Week Fifteen The Reservoir of Your Sacred Heart

Imagine that deep within your Sacred Heart there exists a Reservoir of Light.

This store of Light exists because you allow it to.

The Light comes into this container directly from Source, from Creator, from the Oneness of All that Exists.

It comes to you because at some profound (and perhaps forgotten) level your Soul has requested to receive and hold it within.

From the moment you asked to receive this Pure Light/Love of the Godhead, you began to receive and store this Light.

It can never be depleted, no matter how much you dip into this Reservoir, this Treasure Chest of Light and Love.

Only You have access to this Reservoir deep within the sacredness of your Heart.

Only You can determine how and when and with whom to share the bounty of this store.

Only You hold the key that lets this Infinite Supply trickle out or gush forth to bless our world with Divine Light and Love.

Take a moment now to go within and feel the presence of this Precious Place.

This Reservoir holds Light that is in addition to the Light that fills each and every cell throughout your physical body.

This Light exists in addition to the Divine Light that surrounds you in your auric field.

The endless supply of the Divine assures you that you need not guard it or keep it hidden — it is to be used NOW by You to bless and create your New Reality.

NOW is the time Dear One to:

PAINT your world with JOY;

DANCE your world with LOVE;

NURTURE your world with PEACE;

SING your world with the GLORY OF THE CREATOR!

Dip lavishly and frequently into your Reservoir of Light and and let your Love flow into all Creation.

Let your Heart’s Love EXPLODE into all the varied forms that are now manifesting as our New and Wondrous World.


Here’s a video of how this might look if we all began to share liberally from our Reservoirs of Light. Thank you Sharen B. for contributing it.



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