Welcome to the 13th Paradigm

The 13th Paradigm is my term for our new multi-dimensional reality that our Mother Earth and Humanity entered on December 21, 2012.

Instead of being limited to just one dimension (the 3rd) we now have a multitude of dimensional options available to us that we can choose to visit at will (in theory at least.)

Here at the 13th Paradigm you will find resources to help you expand your conscious awareness into those higher dimensions that you thought were “off-limits” to you. In reality they have always been available to anyone who was willing and able to step through the “veil of illusion” that keeps the 3rd dimension cordoned off and separate from the others. However, stepping through that veil is no easy feat and until this present time has required much study, contemplation and a life (or many lifetimes) of great personal discipline and sacrifice.

No longer — as of December 21, 2012, we have entered a New Age, a more flexible reality, a larger, freer, more exciting playing field.  And along with all the excitement and expansion comes a new set of guidelines or “rules of the game.”

Just as it is futile to try to join a game of baseball using the rules for a game of football, it no longer works to play with third dimensional rules on a fourth or fifth dimensional playing field.

Whether or not we like it, the 3rd dimension is dissolving, because our Mother Earth has chosen to return to Her original 5th dimensional state. She has raised the bar, so to speak and if we want to stay with Her, we need to ante up and learn how to play a funner, faster, more harmonious and much more joyful game.

Are you willing to give up struggle?     Then let’s get started.

We are co-creators, joining with others from around our world who share similar visions and have begun to practice these new skill sets.  Each of our individual contributions is magnified and augmented, increasing the speed with which our co-creations are manifesting planet wide. The time interval between imagination and realization of our visions is decreasing rapidly. We are accelerating toward a point of “instant manifestation,” a 5th dimensional skill.

The 13th Paradigm is a place to develop our new skills TOGETHER  — to learn, share and grow in mastery to bring forth a peaceful, harmonious, loving and abundant world.

This is also a place to share “evidence” of our more expanded reality. What changes have you noticed within yourself since December 21, 2012? In others? In nature? In the animal kingdom? In government? In finance?

Please share your experiences in the comments section so we can all benefit.

I welcome your input and contributions for content on this site. Let’s share the wealth with stories, photos, videos, messages and articles.

Please email your contributions to: vision5d2012@gmail.com

Let the New Games begin!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to the 13th Paradigm

    • Thank you Dear One — it’s a joy to be here with you sharing the journey. Let’s go portal jumping sometime. Maybe we’re already doing that in an alternate reality or parallel multiverse. ☺ Love, Alia

      On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 7:34 PM, 13th Paradigm

  1. Thanks Polli — When Tomas and I got it done yesterday I was jumping up and down like a little kid. There’s an infusion of a new spirit within me that is spilling out into the blog. What a year we are standing on the brink of! Truly a New Paradigm!

  2. Dearest Alia, I LOVE the new bolgsite! Love the new color, everything. I am so uplifted and encouraged as I read your entry. I just reminds me so clearly, that we will not “get there” alone and this site is amazingly supportive to our ongoing, exciting journey. many thanks for all you do but mostly for who you are!! happy new paradigm to you too!
    Love and Aloha,

    • Thank you my dear Polli, I am late in replying to your comment and I agree completely that we must go together, within a newly found UNITY of consciousness and spirit in order to move forward from here. Many blessings and Mahalo, Alia

  3. Subtle awareness is required to detect the changes, but they are here. My daughter decided to buy a car with her very limited funds. She and I decided we wanted this to happen while she was home for Christmas for a week. Factoring in 1 day drive time home, a weekend, Christmas eve, Christmas day and the attendant DMV holidays involved, it was a bold proclamation, at best. She began her Craigslist search, while having this fantasy that her little car would be black with tan interior.

    Her search took her to a little car 45 minutes from our home which was just listed the day before. We made an immediate appointment to test drive it, even though it was beyond her price range. I knew the minute I sat in the back seat that this was her car. Her dad and I had to let go of our old ways of buying cars…endless sorting, excluding those out of our price range, and the myriad other fears that surface when buying used cars without warranties (FEAR). We negotiated a fair price, she was able to pay cash, we miraculously had 4 tires installed on CHRISTMAS EVE with the cheerful assistance of the cute guys at Quality Tire, and joyfully installed the new “gift” in the carport, black with tan interior!

    Early on the morning of Dec. 26th, we waltzed into the DMV to an empty waiting room, EFFORTLESSLY registered a vehicle in less than 2 minutes, and had a major celebration dance in the parking lot for the easiest DMV experience of our collective lives. (Her dad and I had to release many years of DMV trauma as as result of owning a motorcycle dealership!)

    SO this is just one of several miraculous experiences we’ve experienced as a family since December 21st. Subtle?..yes and no, depends on your perspective. Struggle is so deeply embedded in the cellular memory of every human that it will take us some time to fully settle in. When the financial reset happens, i believe that we will truly “trust” that we’re on our way. Many people are using this as their benchmark. I’m looking forward to reading all the shifts that are noticeable to the readers of this blog…they will inspire us all to be even more aware. Thank you for this celebratory forum!

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