Week Three – Vision for a Smooth Transition – Alia’s Version

This week I modified the “Vision for a Smooth Transition to New Ways” to customize it for the current World Situation.

We have come to understand that our thoughts create our reality. Therefore, we envision a quick, smooth, graceful transition into an entirely New Way of Life for everyone who lives and breathes on this Earth.

We see the members of the Cabal, who have controlled the peoples of all nations for millennia, in a flash of insight, realizing that their dark agenda has come to an end and that there is no escape for them from justice. We see them agreeing to a peaceful surrender that will result in world peace and the liberation of all peoples from all forms of tyranny.

We hold these ones in the Light of God’s Love, with the intention that as many of them as possible will remember the Truth of who they are and accept a new life aligned with Light and Love.

We intend that the Grace of God reveal itself in all situations, especially those that seem irreconcilable or inflexible, bringing a resolution which honors the Spirits of every man, woman, and child who walk this Earth. We envision a day when everyone understands, to the depth and core of their Being, that no matter how difficult something may appear, no matter how impossible it may have seemed in the past, that when we seek out and call forth solutions that embrace the Unity of all concerned, everyone is victorious!

Let it be so. And so it is.


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