.

As I continue to look at life from the Point of Perception of Chamuel,  I am noticing an increased awareness that I am being guided moment to moment by my higher expression of SELF. Challenges that arise get addressed in surprising ways, with options that I can’t remember considering before. Words come through my mouth that are not words I might normally speak, yet they are the perfect words for that moment, that situation. I am feeling a continual “download” of higher information, most of which I have no conscious understanding of, except that information is flowing mightily into my BEing, informing me in ways that I am using without knowing howAnd (with some exceptions) I find myself acting more kindly, having more patience when annoying things happen, holding my center in the midst of others’ negative reactions. I notice new ideas and thoughts that I haven’t thought before. Lovely, inspiring thoughts and ideas. Several times a day I say: “Thanks, Chamuel.”

Just before I return to the Dreamtime at night, I thank Chamuel again (along with all my guides and angels) for a game well-played in 5D. And then, I log out of 5D. Why, you ask? To release my Spirit to play in any realm or dimension, unencumbered by any form, or so I can be available for the “volunteer work” that so many of us do while we’re “sleeping.”

I invite you to come play this new game with me. If you need additional inspiration for what a 5D lifestyle could be like, please visit Aurora — 5D City of Light. I’ll meet you in the main plaza by the Holodome and we’ll spend the day together.


18 thoughts on “Logging Out of 3D/4D — Logging Into 5D

  1. What a fascinating idea! Tuning directly into the higher powers and manifesting them not just in our own lives but in the world at large. I think I will have to give this a try. Thank you Alia and blessings )O(

    • Thank you, Neometheus — Please come back and report your findings once you’ve run your experiment. Thank you for stopping by and contributing your thoughts. I so appreciate the work you and Heidi are doing together. Blessings to both, Alia

    • Dearest Heidi, I just visited your new site and it is amazing. I told Tomas that we hadn’t really “seen” you in your true power before, so heaps of kudos to you and your partner for bringing forth this body of knowledge that is obviously soooo you passion and joy.

      I myself, have little formal understanding of Pagansim and Witch/ Wicca knowledge, so I will sit at you feet and learn or remember what I have veiled in this life regarding that. A few times of getting burned at the stake helped the amnesia. I commend you for stepping out and sharing your joy with us. If my comment was any prompting you needed to make this leap, my heart is thrilled and honored. Much love and many blessings on your latest success, Alia

      On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 7:55 AM, 13th Paradigm

  2. Yes, Tomas — I like the “remote control” idea. I used to think of it as operating a puppet with strings, but somehow that implies manipulation, which I don’t like. The remote analogy puts the control in the hands of the higher Self (we hope) and allows for more deliberate choices. Also, glad to get out of the “autopilot” mode which implies going unconscious. So I will play with this idea of my higher expression of Self controlling the 3D aspect by remote control. Sounds like a plan. Love to you, Alia

  3. Alia, how imaginative of you, I love your suggestion of adopting a 5D self! Be what you envision your true self to be, that’s so awesome. Incidentally, a video game character whom you choose to adopt, with all of it’s qualities, strengths and traits, is called your “avatar”. Hence the name of a popular sci-fi movie if you haven’t seen it already – whereby a human takes on the form of an “alien” to learn about their culture.
    That’s great to learn the Arcturians are our oversoul counterparts, experiencing life in all it’s expressions and dimensions. It’s so gratifying to hear that the universe supports our growth and development in every aspect of “self”.
    I agree, when we tune in to 5D, we can play with the overlay of time shifting, sequencing, non-linear locality but it’s not totally separate from 3D physicality. I like to think of it as a software upgrade, like going from Windows XP to Windows 8. We can enjoy a richer experience of ourselves, seeing reality brilliantly by dropping our mind filtered screens. I know we’re already on our way to 5D, sensing these subtle differences in perception, synchronicities, sharing these sacred connections with friends like you couldn’t be by chance alone. I’m grateful we get to live fuller more meaningful expressions & deeper understanding of selves within the natural order of things. These are quality of dimensions I’d love to explore with you! See ya at the Holodeck/ dome. 😀

    • Thank you so much Maddy for helping me learn how the word “Avatar” became part of the popular culture. Last I looked (40+ years ago) the word meant “incarnation of God.” I am thrilled that such a high-vibration word has become such a household term and Yes, I did see the movie but that meaning went over my head, since I have stayed out of the video game world. Really appreciate your explanation.

      You have packed so many exciting thoughts into your comment that I have to keep referring back so I don’t miss anything important. The fact that 5D brings us into non-local time plus it puts us in touch with ALLLL our aspects of SELF in all dimensions of Reality, all parallel lives (that’s a topic for a future blog) and so much more. I am not experiencing this in my waking life — YET. However, that expansive overview potential exists for each of us in 5D and beyond. That is a mighty incentive for me to continue practice raising my consciousness and expanding my awareness into the higher realms.

      Through Suzanne Lie’s messages I am learning how the Arcturians have chosen to assist in Earth’s Ascension process. They specifically choose NOT to come down to be “ground crew” or even liaisons but offer their mentoring and great wisdom to members of the Galactic civilizations (such as the Pleiadians) who are more used to wearing a physical form to do the direct interfacing with us. This was new information for me and I’ve been reading this stuff for 20 years.

      Now — the part about the software upgrades. Yes, I believe some aspects of our ascension process are like that. And I also think that the younger the body you have (and I include newborn babes here) the MORE likely it is to imitate a SOFTWARE upgrade. For those of us in the older generation, it is much more a HARDWARE upgrade. The Arcturians compare us to older model autos (Tomas refers to my “vehicle” as an “antique” because I was born in the 40s. He classifies his own “vehicle” as a “classic” because he waited until 1950 to enter the game. We laugh about this a lot, as we are resting our weary bones from all the DNA upgrades and Light Body tune ups. For me, It’s kind of like we older ones still have engines with carburetors, while you younger ones got the fuel injection models. Not sure how we’ll convert over but that’s not my department. I agreed to come here, wear a body and allow my body to absorb Light and Love, ground that into Mother Earth, and spread it throughout the Collective. I’m doing that, so how we get from A to B is for someone else to figure out. And I trust that “they” are on it.

      I, like you, am so grateful for this community and no, it is no accident that we are finding one another. As far as meeting in Aurora — I am delighted to meet you anywhere, for any reason, or no reason at all. To be in your presence and bask in your loveliness would bring me much joy. Blessings Dear Friend and much love, Alia

  4. Alia, once again you point the way to what is needed to be said and heard at this time! I have been doing my own version of this practice, logging off/on, for some time now, and it is soooooo validating to know you and others are on to it, too! This tells us we are truly in 5D! Thank you so much for your brilliance. I have shared this post on a friend’s FB page. He has nearly 5000 friends who are on this path. I hope it goes viral!!!!

    Much love….in ONENESS,


    • Thank you so much Susannah. See — I was following the scent of your “log off/log on” trail. Hats off to you, to, Wayshower and Pathfinder that you are! Appreciate your extending my reach through your friend’s Facebook site. 5D is about to go viral! I can just feel it. Blessings and love, Alia

  5. Yesterday I felt most of the day like I was connected to my physical body by “remote control” – and it was good to see that nonetheless the ‘responsible 3D functioning’ was not at all impaired, especially when we were dealing with our cat Merlina’s malaise and driving to Bandon at 8 pm… 🙂

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