Fran Zepeda — Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are Building Your New Life

Alia’s comment:  There will be times when I read someone else’s post and it speaks my heart so clearly that I will choose to re-blog. Thank you Fran, this is one of those times. Enjoy!

I especially like this paragraph:

“It takes constant use of a new muscle to build it up and make it strong and that is where you are in your development, dear ones. Allow yourselves to try out your new-found abilities that the lightening of the energies are making possible. It may feel strange at first and like nothing is happening, but keep building on those new muscles of seeing and doing everything from a place of love, gratitude, harmony, hope, purity, compassion, peace and cooperation, and it will become your constant companion and thus shape everything in a new form and way.”


yeshua.buildingnewlife.1Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Hello, dear ones. Much has transpired in your energies and your world of late. In any re-configuration, there is always a lull period where nothing of significance seems to be happening, and then lo and behold, the new energies build on themselves again and again to make an unmistakable opening in how you see the world and in how you perceive yourselves.

In many ways you all have become a blank slate, a clean palette and canvas on which to build the New Earth. You have discarded many things from your old world, many “staples,” shall we say, from which you once built your reality. This is much like purging a pantry of many things no longer deemed good for your well-being; you now have room to re-stock it with new staples for a healthier life-style.

It takes time and energy to build up…

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8 thoughts on “Fran Zepeda — Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: You Are Building Your New Life

  1. This keeps playing our new year song of unity, community, and love…..easy to do went alone….not always so easy to do in a blended household…..with love, all is possible

    • The little ones will lead the way into New Earth. The “older” ones will follow because Love is all any of us have ever wanted. And true love is very difficult to resist. Hugs to you, Alia

  2. The concept of using an atrophied muscle and perhaps not trusting that it will do what you tell it to is so appropriate here. I’m seeing little things in my own life that are confirming that things are shifting. The caution baby steps that humanity may take will bear fruition as our confidence builds. Thanks for sharing the idea that beautiful possibilities lie at our feet.

    • Beautiful possibilities are strewn all about ready for us to take them into our hearts and eyes, our ears and minds. Beauty abounds and it matters not how small our baby steps are; we are walking in beauty all the way. Much love, Alia

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:27 AM, 13th Paradigm

  3. Dearest Alia,
    I, too, especially like the paragraph you highlight here – and the last sentence about “seeing and doing everything from a place of love, gratitude …” and this shapes everything “in a new form and way”. Yes, we are doing it!

    • Thank you Dearest. I have been blessed to hold this work as my 5D job since the beginning of 2012 with your partnership and loving support. Blessed Be, Alia

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:16 AM, 13th Paradigm

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