Week Eighteen Reclaiming Our Governments for the Light

This week’s vision is the second of a three-part series that is complementing the work of Kevin Annett. Kevin and his organization, International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) is conducting spiritual ritual cleansings of Catholic Churches where power has been abused and individuals and groups have been victimized.

This week our visioning will focus on reclaiming our Governments, Government Officials, and forms of Governance for the Light. No longer will anything remain hidden in darkness. Wherever darkness still exists, it will be exposed for who and what it truly is.


Again, there are three parts to this vision.

Step I.  Make Yourself Invisible to the Darkness

The dark forces are in their death throes on this planet. They are lashing out at any form of Light. Render yourself invisible to them. There are many ways to do this. Here are a couple.

Put on Mother Mary’s Blue Velvet Cloak of Invisibility — a gift to us from the Blessed Mother of God. Imagine yourself pulling this beautiful radiant blue cloak around your shoulders, pulling the hood up over your head. Thank Mary for her protection. She loves all her children and like any mother, will protect them fiercely from any danger.

Don a suit of mirror-like armor. Imagine covering yourself in Mylar. This covering is so shiny that everything is immediately reflected back to itself. The dark ones, looking at you, will see only their own reflection, NOT YOUR LIGHT.  Their own energy will return to them, making them feel that there is nothing to fear, the energy coming from you is familiar to them.

A third and similar method is to coat yourself — head to toe — with Teflon. This makes your outer surface so slippery that nothing will stick to you.

All of the above cloaking methods block ONLY the dark energies, NEVER the Light. You are now Divinely protected.

Step II:  Begin the Work

Take your place on a large open field where many other spiritual warriors are already assembling.

As you step into the forming circle surrounding the field, invite your personal Guides and your Guardian Angel, the Holy Ones from your tradition to join you.

You are part of a sacred Partnership with the Higher Realms. They have waited EONS for the moment when enough Humans would be ready to receive the IMMENSE energies of LOVE/LIGHT they have to share.

Today, those Divine Partners will be transmitting this high-frequency LOVE/LIGHT energy through your body into any dark corners of our world’s places of government, our government officials (elected or not) and our forms of governance.

Let the Mighty Ones know you are willing and ready to receive this holy transmission. Trust your guides and angels to monitor the flow so that no harm comes to your being.

NOW — simply ALLOW this transmission to occur.

While you are receiving, imagine the Beings from the Higher Realms rounding up and containing anyone or any form of government that has abused its powers for selfish gain. All officials who have failed to keep their oaths to serve their citizens; any who have tyrannized their people instead of ruling with compassion; any institutions that have been usurped for corporate greed and the power of a few elite — imagine them now in a corral of Love/Light where they can reflect upon their choices and perhaps, have a CHANGE OF HEART.

Focus the streaming blessings that you are receiving from ABOVE through your HEART  and into this container of Loving Light. It is not our place to judge or accuse. It is our place to send Forgiveness, Compassion and Unconditional Love.

RECLAIM these institutions and all governmental officials for the LIGHT.

Imagine that Ascended Master, St. Germaine is standing nearby. Request that he light a fire of Violet Flames underneath and around this energetic container of Love/Light. Let the Violet Flames of purification transmute all dross and negativity back to the Light of Source / Creator / God.

Witness the darkness leaving our world.         FOREVER!

You are filled with JOY, PEACE, LOVE!  Your Heart is so full it feels as if it will burst!


That is the work.


Step III:  Express Your Gratitude

Thank the Holy Ones, your Guides and Angels for the privilege and honor to participate in this work.

Request that they continue to use your sacred physical vessel to stream this LOVE/ LIGHT onto our world at this time.





Join us for  live conference calls on Sunday, October 7th at 11 AM Pacific Time where we will do this sacred work together in partnership with the Higher Realms. Register NOW.



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