Week Fourteen Igniting the Shift of the Ages

Imagine that once again you are standing with millions of other dedicated humans, holding hands to form  an immense circle around our beloved Mother Earth.

From overhead, Grandfather Sun beams down upon all, infusing Earth and all Life with his Light and Love.

Grandfather’s Light streams in through the top of your head and shoots down into your Heart, igniting a Triple Flame of Pink, Green and Gold sparkling energy within your Sacred Center.

The Pink is Unconditional Love; the Green is Healing Love and the Gold is the Spark of the Divine that resides within each Being, representing Essence.

Through an act of your Sacred Will you stream out a beam of this tri-colored light and love through the Heart of Mother Earth in the center of the circle and on across the circle to the  person who stands directly across from you.

They, of course, are doing exactly the same thing and so you are simultaneously receiving their Heart’s Love as it comes streaming forth through Mother Earth’s Heart and into yours.

Ground this energy down through your body into the Earth you are standing on.

The Person across from you — your sacred Partner — is your Exalted Self, your Higher Guidance, your 5th Dimensional or Multi-Dimensional Self, Universal Self or any other word you choose to use that describes a more expanded version of you as you currently know yourself.

Send this higher version of Self your Love and Gratitude along the beam of Light/Love that extends between you —

Heart – through Heart – to Heart.

We are here today to IGNITE THE SHIFT OF THE AGES.

We are doing this by declaring our UNITY — replacing the illusion of separation from our past.

We are here to declare a new foundation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

We are here to declare that ONENESS OF ALL is the eternal TRUTH that now replaces the lies and deceits of the our old 3rd Dimension.

Turn up your awareness in the circle.




Thank yourself for being here.

One more thing:

Imagine crossing the circle and looking back to your current self from the perspective of your Higher Self.

Feel yourself as this most compassionate, loving Being pouring out his/her Heart’s Blessings back to the “other” you through the Beam of Light/Love that you both created in Sacred Partnership.

There is nothing you would withhold is there? There is only acceptance, blessing, tenderness, forgiveness — absolution.

Return to your first position in the circle and receive this gracious gift from your higher aspect.

Notice that the Circle has become a Sphere of Love and Light that now extends omin-directionally and infinitely.

Drink in this Love through every pore of your Being.

Welcome to our New World.


For those of you who would like a short, clear portrayal of the characteristics of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions, please enjoy the following video.



3 thoughts on “Week Fourteen Igniting the Shift of the Ages

  1. I am amused by the way the small things that I find myself doing/being aware of throughout the day take on a much larger meaning when I read this guidance. Some of these things seem almost too insignificant to be noticed or remembered, like the unexplainable urge to love something, anything, in the midst of reading a very disturbing brief this morning, or the very vivid imagining that I found myself doing about where I had REALLY come from as i was scrubbing out a gnarly skillet, or the out of body experience I briefly had tonight sitting at my desk when I felt my arms wrapped around me but I was not the I with those arms which were much longer and far rubberier than the arms I know. Instead of being freaked out or disoriented, I turned in to feel who I might be now, because all day who I might be now kept changing (ah 4D I get it!). And on and on, too many to count today or even mark as unusual. This is the new usual. Wonderful. Thanks too for the link to 3d, 4d, 5d explanations.
    sending sweet love from any dimension,

    • Yes! You are recognizing the gentle segues in your daily life as you move easily between the dimensions. Congratulations! The more you are able to bring your awareness to this process, the more naturally you will find yourself gravitating to the higher (I like to say “finer”) realms. Love is a constant in ALL the dimensions but it is often masked or concealed from our direct perception in the 3rd. Blessings on your path.

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