Week Twenty-Two Peace and Prosperity for Gaia

Last week we envisioned new relationships extending from Peace and Prosperity dwelling in our hearts.

There is one relationship that we are all in, however, that is so primary that it deserves  a whole week of visioning for itself. That is our relationship with our Mother Earth or Gaia.

Gaia is always in a state of Peace and Prosperity — Her very Soul is Stillness and Abundance. It is we Humans who now need to extend the Peace and Prosperity within our hearts to this being upon whose body we live and draw our life’s breath.

Peace and Prosperity Nestled in Your Heart

Let us once again imagine the two beautiful white doves of Peace and Prosperity nestled in our hearts.  Let your gaze fall softly on the image and FEEL the fullness of the stillness of Peace. Then let yourself FEEL the overflowing quality of Prosperity. Stay with this feelings for a moment longer. Imagine everyone on our planet FILLED WITH STILLNESS AND A SENSE OF BEING FULL TO OVERFLOWING.

Breathe these expanded qualities in and out through the space of your heart for a few moments.


Now, let us continue with the Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono. It goes like this:


Mother, I Love You. I allow my core to connect with yours. We are One and always have been. Your love for me is unconditional. Let me now return your great love while feeling these feelings of Peace and Prosperity flowing out from my heart.


Mother, I’m sorry that I and my fellow humans have disrespected your sovereign Beingness. We did not understand Who You Are! We only felt our own selfish wants and neediness and assumed that all your glorious bounty was here for us to consume. Mother, I’m sorry for my transgressions against your sacred body. I’m sorry for my disregard of your Soul. I’m sorry for all the damage I have done to you, your creatures, the plant/tree people, the stone/mineral people, the water bodies, the air and atmosphere and any other elements of your Being that I may still be unaware of. I am truly sorry for I have taken more than I have given back. I have used You and your gifts without gratitude. I have scared your body, defaced you and devastated much of your surface and sub-surface worlds.


Mother, please forgive me. I have acted from ignorance but that is no excuse, because now I am aware of my mistakes and transgressions. Please forgive me for all I have done to you from my greed, selfishness, arrogance, willfulness, denial, fear and pain. I still have so much to learn about my role as steward of your Being. I ask your forgiveness so I can begin anew to demonstrate my love for you, as you have always demonstrated yours for me.


Thank you Mother for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for sustaining me while I learned the lessons of Fear/Love throughout my long journey in the darkness of duality. Thank you for all you allowed and for all your forbearance, when I transgressed upon your Sacred Being. I am so thankful for another opportunity to renew my sacred promise that I made to you eons ago, when the Human Collective vowed to STEWARD YOU. I am ready now to KEEP that vow, that promise to protect and care for YOU and ALL your inhabitants.


I Recommit to My Vow to Protect and Steward Gaia


Please enjoy this glorious video “Deep Peace to You” showing Gaia in all Her majesty.


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