Week Thirty New Dawn New Day New Age

Jerusalem 12-21-12

Jerusalem 12-21-12

So what actually happened last week on December 21, 2012 and why should it make such a difference in our reality?

First of all, our planet, our Mother Earth, raised Her frequency considerably (some say into the 5th Dimension, some say the 4th but in any case it is now much higher [faster] than it was even a month or so ago.)

Because we live on Her, our own rate of vibration is increasing. This is a natural process. When two people meet and one person’s rate of vibration is higher than the other, the two frequencies “entrain” with the higher one. Mother Earth being the entity with the higher frequency at the moment, Her energy will draw us or pull us along into Her flow.

Second, the galactic alignment with the Central Sun resulted in a blast of Light energy being delivered to our planet and all beings upon Her.

So, once again, we humans received a booster shot of Divine Love and Light that was supposed to be greater than anything we have yet received. Thing is — we’ve been receiving these streams of Light and Love pretty steadily since May or June of this year with extra doses for good measure on the 9-9, the 10-10, the 11-11, the Eleventh Gate (11-22) and the 12-12-12, not to mention the eclipses, the equinoxes and the solstices. We have been highly encouraged to open ourselves to receiving this energy ALL YEAR LONG. So the 12-21-12 for me did not FEEL like the largest dose yet this year. I must say that at some point along the way, I must have built up my ability to integrate these new particles at a very rapid rate. Perhaps you have too. Nevertheless, God delivered the goods on 12-21-12 and we are all the better for receiving it. Many are experiencing a deeper sense of peace and calm than ever before. Others are positively blissed out or happy beyond their wildest expectations. It’s all good.

Third, our solar system has crossed the Galactic Equator and is now travelling in the southern hemisphere of the Milky Way Galaxy.

If you think about the difference in values, attitudes and lifestyles that exist on this planet between the peoples in the northern and southern hemispheres, you may appreciate that there is a corresponding difference in energy quality and frequency of the Galactic Hemispheres as well. The energies of the southern hemisphere of the Milky Way Galaxy support unity, unconditional love and harmony. This influence is now the predominant quality that will govern our solar system for the next 26,000 year cycle.

In other words, the old 3D patterns of competition, acquisition and conflict are no longer supported by the core energies of our galaxy. The new paradigm structures will now flourish, as they are in alignment with the new energies emanating from our galactic center.

There are other factors as well but these three are already having a profound affect upon all life forms here on Planet Earth.

So why do we keep having this feeling that “things are not much different than they were before?”

Part of the reason is that we are still operating out of our familiar habitual patterns of thinking that we’ve developed throughout our very long sojourn in 3D duality. For example, we’re used to thinking “us versus them.”  We’re so used to it, we don’t even notice when we do it! This is just one example of a common 3D habit we need to break. This is a process but we need to start NOW so that we, too, can join our beautiful Mother Earth full time in the 5th Dimension.

We need to reinforce and stabilize these energies of our New Paradigm in order to bring our New World into prominence. We must develop NEW habits of thinking, speaking, doing, believing. As with the development of any new skill or habit, it takes PRACTICE.

Here are some suggestions to get started.

1)  Awareness  is key to changing. Begin to notice and catch yourself in the act of playing out the old thoughts and behaviors.

2)  Ask a buddy to help you catch yourself and gently point out the way you are unconsciously clinging to the ideas and actions of competition, scarcity, judgment and separation.

3)  Notice, appreciate and validate yourself when you find yourself thinking new, expanded thoughts or suddenly finding out-of-the-box solutions.

4)  Keep a daily log of these signs and evidences of our New Reality. Extra beautiful sunrises or sunsets — you will find many examples in the natural world.

5)  Acknowledge these new qualities in others.

6)  Accept your own new abilities, such as greater mental clarity and acuity, increased intuition, even telepathy and the ability to see energy fields around people and plants.

7)  Look to the children and the animals to help you see the emerging world of spirit and energy. They will help you see newly, if you let them.

8) Spend time envisioning a better world for everyone and every being. A just, equal and sustainable world where generosity of spirit is NORMAL and each person counts and is cared for as a valuable piece of the WHOLE.

9)  Raise your vibration by filling your mind and being with inspiring, uplifting ideas and images.

10)  Share your discoveries with others — spread the Love.

Some Examples of Shift Happening:

#7 — Look to children and animals to lead the way and show us how.

#4 — Look to the natural world for stunning examples of beauty.

Sunset Over Pacific 12-23-12

Sunset Over Pacific 12-23-12

Nacreous Cloud Seen Over Scotland Recently

Nacreous Cloud Seen Over Scotland Recently

#9 — Feast your soul on inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Week Thirty New Dawn New Day New Age

  1. Thank you Alia for the wonderful words, quotes and videos. I truly wept stronger then I thought possible while watching the dog/God at work with the Angel sitting in front of her.
    I have noticed that my “seeing” is much more clear/sharp. The clouds are whiter, the sunsets more brilliant, the rainbows deeper in their colors. Although the sun was setting in the west, the northern clouds had LIGHT behind them for a show like I’ve never seen before. Coming down a slight elevation, I experienced a 180 degree panorama of rain storms, coming down to the ground. It was one of the best scenes of nature I’ve witnessed. I do believe it is a two fold experience. I’m seeing “easier” and the Universe is providing me these opportunities in 5D “living color”.

    • Yes indeed, Dear One — I was just remarking to Tomas yesterday that I am beginning to notice the individualities within the natural world. Instead of seeing a “clump of rocks” I am seeing individual rocks, with personalities, if you will, that make up a group of rock beings. Instead of seeing “a patch of grass” I see each individual plant species that makes up the patch. Like you, my “seeing” is clearer/sharper. And a very good point you made that as we ascend, we see more easily. As Heaven descends, it provides greater opportunities for us to SEE! And by the way — I have long thought that dogs are God in a very thin disguise, so thanks for expressing that also. Blessings and love.

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