The Christmas Gift You May Have Missed

A Gift for You

A Gift for You

On December 25, 2012 a gift of immeasurable value and preciousness was given to every man, woman and child on planet Earth.  This gift is yours — no matter your religious belief or non-belief. It is unconditional. It is the gift of your Sovereignty and your Freedom.

The One People's Public Trust

The One People’s Public Trust

It is no coincidence that the Trustees of The One People’s Public Trust (TOPPT) chose Christmas Day to announce these gifts — the day that Christians celebrate as the birthday of Jesus the Christ and many others around the world celebrate as a  day of gift giving among family and friends. However, most of the world had no knowledge that this gift was given and now, two weeks later, most people STILL HAVE NO AWARENESS that the gift is REAL and waiting for them to unwrap and put to IMMEDIATE USE.

For just like Ascension, which requires expanding our awareness into higher frequencies of consciousness (as spoken of previously in this post and this post) we must CLAIM our sovereignty and our freedom by first, coming to terms with the fact that we have been enslaved to a very corrupt system that has permeated every aspect of human life on Earth for millennia; and second, taking responsibility for our lives fully and completely in a way that has been largely impossible on this planet for as long as humanity can remember (also millennia.)

I offer a small analogy. Humanity has been in prison; throughout the Galaxy, Earth is known as “The Prison Planet.” We have been through a long journey of darkness, under the control of dark forces for the last four cycles of 26,000 years, or roughly the last 104,000 years. The last 13,000 years have been particularly tightly controlled.

All any of us has ever known is our life within a small cell-like existence. One morning, we wake up to find the door of our cell (our controlled limited existence) open. There are only a few “guards” standing around and they are not armed. They are also no longer giving any indication that they would stop us if we walked out of our cell and out of the prison completely. Walking out or staying in IS NOW OUR FREEWILL CHOICE.


Because all we have ever known is the inside of our small cell and the familiarity of the prison and the prison system. Most of us have labored under the complete illusion that we have been free all along. That is the extent to which we have been enslaved.

My purpose in drawing this analogy is to emphasize the idea that the responsibility is NOW ON US to practice the skills of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. No one else can do this for us; it is our choice to do or not to do. Likewise, our Freedom and Sovereignty has been secured for us — it is a fact and it is LAW. The whole of Humanity has been completely freed from the slavery system of the last 13 millennia.

HOWEVER, it is on each of us to now practice the skills of living our lives as Sovereign Beings, answerable to NO ONE EXCEPT OURSELVES AND OUR CREATOR.

This is the gift that was given to us and announced on Christmas Day 2012 by The One People’s Public Trust. The trustees used the UCC (Uniform Commercial Codes) that had kept us bound as economic slaves — worldwide — to set us FREE.  The Law of the Land is now COMMON LAW  — “no harm to person or property equals no crime.” All other laws that were constructed as a means of enforcing the slavery system, have been rendered NULL AND VOID. All banks, courts of law and corporations have been FORECLOSED UPON.

There is nothing more to be done by any agency to SAVE US, RESCUE US, DEFEND US  OR MAKE THIS MORE LEGAL.

As one person in a Yahoo discussion group recently said:                                                      YOU ARE FREE! YOU HAVE NO RULERS! AND YOU ARE VERY WEALTHY!







Alia’s Comments and Additional Links:

Unless you practice law and/or are familiar with the UCC (Uniform Commercial Codes) upon which all statute law is based, you will find the documents on the People’s Trust website challenging at best and more than likely undecipherable  Of necessity, this work had to be done in legalese with every “t” crossed and every comma in  its place. It is a work of selfless service to Humanity that has taken years of tedious (and often dangerous) research, problem solving, court filing and noticing.

Here is a really SIMPLE summary in laymen’s terms regarding the UCC and the Slavery Legal System. This is a great link to begin with.

Below are three reliable websites that are covering this history-making story with integrity.

American Kabuki broke the story on 12-26-12 with this Press Release by TOPPT

Kauilapele edited the 2.5 hour “conversation” with Trustee, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarref and Brian of American Kabuki into five mp3s.  Transcript here.

And D. of Removing the Shackles has posted a couple of excellent companion posts:

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole  a synopsis of the enslavement that has ruled our world.

You Have a Right to Know the information that SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE PUBLIC ON DECEMBER 6, 2012.  If you are new to this information, SIT DOWN before you read it.

Please use the comments section to share your experiences and perspectives.


6 thoughts on “The Christmas Gift You May Have Missed

  1. I am so ignorant of these things, that I do not even know how to comment. But I read this carefully and followed several of the links. Much to think about. Thank you for sharing this. hugs, pat

    • I understand completely. I am taking it in small bites myself in a kind of weekly study group with three other women who have been in the sovereignty and freedom movement for quite some time. Together, the four of us are wrapping our minds around the legalese and beginning to plot a pathway toward practical applications. I’ll keep posting updates, as I become more fluent. Thanks for dipping your toes into this subject, Alia

      On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 12:59 PM, 13th Paradigm

  2. This is by far the best Christmas present I received, just a little late, but then Santa probably doesn’t know how to deliver information rather than presents….we all have a learning curve….:). This is an excellent post Alia ….thank you for all the work you do…you are very appreciated. Much love, Spiritdancing

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