Pass the Love Please

You may be noticing that people in general seem kinder lately. I have. I’m noticing changes within myself and within those around me. I have more patience, more generosity of spirit, an easier, gentler attitude toward life and other people. Little things that used to bug me don’t anymore — at least not as much as they used to. And this more loving attitude seems to be reciprocated.

People I’ve known for a long time seem happier, their voices brighter, their energy lighter. There’s more goodwill — and Christmas is over. There seems to be a greater capacity within us lately to give and receive love.

Two messages caught my eye this week that gave me some wonderful, practical tools for spreading more of this Love and Light around during our rapidly passing days.

The first one was an article called “Changes that Steve Beckow of GoldenAgeOfGaia website posted a few days ago. He noticed a new steady emotional state within himself that he could only describe as love. He further noticed that he could increase the love by breathing deeply with his attention on it. He began to “play” with this, sending the love and warmth he was feeling toward complete strangers in a nearby shopping mall. The more he sent the love forth, the more bliss he felt within himself.

These are exactly the kinds of playful exercises we can and must use to gain a foothold in our New Reality. I have quoted Steve’s summary below and I highly recommend reading the full article here.

“I haven’t taken this very far in terms of experimentation, but I do see that there have been two things that have changed: (1) my steady state is love and (2) I have the capacity to work with that love, increase it and send it outwards.

This is definitely a change in my state of being and a welcome change. And it’s also something that captures my attention. I notice that I can almost lose myself in playing with this – breathing deeply in a continuous and ongoing way and watching the level of love, the level of warmth towards others rise, and then fall off as I let the exercise go.

And as the love rises, so the bliss rises too and, with the onset of bliss, I practically forget what I was doing. Perhaps don’t do this exercise while driving your car! Or talking to your spouse or boss. You may forget what he or she is saying….

The second message was a message from Archangel Michael through channel Ron Head. Michael’s message was reminding us once again of the importance of energy, love and light. He said: “The most important of these is your connection to Creator’s love.”

Later in the message, Michael states emphatically that no matter what the “problem” the solution is “always more light and more love.”  I have quoted a couple of paragraphs below that I found especially helpful. Please take a moment and read the full message here.

“There are a great many things which will help you along your way, visualizations, meditations, actions, attitudes, etc., etc.  All of these may be very helpful at times.  Your connection to your Creator’s love and light, however, is the basic thing we would like to stress.  This is something which will always, always see you through.  It will always be healing.  It will always provide you with what you need.  In fact, it is more likely to know what you need than you are yourself.

“You only need to bring into yourself, and therefore your entire field of being, more light, more love.  Always more light, more love.  Any doubt?  More love.  Uncertainty?  More love.  Fear?  Worry?  More love.  Illness?  More love.

“This is something we see you forgetting at times when you encounter bumps in your path.  We therefore stress it as the most basic thing.  Open yourselves and allow it to happen and you will always find what your heart needs.  You will also notice that we include no warning of side effects or of overdose.  It is even alright if you are nursing or pregnant.  Well, we thought to lighten this up a bit.

Remember, all the light you want, all the time, and then more.  We will speak again.  Good day.”

So this week practice passing the love, please. Heap it on like a pile of mashed potatoes on your plate of life. Pour it on like a river of gravy over the potatoes.





25 thoughts on “Pass the Love Please

  1. I really enjoyed you post, I found it by following a link from another blog. I think you are a member of the 2013 Bloggers for peace as I am. If you are not I apoligise and will send you a link if you want to join. Last week I started a regular Saturday post called “Giving Something Back (they are numbered) I would like to include in this weeks post, it is about sharing with others the amazing bloggers we find that inspire us. You will find the post at thank you for your wonderful post and sharing it with us all.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and re-posting Pass the Love Please. I am so delighted that you are doing a series on Giving Something Back. You are welcome to share anything from my blog. I will drop by your site a bit later this afternoon. I am way behind with my “visits” and always enjoy “meeting” new people. Welcome. Make yourself at home! Love, Alia

    • Hi Athena,
      I must have missed this one the first time through. I love the idea for this series of yours. Appreciation of each other is an act of expansion of the Whole. I have learned from plants that they survive (indeed thrive) through all sorts of environmental ups and downs due to their continual appreciation of one another. Their root systems share food and water. They hold the land with one another and share everything – especially their appreciation of, for and with one another.I have not yet taken time to visit the blogs you have highlighted this week but I have it marked so that I can. Blessings to you and much love, Alia

  2. Hi Alia
    There is no nervousness to love it will break any door down, it is a gushing spectacular feast on which to fall in and devour the entire planet. So go ahead eat the whole lot.
    I feel all your gentle Kindness in the post.
    Much Love

    • Thank you Russell for your enthusiastic encouragement for me to feast on the love of the entire planet. I wanted to let you know that my post “Golden Moments” was written after pondering your question “Are you awake or are you asleep.” If you didn’t catch that one, here’s the link. Thank you for posing the question. It gave me much food for thought. Blessings, Alia

      • Thank You Alia, I had prob’s with my blog dropping pic’s and posts and not being able to post for a while, after revamping and removing a logo that I put on the posts , and the posts that had the logo .why do you think you are awake was one of them ,it’s is ok now.

        • Sorry to hear that Russell. I know several bloggers who had similar trouble in the last week or two. I also read somewhere that our magnetic fields were being affected about this time and that it was causing problems with electronics. Your magnetic personality must have been a direct attractor. 🙂 Alia

          On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 7:54 AM, 13th Paradigm

        • We are likely to see a major flare from the Sun today or tomorrow which will cause the weather to get much colder and at least a 7.4 earth quake and volcanic activity, Its all Magnetic Field related.

  3. DeLIGHTful! And so timely, Alia, because it is dark and dreary and icy here in Mississippi, and potatoes and gravy is the perfect comfort food on a day like this. I, too, love the LOVE banter between you and Tomas, for I can feel that love radiating out from you two for all of us to enjoy….aahhh!

    On another note, I have been finding myself taking deeper breaths throughout these past few days, breathing in the light and breathing out the love. I take a deep breath to the count of 13 (!!! 13 Paradigm), and breathing out to the count of 9 (I read this on someone’s blog, perhaps yours, and it works beautifully).

    And like you I have been seeing colors, especially in nature, in ways I’ve never “seen” before. One thing in particular, the one flame of a candle or multiple flames of a bonfire….they just burst with such vivid purples and violets NOW!



    • Thank you Susannah. Please eat an extra helping of potatoes and gravy for me, cuz it’s two of those things that went bye bye for me on January 1st. Glad you enjoyed Tomas and my playfulness; we do know how to have fun with each other — always have. You did not get the in-breath 13 counts/out-breath 9 off this blog but I love this idea and send blessings to “whomever.” Will give this a try during my meditations. Candle/bonfire flames and sunsets are great places to look for the “new” colors. Bravo!

  4. Loved this article…but loved the comments even more….so fun and playful….I love to eat with my fingers…, fun….I also like to play with my food when I am cooking it….it tastes better!!!!!

    • A geyser of gravy? I can imagine myself standing in a pile of potatoes being showered with love gravy. I think it’s definitely time for us to start “playing with our food” again. Much love to my “Gravy Man.”

      On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 8:18 AM, 13th Paradigm

  5. good timing on this message, I was sleeping very peacefully when some major noise interrupted it, was feeling kind of disgruntled about it. will apply large amounts of LOVE NOW!

    • I think we are often out of body when we sleep peacefully like you were and when a loud noise suddenly intrudes, we get “jammed” back into our body. This can actually be a painful process to the psyche and leave us feeling disoriented in mind and body. So happy to hear this helped.

      On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 7:54 AM, 13th Paradigm

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