Moving Toward a 5D Lifestyle

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

At first glance these two topics and videos did not seem to be related. I was set to post them separately until I realized that community, as well as high quality fruits and vegetables have been of primary importance to me throughout this entire lifetime. But how does this relate to embracing and embodying the 5th Dimension?

Com + Unity

Com + Unity

As New Year’s Day 2013 dawned, as if on cue, both my husband and I were clear that we were going to simplify our diet: organic fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains and legumes. For him, eggs and for me yogurt. To be honest, it’s a little broader than that, but away went the meats, the cheeses, the complex pasta sauces and Indian curries, ice cream (that was huge for me) and all the other sweet desserty things I had been making and baking for over 50 years. And Tomas cooked too, so this was a big change for both of us. OVERNIGHT.

After we had been eating this way for about a week this wonderful video came to us through channel Magenta Pixie. The message from the White Winged Celestial Council of Nine contains grounded and practical information about eating raw foods as a method of increasing the Light quotient in one’s body, as an adjunct to our ascension process. The information about the sacred geometric structures of raw fruits and vegetables was brand new to me and is encouraging and inspiring me to cook the veggies even less and increase the percentage of raw foods in our diet.

Live food enliven’s our bodies. “Dead” food requires much energy from our bodies to process. Eating raw will not by itself deliver us to the 5th Dimension. However, eating raw, while also holding an intention to ascend, can support the development of our Light Body and allow us to more easily expand our awareness into more subtle realms. Adding more raw foods to our daily diet is therefore a way of aligning our lives with our 5th Dimensional Light Bodies.

Community (com + unity = with unity) is becoming a more natural way of interacting as we move toward the 5th Dimension.  We are being drawn together to work, live and play as groups of people, rather than secluding ourselves and developing our individuality, as was more common even a decade ago.

However, the nature of community is also shifting to a 5th Dimensional form. We are leaving the extreme polarities of the 3rd Dimension and shifting toward a new dynamic of unity consciousness. As Lee Harris says in the next video: “2013 Year of Community,”  “We are changing. We are entering a brave new world.” We are shifting our perception of our world from a mental one to a heartfelt one. This is requiring each of us and all of us to shift within and this shift, from head to heart, will impact every aspect of our society and our world.

In the old paradigm, separation, isolation were the norm. In the new paradigm we will no longer be supported to disconnect from one another. The new energies will support connection, unification, co-operation. This will require large adjustments for many. Community will play a key role in healing the rifts within our selves, between ourselves and with all of Life.  Mr. Harris worked with three other exceptional artists to combine narrative, images, music and video in order to produce this premier piece on new paradigm community.

As we move closer to living a 5D Lifestyle, let us share with one another the tools, the visions, the ways of thinking and being that we find along the way to help ease the journey for all of us. We are changing. We are entering a brave new world.

The link to the transcript of the narrative  is here.


13 thoughts on “Moving Toward a 5D Lifestyle

    • We are moving slowly toward raw. Feeling our way. Tomas is actually allergic to dairy, gluten (including oats.) So he began by cutting out wheat bread and products and then dairy and oats. I am still eating my own home baked wheat bread but have discovered that oats (in any form) upset my stomach. Thank you so much for the flat bread recipe. It would make a great replacement for the wheat bread and both of us could eat it. I have also been thinking about sprouting, so that may be the next step. Little by little, letting the transition be natural and gentle. So far we are loving the changes. Blessings and bon appetit!

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 4:31 PM, 13th Paradigm

  1. Very wise about the raw foods….I have found this to be true for many years now. But still find some kind of ’emotional’ eating patterns in the evening, wanting carbs and protein.. the rest of the day I love my huge salads and have been making mung sprouts, love them! I loved Bringers of the Dawn too. I was shocked that a woman I knew back then, a major New Age teacher etc. , told me that ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ seriously ungrounded her, she didn’t enjoy it! I still tell people about the ‘Lizzies’….getting lunch when we go into a rage…lol.

    • Funny about the “Lizzies.” Let’s stop taking them to lunch! I am entering the waters of raw foods slowly, one toe at a time. I was thinking this morning that when the young teen has the make-up kit in her hand, the dolls have fallen away. So I am allowing the denser and heavier foods to leave naturally and not force anything. Last April I stopped eating all meats except fish, in one day. New Year’s day this year, the fish went bye bye. Who knows what tomorrow will bring or even the next moment?

      On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 8:02 AM, 13th Paradigm

  2. At the moment I live in the PNW with my son and his wife. At the first of the year we also together decided to spruce up our food health. My son is a chef. He has done the same and cut pastas and breads, sweets and most meats. We just felt instinctively the need to do this. No wonder…

  3. What is astonishing for me is that the body asking for live food really came up strongly exactly on the First of January! No New Year Resolution to follow, just listen to my body! Thanks for this useful post, My Love! Tomas

  4. I am currently eating mainly living foods and right now am reading this book: Bringers of the Dawn, Teaching from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak. I find this video just put these two things together. Pretty amazing 🙂

    • Leeluush — How wonderful! Bringers of the Dawn was the book I “woke up” with 20 years ago. It became my Bible and I have memorized whole passages of that book and its sequel “Earth.” Although much has changed since then and not everything spoken of in those books is still online to occur, the matrix-exposing information in those two books got me to stop watching TV and begin looking under rocks and behind curtains for what the media was NOT telling us. I am so happy you were able to connect two important pieces in your life by reading this post and watching the video! I always love it when the pieces go “clunk” and lock into place. I plan to visit your site tomorrow and get some tips on raw food. Many blessings

  5. This information is so important for us to know, and also to know how it all ties in together for our 5D reality. I am still not doing this “perfectly”, and when I don’t eat raw/natural, I bless it with my hands wrapped around the food before I eat it and write the word LOVE over it…this gives it energy back into it….to sing o the food as you cook it also makes it sing….have fun.
    Much love, Spiritdancing

    • Thank you Spiritdancing. Your comment makes me think that it’s time to start “playing with our food” again. OOOH That brings up some stuff! (lol)

      On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 4:22 PM, 13th Paradigm

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